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Then teachers talk to children about the lessons conducted in preschool, refine obtained on tour and presentation of knowledge, answer questions. Our observations show that children did not initially aspire to the procedure. They want to play in the group, to communicate with each other. Given this, we gradually increase the load and the time of the events. In this case, and medical professionals seeking to satisfy the needs of children in communication, cognition, intensified action games. The staff are attentive to the mood of pre-school children, their wishes and well-being. Displayed by their sense of balance helps teach preschoolers quickly enough to perform the necessary procedures and exercises to keep calm and help as needed for adults. The children eagerly talking, they offered toys, videos and music for hearing.

All this contributes to habituation of children for procedures. To repeat sessions they have come willingly and confidently, knowing in advance what they will talk with your doctor or nurse. For example, preschoolers gradually becoming more independent, liberated. Teachers and health workers consider the importance of psychological factors to the success of the recreation activities. Positive emotional state during each session or sessions, friendly tone, favoring cues and instructions to, relaxed business environment is achieved in every kind of work with children. All of this contributes to the formation of healthy children the skills and habits. Thus, children are not only treated and strengthen their health, but also acquire different skills, useful habit to take care of his health, physical condition.

Encyclopedic Dictionary

1.Biomehanika studying the mechanical properties and mechanical phenomena (see the Encyclopedic Dictionary of the USSR, Russia, France, Britain, Germany). 2.Ortoped dentist, along with medical education uses mechanical methods, is a branch of physics that is biomechanics. 3.Primenyayuschayasya currently in the CIS countries, the empirical method of relations tubercles chewing surfaces (1:1) There are over 100 years and does not ensure the stability of teeth in sick and elderly. Modern rational methodology developed by Siebert (2:1), Markskorsom (2:1), Gysi (2:1), Lehmann (2,5:1,5), Schwarz (5:3). 4.Vse foreign and local orthopedists in describing the construction of the occlusion did not indicate how You can get the load along the axis of the tooth root, which is essential for maintaining a balance of teeth (Sukharev, Kalvelis, severe, Hvatova, Olesova, Matveeva, Wolfle, Messermann, Dyment, Synge (1956 – 1997).

Resorting to the axioms of biomechanics, we have identified axial action of the force of chewing pressure and applied it in the method of 5:3. 5.Nagruzka affects the stability of lateral teeth (pressure in the transverse direction – Taptunova, Glasser): a) crushing the food (with 4 ramps), b) in the central occlusion (6-ramps), c) when swallowing food (with 2 central slopes). At various empirical and rational methods in swallowing food, when developing the greatest force, the last act in the side of the axes of the roots and only by the method of 5:3 – along the axes. 6.Sila – a vector with 3 parameters (magnitude, direction, point of application). At different inclinations of slopes (15-60 ) on the surface there is a need for chewing forces of the normal reaction – N and friction – F.

Hospital Education

Educational care of the sick child should be an integral part of the program of medical treatment and constitute a shared work of parents, teachers and health personnel. Hospital education is a task shared by parents, teachers and doctors, and this has to be good communication between the family, the school and the hospital centre. This communication begins at the time of diagnosis and for those children who suffer from cognitive sequelae as consequence of treatments, will be maintained until the end of their schooling. The sooner the sick child is incorporated into the school, before recover its balance and self-esteem lost as a result of the emotional trauma produced by the disease. Close coordination is required between:-the role of the hospital: A comprehensive therapeutic programme includes educational intervention, directed by a professional preparation and experience in the field of education (Professor of the hospital school) that will be integrated into the therapy equipment.

This professional serves as link between the family, the hospital and the educational community, with a deep knowledge of the curriculum, the educational system, and special education programs (developed in the regular classroom or classroom support); It will also work with the master in the development of the curriculum and in the elaboration of the relevant curricular adaptations, and the child in the hospital classroom. The relationship with health personnel will be mainly informative, since it will be through them as we tell new students admitted, as well as of those who have been discharged. Similarly, we will collect through them all the information on the status of the new student, if applicable their assistance to the classroom or whether, on the contrary, it is more convenient that is meets him in his room. Advise on the technical aspects of disease of children and their physical possibilities and health advise school attention and inform about the possibilities of activity and student performance.

Ferdinand Saussure

Already in the Theory of the Language, as Ferdinand Saussure if bases on the structure of the language, in the collective, common for all the falantes for considering that the language is homogeneous and dynamic a process, on which, each individual has that to be studied separately taking in consideration the exterior set of signs. Therefore, the estruturalismo of the language, for Saussure is a process for which all society passes, each one with its necessary forms having improvement or not. This process is one in such a way individual one, in accordance with varies the necessities of each people. In accordance with the aboriginal historicidade in Brazil, in the discovery of Brazil for the Portuguese in 1500, already existed tribes of indians, in which they made a somatria of 6 million aboriginals spread for all continent. But, that with passing of the time this amount of indians if wasting had had to the innumerable diseases brought for the Portuguese. Main factors that differentiate the indians of the white men are that it does not have distinction of classrooms between them, all have the same rights and receive treatment the same. They live of the hunting, of it fishes and the products that the land it of, its instruments of work as the arrow, the arc and other utensils are of individual use, more used only for its defense or to hunt.

Only two important figures for the organization of the tribe exist that are ' ' Paj' ' ' ' Cacique' ' , the first one with the function to know all the rituals and receiver of the messages of deuses, therefore knows all the teas and grass that cures the illnesses. Already the function of the chieftain is to guide the indians, to keep the organization and to command the tribe. Geographic localization of the Maici tribe, Brazilian territory, in Amazon more necessarily in Manaus, the edges of the River Wood, the proximity of the Manicor.

The Objective

Perhaps on account of the obligator reading of books for the Vestibular contest, one loses many readers, or, at least deformed. At a moment where if it speaks in such a way in reader formation, it is desconfortvel to hear a young to relieve: ' ' never more I read this face! ' '. This face, ladies and gentlemen, are about the so illustrious writer and sorcerer of the letters, Axe of Assis. It is possible to understand this young woman It was ' ' zoada' ' in bus, when it carried through the itinerary took that it in return to its house, in as the day of tests of this suffered process. Its colleagues, who if had intitled ' ' espertos' ' , they said things to it of the type: ' ' he lost tempo' ' ; ' ' I said proc to read resumo' ' ; ' ' I said proc that livros&#039 did not need to read all; ' etc.

This between an outburst of laughter and another one. Preoccupying exactly expensive candidate, candidate, reader, professor, teacher what to say to that they had paid to the celebrities ' ' literary days for the Vestibular' '? To read is not a simple question, to be dealt with so desrespeitosa way. It had candidates that they had read the workmanships. had read because they had the objective to answer questions Questions these, that had not existed. There possibly, one lost a reader, another one acol. Here, close to me, we lose two, or, at least, they had been deformed.

A time had put a book of poetries explndido, in the list of obligator reading in the process of election of students for ingression in a university. I, that already I knew the book, felt me to the will more. However, a friend, confessed aturdida: ' ' what he is that this man wants of me? ' '.


Toms life was born in Roccasecce in 1221. Although the hostility of the family, entered twirls in it of the Dominican ones, and of 1248 the 1252 were disciple of Great Alberto. To follow it taught in Paris and later in the main European universities (Colony, Bologna, Rome, Naples), as was custom of the Dominican ones. It died in 1274 in the monastery of Fossanova. 2. Anthropology Since the birth of philosophy one of the subjects more argued between the philosophers is the problem of the man.

Of where it comes? What to be man? Which its characteristics that it defines as a being? They are questions of which the Greeks if had set fire to try to understand this being. With You take by Aquino was not different. It also, after a long study, gave its definition of what he would be the man. For this it was based on the thought of Aristotle, one of the most appraised philosopher of old Greece. According to Aristotle, the man is constituted of substance and form as all the beings that substance has, only that in the case of the man the substance it goes to be the body and to form the soul. With this, the Estarigita surpasses the dualism of Plato.

This is the line that Toms de Aquino followed, clearly that, for it to be Christian, it of the felt new one to this thought. The aspects had been many for which Toms study the man, we go here only deepening in them some in which they deserve particular attention. 2.1 The unit of the human being For Toms, as well as was for Aristotle, the man is constituted of body and soul, changedding itself thus into an only one substantiates that it cannot be separate, where stops it soul is the form of the body in which it constitutes the man, without the interposition of any another form.

Pontifical Gregoriana University

Notebook of Reference of Content, So Paulo: University center Claretiano, Verso, 2007. The work to be treated in this summary is of authorship of Frei Nile Agostini, Doctor in theology, being also author of some workmanships related to the Moral Theology, today professor of Pontifical college N.S of the Installation, together with the Profa Rosana Mansini, Master in Moral Theology and specialist in Social Doctrine of the Church for the Pontifical Gregoriana University (Rome), that also it gives lessons in Pontifical college N.S of the Installation and occupies the position of Associate Director of the College Dehoniana de Taubat. The workmanship in question if deals with one emends offered the pupils of the course of Theology EAD of the University Center Claretiano and that it has as main objectives to elucidate them on the content of discipline ‘ ‘ Introduction to the Moral Theology; ‘ on as same human being as for the ethics and the moral answers to the requirements of the reason, conferring to the pupils the capacity to inside interpret, to catch, to base and to deepen in systematic way the concepts and doctrinal principles of the Moral Theology of the historical evolution it Christian moral thought. In the first chapter the authors look for to trace a panorama of ' ' current crisis of moral' ' in way to the society of our days, standing out that ahead them deep occured changes in the society as the questioning of basic institutions as the family, the politics, etc., as well as the emergency of a relativista perspective, excite the search of answers front to this confusion of contradictions and distress that they finish for resulting in immorality, permissividade and amoralism. To base problematic the authors they approach the subject of ' ' ethos' ' Biblical, from its etimologia Greek assigning it as ' ' costume' ' or ' ' carter' '.