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Physical Education

(Malina, 1980) This study characterize while form of boarding, qualitative, while objective, exploratria and procedures technician, bibliographical and of field. The research was carried through in a school of the public net of education of the city of Araguana with its respective pupils and professors. They had been part of it thirty (30) pupils of average education and two (02) professors graduated Physical Education. The choice of the school was made of intentional form, taking care of the criterion: quality of life. For the resolution of the questions proposals, a script of interviews was adopted to guide the study in the school with the participants of the research. RESULTS AND QUARRELS the results of the present research will be presented of dissertativa form, showing to the discoveries proceeding from the interviews of the professors and chosen pupils. Had to the indifference of some professionals, the lack of resources and the disinterest on the part of some pupils, a wave was generated of that the Physical Education would not have to be part of the pertaining to school grating, therefore supposedly it does not have no importance for the formation of the human being, fact that already scientifically was knocked down.

But still the people who consider the Physical Education as a way of knowledge it proper body, and aid in the incentive to the practical one of sports exist and physical activities are of the pertaining to school scope. ' ' When it is said in quality of life, generally we associate with the health idea. (Werneck 2000) when the rights of the citizens are guaranteed it can only be spoken in quality of life. Therefore the idea of only is false making physical exercises or good friendships if it gets quality of life and in the reality in the case of the specific one of the physical activity, its contribution is significant in many situations, but rare it is resolutive n majority of them.

Teaching Geography

The Education and Ensino of Geography Are lived in the height of the globalization of the economy and the communications, at a time marked for the contradictions, individualism and changes. Inside of this scene after-modern, the schools must act imposing new challenges for the educators. Ahead of this modernity, as it must be the education of geography? Old geography was part only of didactic books, as it had become to be in the paper, only having a utility: to serve the military interests, that is, to go to the war. Today it continues going the war, but for a better life that does not scrumble the Armed Forces, but the population, mainly the people see who it in a critical way. In accordance with Lucci (1998, P. 15): ' ' science that studies the production of the space and its transformations for sociedade' '. In this context, the work of the geographic education is not more than memorization, consists of taking the people in general, the citizens, to a critical and space conscience with reasoning to locate and to extend definitive facts.

For Callai (1998, P. 56): Geography is the science that studies, analyzes and tries to explain the space produced for the man and, while education substance, it allows that if it perceives as participant of the space that studies, where the phenomena that occur there are resulted of the life and the work of the men and are inserted in a development process. Being thus, the object of study of geography in the school, is the geographic space, understood as the social space, concrete, in dynamic and possible movement of successive changes, in the measure where the society also if modifies, however, each new time does not erase of all previous space, thus the past leaves marks in the gift. According to Milton Saints (1996, P. 114): ' ' The space is accumulated time, is history geografizada' '.

Resonance Earth

To measure (to assess both quantitatively and qualitatively) any energy field we need to create a cavity for it. Moreover, the device must have the same geometric proportions, which are inherent in the object under study (the emitter of the field). Such a device called Cavity forms, ie, for such a measuring device plays an important role resonance form than private performance of the radiator at resonance. Since this point is very important for understanding resonance, we repeat the same few paraphrase: Examining the phenomenon of resonance (electromagnetic, mechanical or any other) there is a curious pattern: the resonance phenomena most successfully occur at identical spatial geometry of resonating objects. Moreover, regardless of size: that is, macroform may interact not only with the commensurate structure, but microform. The density of the crust, mantle and core of the Earth – is different.

Because of the discrepancy between the axes of rotation and the difference in density of the Earth, we find that Earth's magnetic field, which also have at the moment. From this we can conclude that our measuring field of the Earth must be the same or a geometrical ratio, as a planet, or that we are acceptable to repeat its geometric proportions. This will occur Resonance forms for which observance of proportions is of prime importance, not individual characteristics of the radiation observed at the resonance phenomena. Subject to the geometry and at a certain speed the interaction of all structural elements can be a resonance phenomenon with Earth's magnetic field.