Monthly Archive: September 2013

Educational Psychology

To be educator in the contemporaneidade she is necessary to understand as if of the o human development and its importance in the changes that occur for the formation of the personality human being. She is necessary to understand the child and the adolescent, its mental growth or its development of behaviors until the phase of transistion consisting of the adolescence that marks the insertion of the individual in the adult society. Jean Piaget created a new psychology, placing it in the general context of the interaction between citizen and way. With the studies regarding the infantile development and of the adolescence, the development concept was moving, when it studies the phases of the infantile development and the adolescence, it perceives that they exist characteristic common to each etria band, what it takes people to wait similar answers between the people of the same etria band. It educator to develop in the best way its function is necessary that it knows some aspects of the human developments, that are biological development leaving of general answers specific answers, being a process continuous and commanded, its rhythm are constant, and that each part of the organism has its proper rhythm of development. Therefore, the psychology of the education is one disciplines that it searchs to recognize and to understand the practical lived deeply individual differences in the daily one of the educative ones, looking for to analyze the human behavior through diverse theories, beyond studying the human development that if manifest in multiple different aspects of the life human being that, however, they are interlaced and they are influential between itself. The aspects are of: – physical development: changes in the physical body, brain, sensorial capacity and motor abilities (biological apparatus); – cognitivo development: changes in the mental capacity (learning, memory, reasoning, thought and language); – psicossocial development: changes in the personality of the individual. .


Many times when we sleep grab us allergic reactions that are manifested in the form of: colds, cough, etc. do and this is it? Although it may be for several reasons, one of the principal are mites: in the following report will discuss these bugs that come from the family of Arachnids and are so annoying at bedtime:-where are the mites accumulate? In mattresses, pillows and bedding. This is why your contact with people sleeping is virtually inevitable. -Why the mites cause allergies? The main cause of allergy causing mites resides in their fecal matter. When a person inhales the fecal matter, this triggers in allergic reactions which in turn are responsible for the appearance of signs and symptoms of diseases such as: asthma, rhinitis or dermatitis. -Tips to keep in mind: a-both pillows mattresses there are accumulation of wastes of skin and food residues that are deposited inside, thus establishing a true habitat for mites to be disposed.

Therefore it is recommended to pass him a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. b If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, passes a hair dryer both by the mattress by the pillow and bedding at least 40 inches away. Hot, dry air from the dryer will penetrate the internal structures and eliminate mites. c do not hesitate to change the pillow once a year. d with respect to the mattress is recommended to review the same structures in order to determine whether there is need for change or not. there are mattresses that come with effective anti-mite treatments, do not hesitate to advise you and find out with the leading brands in the category. sale of cheap mattresses in Spain.