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It is certain that you’ve seen it but where not, a little higher, above the title of this article, there is an illustration. In this there is a man reading under the shade of a tree and a little more to the left, there is a small sign. This says: reflections on education for a life with a sense what I mean with a life with meaning? Well it is simply living your life according to the purpose for which you have decided that you must have. If you don’t know what this is, it’s okay. Sometime I neither knew it. The exercise below can help you find out, I know that to me helped me.

Of course you can choose to skip the exercise and continue reading the rest of the article, but I recommend to do so anyway. Well let’s start. 1. Write two of your main qualities, enthusiasm and creativity. 2-Enter one or two ways in which you enjoy expressing these qualities when you interact with others, such as support and inspire. 3 Assumes that the world is perfect at this time.

How is this world? How about interacting with others? How do you feel? Write your answer as a statement describing the fundamental condition. Example: All freely express their talents. All work in harmony. All express their love. 4 Combines the three above points into a single declaration. Example: My purpose in life is to use my enthusiasm and creativity to support and inspire others so that they can express their talents freely in a harmonic way and loving. That’s all! Yes, I know it, it is not very specific. But it does not seek to be it; the exercise not tells you what you should be doing with your life but delivers a filter with that watch it. So, find you face many choices will have a tool with that choice.

The Opposite

This concept is not limited to sexual feelings and behavior by itself, and it is not synonymous with the libido in the broadest sense, which is invested in him by Freud. Psychosexual development – one aspect of ontogeny is closely associated with common biological organism's development, particularly sexual maturation, and future changes in sexual function. If you do not consider prenatal period, it begins with the formation of sexual identity baby, with a crucial role in this process is played by adults. Defining passport sex baby, parents and other adults are beginning to teach a child to sexual role, by showing them what it means to be a boy or a girl. Awareness of their gender, the child has already formed to 1,5 years, constituting the most stable, the core element of its identity. In 3-4 years the child has already consciously distinguishes the floor of surrounding people, but often associates it with a purely external signs, such as clothes, and admits the fundamental reversibility, the ability to change sex. In 6-7 years the child finally understands irreversibility of sex, which coincides with the rapid increase in sexual differentiation of behavior and attitudes, boys and girls on their own initiative choose different games and partners in them, show different interests, style of behavior. In addition to parents, a critical agent of sexual socialization is the society of their peers as well as the opposite sex. Estimating the constitution and the child's behavior in light of its own, much more severe than in adults, the criteria of masculinity / femininity, peers, thus confirm, strengthen, or conversely, raise questions about his sexual identity and sex-role orientation.

Education Necessities

Rejane Paradella Silva, learning of Licenciatura in Pedagogia Ludicidade as possibility of inclusion of Special children with Necessities of Education the ludicidade is without a doubt, a great ally in the mediation of the education process and learning of children, also the ones that present necessities educational special (NEE). Special necessity of education is all and any symptom presented for the child, who can be permanent or temporary, of organic and/or emotional nature, that harms the cognitivo process. The education professionals can and must use of pedagogical strategies, as the playful activities, that associates the professional treatment when necessary, they will help the child to explore and to develop its abilities. For Luckese (2002), researcher of education and Ludicidade. The Ludicidade is a full and complete state of satisfaction human being, who involves the body and the mind in accordance with at the same time the activity that is being carried through at the moment. activities playful as: games, tricks, dance, music, manual works, amongst others they costumam to involve the child and to awake its interest of participation, beyond disclosing its abilities.

Through these activities, all the children they can have the same possibility of to reach a full state of Ludicidade. As much for Vygotsky, apud Oliveira (1997), as for wallon, apud Galvo (1995) human development occurs from its interaction with symbols and instruments, and in the social relations. through this interaction, if evidences its potentialities. Luckese (2002) cites the four dimensions of the human growth according to Ken Weber: Individual and interior I that is the experiences with the others when develop the ethical and moral sine; IT individual exterior that develops former mannering sciences: the neurofisiologia; IT collective exterior that defines the way of being and of living the social relations. Thus Luckese concluded that the human being in full is been playful when I satisfy its.

In-House Education

We educate in house, but not necessarily single. To educate in house is not to educate or only isolated, lives in society and is integrated in the same, so you are going away to support in her you need whenever it. Although at the outset you are scared of not being preparation or of which there are things that you do not go that is to say or that you will not be able to help your children, the reality is that they are going to you to happen two things, one that to many you are going them things to be remembering and/or learning at the same time as your son, and other than you will discover that you have very many options in which apoyarte when really you feel that there is something you cannot cover and your son needs, or a remote school with program online like Epysteme, a friend that yes knows that matter, a relative, another family who educates in house with that to make interchanges of the type ” you teach physics to your children and to mine and I to them teach to Literature contempornea” to them; or you will even take to an academy of reinforcement or review to him, as so many sent to school children go without nobody cries out to the sky for that reason in spite of spending 6 hours daily surrounded by ” profesionales” , and it is left you always the resource to contract a particular professor for that concrete matter. To look for supports is allowed, is reasonable, is even recommendable. I not music, and my children yes want to know, so I looked for external support for it and we are very contentments with the result, and of to the same I have looked for it form for other things I have needed whenever it. Be conscious that yet not always we can and knowledge that we can look for aid and resources of diverse ways is a responsibility exercise, one more of those than on a daily basis we make when educating in house.

Superior Education

As, pparently, the demand for superior education comes decaying, the facultieses if they come debtors ' ' to dispute in tapa' ' the candidates. As much that if invented up to one such of ' ' vestibular contest agendado' '. It illustrates this what a person said who did not make vestibular contest. It had made registration in an institution of the region, but it was not to make test. Days later, when the period of the school registrations already if had locked up e, as the such course does not fill the vacant total, the citizen receives a phone call, calling it to make school registration: the stated period had been extended But it had not made initial! But, by the way of that these commentaries? It is the question that many must be if making. Commentaries, that the majority of the people makes, throughout the day are alone the day: some for pure fofocante delirium others because they had heard to speak But these commentaries had been motivated by the slips that we saw occurring in the Enem.

Test lacking questions, test with inverted statement in relation to foreseen in the card the reply. The failure in meeting of notice and the position of the MEC, of judges and estudantis entities. Prohibition of spreading of results, rumors of cancellations total partial not cancellation. This without speaking of the commentaries that had run to the untied language for the streets and schools: where we go to stop with this? Only in same Brazil! Nor it could be different, it is public thing. the maledicentes commentaries if alternate. The languages if locate pro and against the Enem. in the way it crossed fire remains the students victims and principal actors of this insoluble and still indefinite drama: more than a hundred of university, beyond other Justinian codes of Superior Education adopts, of some form, the results of the Enem, in its process of admission or to carrear federal resources for the offered stock markets around of the Enem.E the press makes its game: it has as many years exists the Enem.


It is important to only one thing – you really need the language and you have at least two or three months time to master the language. That's how much you need to master virtually any language, as if to tell the whole truth … Then, two or three months You possess not one, but, if desired, and two or three languages! 1. Opening remarks. The format of a film-lecture seemed to us an interesting option, as close as possible to the atmosphere of full-time course, which may be more effective than just reading books and doing the exercises. 2. Why mastery, not learning? Learning a language – it is rather complicated and, in practice, usually hopeless.

Therefore, in the film once it comes to that for language acquisition is almost no need textbooks, cramming and other attributes of the conventional ways of learning. You just need to apply different approaches and methods of teaching foreign languages. 3. Psychological preparation for mastering languages. Getting to study the language of almost every cover even not aware of, yet distinct fear and panic to the abundance of material. And the first step – to overcome these inhibitory process of mastering the language factors. Sometimes it turns out that this is sufficient only for entry into the language. This lesson is a foreign language can be the most important for many people.

4. And what are the words to teach? The idea is that each person has a kind of 'comfort zone of language' in their native language. Naturally, if the acquisition of language is to start with a definition of this band in their native language, and then creating such a zone in a foreign, then it goes much faster. 5. Comprehension of words method of interaction of all the senses. As a way of cramming vocabulary is to forget once and for all. A method of controlling all sensations – one way of establishing a solid direct connection 'Image – a foreign word' as opposed to cramming, which establishes a connection through an intermediary – the Russian word, or to establish such a connection requires a very, very long time. Foreign language for 90 days? It's easy!

Academic School

The social inclusion constitutes, then, a bilateral process in which the people, still excluded, and the society searchs, in partnership, to equate problems, to decide on solutions and to accomplish the equalization of chances for all, (SASSAKI). The practical one of the social inclusion rests in considered principles until then uncommon, such as: the acceptance of the individual differences, the valuation of each person, the convivncia inside of the diversity human being, the learning through the cooperation. The diversity human being is represented; mainly, for national origin, sexual option, religion, sort, age, race and deficiency. Academic of the Course of Pedagogia of the University of Passo Fundo Soledade Campus. What it is an inclusive school? We say that to the inclusion when the school does not exclude some of its pupils or children and young candidates the school registration in reason of any individual attribute of the type: sort (sex), color (etnias diverse), deficiency (physical, mental, visual, auditory or multiple), social classroom (economic situation partner), conditions of health (virus HIV, epilepsy, syndrome of tourette, mental upheaval) and others.

In an inclusive school, all the pupils, with or without some of these individual attributes, study together in the same classrooms. All thus different ones, therefore, nobody is equal. If the individual difference between the people did not exist, nor the least would exist the diversity between the same ones, therefore each individual holds an only definition. Each one with its initiatives, attitudes, ways to think and to act. Thus constructing and creating its proper identity. Relation the worked concepts, I believe that the society has much to move in relation to the acceptance of the differences, and to perceive that rare we will go to find people ' ' normais' ' , this is something inadequate of if to say for a child, since small we must clarify doubts the children, whom an immense diversity in the school of children exists is that the differences are blossomed next to them and fit to the professor and the family to collaborate with the differences perceiving and accepting, that nor alive and equal one to be all we are different and we need respect and acceptance.

The Great Shift

Guess that would be pointless, we do not know this exactly, or just our mind can not understand it. The main thing – to realize that the Earth and humanity will occur very large-scale change, and they will, in general, positive, but only for those who survive the Great Shift, its not all survive. If we talk about the end times – is the change in frequency of our existence, when the category of time or at all disappear, or move to a new level. Some people say that Time will never, past, present and future merge together. Others claim that Earthlings will go with just a disharmonious 12:60 timing frequency to a harmonious 13:20. In any case, the category of time as it is now meaningless, it will be the end of time (this site). The Great Shift will allow people to use of 5%, as now, a lot more of your brain and consciousness. We will be available Telepathy, reality space of thought (materialization), and more about what we do not even suspect.

What else is important? How to survive the Great Shift, how to prepare. Those people who have fairly well-developed conscience, will make the jump to the next level easily, the other to develop their minds, it's the only way that will move to a higher level of existence. Our worst enemy – our same reason that keeps us within the framework of assumptions and beliefs. Problem – To go beyond that, as ideas about the world shared by a majority of people – flawed, imposed by the system (read about the impact on the system to an individual). Methods of consciousness are many, but the main thing – to understand that the world is not what we are taught to see it. More information can be read on the site, it is dedicated to the theme of the Great Shift, how to survive it and how to move beyond the erroneous conception of the world.

National Advice

To fulfill the made use one in interpolated proposition VII of Article 206 of the Federal Constitution, that offers guarantee of standard of qualidade' ' to the Brazilian education, the Country must, among others action, to take care of of the continued formation of all the professors, also the laypeople. This panorama is an indicative fort to the development of educational programs in the distance that they take care of to the teaching formation in service, as social demands and legal determination. It has ample diffusion of programs and courses with the modality of education in the distance implemented by the official agencies? Ministry of the Education and the Sport? MEC, National Advice of Secretaries of Education – CONSED, city departments and state of Education. All these and many others can contribute for the formation and update of professors and managers in all the education levels and, of this form, take care of to the yearnings of the society that searchs democratic access to the education of quality. Frequently, we find the expression in the distance open education and as if they walked together.

They mean things distinct. But, all are on the forms of not-traditional intitled education or education. ' ' The open education is when the process education/learning if opens in any of its elements; either the question of the time, rhythm, place, prerequisite (previous studies) or presence in the educative institutions, relation with the professor and others; education in the distance is understood as the use of strategies and ways that help to establish the communication when, institution, professors and students are not necessarily in the same physical space and tempo' ' (BROWN, 1998). Since 1996, the courses and programs given through the EAD are legally supported in some articles of the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education? LDB 9394/96: article 80: ' ' The Public Power will in the distance stimulate the development and the propagation of education programs, in all the levels and modalities of education, and education continuada' ' ; article 32 4 ' ' basic education will be actual, being used education in the distance as complementation of the learning or in situations emergenciais' ' ; article 47 3 ' ' the frequency of pupils and professors is obligator, saved in the programs of education in the distance ' '.

Changes And Changes

Changes and changes The sensation not to have more love in its return, to have anger the all moment and above all to see that already she does not have nobody its side, as I feel homesickness of the time of the friends, of the time that my bigger concern was my notes in the school, was that duty of decided mathematics the time that my heart did not bleed in such a way and in infancy I badly could wait to grow, but never I did not imagine that he would be so painful and complicated, everything turned reason tears and at the same time the people want that you she faces all and any type of problem with a pretty smile and you only wants power to arrive in house and that everything was so simple as before, simple as to arrive in house and to bind to the TV in su favourite drawing, to take a milk cup with biscuit and when something you to magoar or you to simply hurt itself to pro run arm of its ready mother and everything this decided, therefore is wanted friend, feels saying in you, but the things they had moved, you grew and not only the responsibilities had increased as you had that to learn to coexist pains and emotions go up to around that you, to learn I cry to swallow it. As much that you found that they would be perpetual, but had not been, those that had spoken above all that always they would be with you when needed today only they say ' ' It forgives I am ocupado' ' , and thus the life goes moving away goes you from these and from presenting others that will make the same, and you cannot to make nothing, therefore this was its choice, very sentimental being and to choose to be worried about the others, but you go a newness here pra, the people always to magoar you go you, more and more, therefore those that more are imported are those that more are magoam.. .