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Environmental Education

However, a concern of the community is perceivable, with regard to the environment. The questionnaires point an ambient conscience of the pupils of the project, that, in the majority, they know of the consequences of the bad management of the solid residues, in specific of the fishing industry. Ahead of this, some of them already develop activities to minimize the residues that produce as, recycling, compostagem and ecological soap. To put, with regard to the shellfish rind, the majority, does not know as to proceed. The necessity of the implementation of an ambient education, directed toward the local reality is perceivable, since awareness of these pupils has that I came folloied of viable alternatives so that solutions are placed in practical. In view of, that these, are multiplying agents inside of the community where they inhabit. These data are disponibilizados the academic community to contribute with a planning of educative actions, that aim at an ambient conservation in this area.

Land Education

The Letter of Belgrade constitutes one of generated important documents most discerning and in this decade. It says on the satisfaction of the necessities and desires of all the citizens of the Land. It considers subjects that says that the eradication of the basic causes of the poverty as the hunger, the illiteracy, the pollution, the exploration and domination, must be treated in set. No nation must develop to the cost of another nation, having necessity of global ethics. The reform of the processes and educational systems is central for the constatao of this new ethics of development. Youth must receive a new type of education that requires a new and productive relationship between students and professors, between schools and community, the educational system and society.

It finishes with the proposal for a world-wide program of Ambient Education. The creation of the courses of after-graduation in Ecology in the Universities of Amazon, Brasilia had in 1976, Campinas, Is Carlos and the National Institute of Aerial Research – INPA in Are Jose of the Fields. (MEC, 2009) Carried through in 1977 the Conference Intergovernamental de Ambient Educao in Tbilisi (the former-Ussr) organized by UNESCO with the contribution of the PNUMA. It was the culminating point of the first phase of the International Program of Ambient Education, initiate in 1975. The objectives, the characteristics of Ambient Education – EA had been defined, as well as the pertinent strategies in the national and international plan. In Brazil, the Federal Advice of Education – CFE became obligator disciplines it Ambient Sciences in university courses of Engineering. (MEC, 2009) For return of 1978 the courses of Sanitary Engineering already had inserted the substances of Basic Sanitation and Ambient Sanitation.

General Education

This picture finished for displaying a trajectory history where the facultieses of right only produced men for the bureaucracy and for proper public administration, reflecting, also, that an almost only professional bias, without a greater and cash with commitment with a more complete and general formation, in reflected conseguinte of the established legal tradition in the Brazilian superior schools of professionalizing character. Therefore, it is in the direction to reflect and to construct a proposal of integrated general education to the right course that if will be able to provide the formation of more cultured professionals of the area legal and intent the vicissitudes whom they structuralize the proper existence of the body of rules of law, capable to contemplate global context and the historical trajectory of the inserted man in society. The paper of the University in this task will be of great importance, a time that acting in the legal education in order to contemplate this proposal, will be able to contribute in the establishment of ampler knowledge on the part of the bachelor, having its professional performance alicerada in ethical referenciais as instrument of benefit for the community. It is standed out that in this objective the General Education will have a very important paper, therefore will be able to add increase of the cultural condition, bringing referenciais of tolerance and alteridade and, clearly, to create the conditions for the search of the accomplishment of the ideal biggest of social justice. If the accomplishment of justice is one of the raised ideals more of the professionals of the legal area, in the same way it is had general education while tool of bigger understanding of the problems that involve the right and of the proper instruments that guide the relation of the jurisdicionados ones being able with them public.


Research action in the State School of Average Education Elza Teacher Maria Correa Dantas* Valtey Martins de Souza Renato Noronha Martins Luiz of Oliveira Hisses In this text will go to describe a research action carried through in the State School of Average Education Elza Teacher Maria Correa Dantas, in Is Domingos of the Araguaia, Par. In this description we withhold in them with more depth in the actions that they aimed at to brake wastefulness of water and electric energy and in the manufacture of an ecological formicida. Moreover, we will make an analysis of the cited actions, over all, in what it refers to the action of the involved people. Thus, we structuralize the text in an introductory part, the description of the research action and in conclusive notes. In disciplines Activities Programmed for the Study of the Theory and the Practical one of the Ambient Education, of the course of Specialization in Ambient Education, Citizenship Regional development, of the Nucleus of Ambient Education of the UFPA, South and Southeastern Campus of Par, Marab, we elaborate a work that had as main focus, to make a socioambiental analysis of the State School of Average Education Elza Teacher Maria Correa Dantas, in the city of Are Domingos of the Araguaia, Par. Thus, the main objectives of this research had turned around the desvelamento of the attitudes developed in this environment of work, it wants are pro socioambiental or anti socioambiental. To reach these objectives the strategies of analyses had been to verify the characteristics of the space of the school in the plans general and specific; the context of this space; the social actors, its functions and interventions; the established dynamic, interactions and interrelaes Inter and enter; the explicit and implicit projects; the socioambiental, tensions and distenses to the environment in its physical, biological dimensions and social result (and psico); the expectations stops with the coexisted environment.