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Influential Classroom Tips

Another element of the pertaining to school influential factor is the organization of the classroom, the diversified cantinhos, the possibilities of some offered options is chances contributes for the autonomy of the child? since its choice does not depend on the direct intervention of the professor? allows it to observe the proper difficulties, gostos and interests. finally interferente is configured as factor, the objectives considered in the curricular activity, the form of mediation of the professor when of the execution of one determined task to be executed by the child and the activity proposal for this execution. The child of 04 and 05 years still represents the intuitiva world and symbolically, therefore, she is necessary to consider activities that stimulate the collective creation, therefore in this phase, it needs to leave itself to identify from the directed analysis that is not alone. A good place for this is the hour of the recreation, in the tricks, cries it, the fight, the joy in the modificabilidade that each child presents to each new situation. For return of the 04 and 05 years, the children start with the most varied types of questioning on the world to its return.

The necessary school to answer to these fidgets collaborating so that the curiosity if becomes still more sharpened. nothing better of what making use of existing resources in the form to learn spontaneous of the child that are the tricks and the game. Ahead of the analysis undertaken in the research, it was possible to evidence that among others, the games and the tricks are excellent resources that the professor makes use – they are gifts in day-by-day of the child – to collaborate of significant form in the development of its abilities and abilities when mediated from elements gifts in the daily movement. The game and the trick in the development of the child the school cannot leave to observe the relevance of the theories in educational the practical recital of its, therefore they richly are based on studies and scientific research that they express discovered that they help to facilitate to the agreement and the improvement for an education of quality.

Interpreter Please

It is with such a request addressed to the teachers of the Rostov State University, an applicant when he was asked to write the admissions application do not think that young people come from far away African country of Zimbabwe, in Russian only speak Russian Embassy staff and rare visitors from Russia. Asked the interpreter arrived from Ingushetia, a student who received a CSE for 87 points, and a Russian at it – do not be surprised! – 100. And he came to study at university for the intended direction. – You know – wearily remarked one of the teachers RSU, which "lucky" to talk with this "Excellent." – My will be – I'm such students would be sent back to school. After all, they are almost all subjects frankly "float".

I can not imagine how they will learn, if a request to write the formula of water one girl, embarrassed, wrote "water", and when teacher grabbed her head, she quickly erased the writing, and carefully led "Vada". Students who have passed the exam with high score, coming in high schools of the city of Rostov-on-Don on target areas most in Ingushetia and Chechen Republic. To check their level of knowledge does not hold water. However, the wonder ceases, when you learn how to pass exams, for example, in Ingushetia. Passed biology in school sat. Altievo.

One schoolgirl, call it Radimov, preparing to enter the Ingush medfak University. The decision to be a doctor girl took a long time, and therefore further studied with teachers of biology and chemistry, on the Internet got a job from the Sechenov Medical Academy. In biology, as the girl says, were tough questions. But she coped with the job, got 64 points. Russian language, to her surprise, she put 69 points. – Do you know how was hurt. With me was taking the guy in Russian, he has very little, and he has 100 points.

European Union

As the saying goes, a lot of opportunities, it all depends on the seriousness of your intentions and your motivation. So, first of all, remember that student visa, which will become the basis for your study abroad, it turns out, and, accordingly, is issued in your country of residence. If you do not have documents proving that you are taken in one or another University, or hands, there is only an invitation for an interview, in which case the visa Etudiant-concours. To get it requires far fewer documents and information as to produce long-term student visa. Full list all the necessary documents you will be given at the consulate, as the requirements for filing on this visa are constantly changing. Keep in mind that the tourist visa does not entitle you to training and prolonged exposure to country. Based on a tourist visa can not get a residence permit in France.

By the way, if you are a national standard of the European Union, Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino, then you will not need a visa, since Citizens of these countries without visa provided accommodation and entry. A visa is issued at the consulate, for three months and with the right single entry. After entry into France, you get a residence permit valid for one year. In what is your visa will be renewed annually for the duration of your studies. If you decide to go to study in France, you will need to gather the following documents: passport valid internal, valid international passport, letter of motivation, why you need a visa to the French or English (it is appropriate to copy letters, with whom you are sending documents for entry to university), documents showing that you have the necessary means to stay while studying in France and the means to pay for their studies.