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Education Teachers

Even in ancient times, people have tried to define the criteria for teaching teens. In the Spartan boys' schools already existed a set of disciplines for which training was going, and it was hard-coded, what skills should have graduate. Yes, and current student teachers constantly told: the desk you should get a mandatory minimum knowledge, this is not live without. The current curriculum is, in fact, the educational standard – a set of knowledge and skills that have to get everyone who graduated from school. The educational standard in the new understanding, according to Alexander, this 'social contract', the agreement of society, family and State the requirements for the results of education.

These requirements should be agreed, society wishes to obtain a socially-adjusted person, the state – the law-abiding citizen, parents want their child to be successful in life. What is the difference of the new standards? What the country needs the educational standards, it became clear after the collapse of the Soviet education system. Can not be the whole country – from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka – tough one to teach and the same thing. Each region has its own specifics. Yes, and teaching methods may be different, but not uniform, as it was for many years. There were many ideas.

For example, one proposed to abandon the teaching of mathematics in general. Others – Enter only the minimum required to read literary works. As a result, in 1993 developed the first version of the educational standard. Of course, he was imperfect, but it is consistent with the requirements of time.

News Information

Life, and what is it? What is the least shallow, smallest? Atom? Electron? Emptiness! Field! Electromagnetic, an information field. What's great? Galaxy? The universe? Emptiness. Field. Information field. Circle.

Snake grabbed its tail. Eight lay on its side! Eternity and infinity. Materialism is an idealist and materialist idealism of terrorist! Matter, as clumps of information. Matter, as clusters of ideas! Matter, as pressed the idea! As clusters of the electromagnetic waves. Temperature, as criterion, the degree of compression, the degree of compressed idea how the degree of development of matter. The universe as ragged information.

As torn News electromagnetic field. How many where there are few, but the laws of existence are ONE. From absolute zero to the temperature of the stars. The higher the temperature, the more information that materializes information! Information converted into matter. Matter, as compressed and heated by the information. "Fried" information. Man is so – "cold-blood." But the universe is knowable! Our good old-fashioned tear-leaky universe – are knowable! Universal laws much less than we think. You just have to remove all unnecessary. Start with a basic question. Eight of knowledge on your side, like a Mobius strip. God – not Jesus or Muhammad, God – the sun and Sirius. Star! The Egyptians worshiped the god knowingly "Ra". The sun warms us warm, it warms us with information. Man on the "crown of creation," by no means attracted, too "cold-blooded." Total 310 degrees-owls from absolute zero. And that the "crown"? Superszhataya, sverhrazogretaya star before explosion? During cross-kunda to the explosion or even at the moment? As much information out there. Or is the explosion itself? Then the next question – what's the point? Born – grow – grow – to gather – to shrink – to warm up and tear-BSO? Progastrolirovat in their orbits.

Classroom Maps

Imposing individuality the people as motto: the secret is soul negotiates of it, pure individualism. In the schools what the pupil thinks that is geography is exactly the cartography, but a dissimulated cartography who to only see the appearance, or more good does not analyze map some, the teacher arrives in the room distributes ready maps already and delegates to the pupils the task to paint the same ones, these only knows that the sea if paints of blue, the bushes of greens, that is, it makes the mentally ill process all, the professor does not make these to think, they make exactly for making, is not charged to these the task to understand the world through the maps, these most of the time only serve exactly so that the professors have its moment of ' ' descanso' ' inside of the classroom since its hours of working is beside the point tiring and that since after painting the maps the pupil does not make none analyzes, they do not obtain to assimilate this task with life, then without does not have because of if working with maps not to make this relation. However the work with maps well will have become is of very good advantage, therefore when this is analyzed critically, it can perceive the relations contained in each society. It can use maps and it unites them with complementary texts and thus to make a deeper boarding. The maps are used of disintegrated form of the study only serve to pass the time and make with that the pupils only think geography as a enrolao, a mere enganao. The fact is that in the school the map is still the symbol and the form of recognized language of geography. for this exactly the pertaining to school programs start with the slight knowledge and expressions vocabulares of the cartographic expression.

Institute Formation

The form as this relation if of the one in the course can be observed in disciplines of practical of formation, as a process of revision of pedagogical making, a work to interdisciplinar of professional enrichment, adding it formation of the conscience necessary social politics and to the understanding and inclusion of the professor in the work market. This work, therefore, if considers to verify, to study and to make possible action of analysis of the pedagogical cycle, since the planning until the evaluation, because a producer of its proper knowledge, a professional searching and enabled understands that the professor must leave the traditionalism, becoming to articulate in permanent and dynamic way, the knowledge worked disciplines for them specific of the practical course of Formation to the social ones, so that if it fulfills a paper formador. The central problem of this research, therefore, will be to verify the occurrence of the relation between theory and practical and of that it forms the same one it comes being worked throughout resume, in way to contribute for the formation of the teaching identity. The Course of Formation of Professors for Infantile Education and Initial Series of Basic Ensino, the Institute of Education of the Paran Professor Erasmo Pilotto, implicitly or explicit, searchs to propitiate a relation enters the offered scientific knowledge in its disciplines and the practical one. The form as this relation if of the one in the course can be observed in disciplines of practical of formation, as a process of revision of pedagogical making, a work to interdisciplinar of professional enrichment, adding it formation of the conscience necessary social politics and to the understanding and inclusion of the professor in the work market. This work, therefore, if considers to verify, to study and to make possible action of analysis of the pedagogical cycle, since the planning until the evaluation, because a producer of its proper knowledge understands that the professor must leave the traditionalism, becoming, one professional searching and enabled to articulate in permanent and dynamic way, the knowledge worked you discipline for them specific of the practical course of Formation to the social ones, so that if it fulfills a paper formador.

The Diversity

To anchor the content socially: to see as it is that it appeared, where social context it appeared, who was that it considered this concept historically, which were the dominant ideologies. you go there making this with all the possible contents inside of the resume and … this is a way of you nor to fall in that emptiness to be alone trying to understand diverse languages, diverse cultures, and also not to fall in the idea of that the content is something fixed. It is one another source. In synthesis, intentions, in two proposals until here presented, seem to be to clarificar of who are knowledge hegemonic in resume, that representations are in it enclosed, that identity if desires that they reflect and construct, as well as exploring forms of desestabilizar and defying all these hierarchies, choices, inclusions, images and points of view. A proposal that walks the same in sensible of the social anchorage and that particularly it pleases in them is of Willinsky (1998).

The author suggests that let us ask in them if he is possible to divide the reality human being in clearly different cultures, races, histories, traditions and societies, and to survive worthy to the consequences of these classifications. He insists, then, in the questioning of the pparently natural character, to the times exactly scientific, of these divisions. She is necessary to add the historical dynamics of the categories by means of which we are friction, identified, defined and situated in the social structure. This agreement will be favored when focusing, in the resume, the construction of the categories, when fighting for changing its meanings and guaranteeing space in the school and the classroom for the diversity. That is, Willinsky rejects the idea of that a truth, an essence or a nucleus in any category exist. It stimulates us it, in the different ones you discipline curricular, to become evident and to contest the historical construction of categories that have marked in them, as race, nation, sexuality, masculinidade, feminilidade, age etc.

Reading and Writing

Giving children the option to choose and seek experiences to initiate them reading and writing, are shared with adults, especially parents and mothers; why it is said that the first school of all human beings is home and parents their first teachers. Recognizes that the educational and cultural capital of the fathers and mothers in the education of the children, provides better results and serves as a support in the education of a country and is of great significance, which measures and provides the quality of readers and writers in the future shall in particular cases. However, is should not demerit the work and interest that have some adults who are not professionals in finding resources that provide support to boys and girls towards well educated with many difficulties embrace them and kiss them knowledge with accompaniment in each process of life; contrary to some professionals who for lack of time or for any other reasons commissioned them to other people or teachers and unhook the obligation. Remember that the amount of time is not the most important but the quality. We can support such considerations with the approaches of GOODMAN, who says the House and the community offer opportunities in which children are the use of reading and writing as tools to solve problems or to participate in social activities 1 as also says Hart and Risley (1995) communicative relationships provide the child the opportunity to meet a wide variety of vocabulary, and the development of oral language is a prerequisite for the start of the learning to read and later writing 2 Accordingly the family by being the first subjects that children interact, represents an important factor in motivation and the taste for reading and writing. The preschool level: basis for the integral development of the child and the girl at this level to the processes of reading and writing must be give a greater interest in pursuit of better results in its acquisition through play activities that promote good habits in these processes.

Falling Snow

What is for us in this case the water? New space of experience, different medium. Step by step, learning the process of interaction, we adapt to new circumstances and feelings. When we do not know how to swim is important for us support – bottom. And just to be losing support, get a brand new area of experience and sense of self, we are frightened and begin to panic. Scary pictures and images can fill our imaginations, we can even really feel that we have something pulling at the bottom. But when all is well over, after a while, we realize that much of what happened was an illusion of our mind.

With something like we may encounter in the practice of Dreams. There are three fundamentally different phenomena, which can be confused because of their similarity in the manifestation, especially in the beginning. The first phenomenon, apparently, no one can be attributed to a protected mechanism of our body, the second – to treat the area where the cause of our images is the emotional chaos and fear. The third phenomenon relates to the Dreaming, the which the images have their cause and role, ie – Are a natural part of the process. So, what can these images. This is usually expressed as a feeling of another presence, a fixed shade, shadow that moves on periphery of the visual field, a figure that is constantly running away on the edge of the visual field, or, conversely, tries out for him to look out, the image (usually creepy), which appears at the edge of the visual field, often trying to look into eyes or speak, shape or image that appears near the center of the field of view, the behavior ranging from indifference, to outright violent, more.

Details appearance, behavior, etc., may be different – from bizarre and funny to openly intimidating. Apparently, it depends largely on our expectations and perceptions. Often, these images appear at a time when we are in the borderline and / or can not completely separate from the body. It may also occur at a time when we are in the so-called 'sleep paralysis'. By the way, the latter may give rise to doubts about the mental health, because many people, getting into a state of sleep paralysis in earnest begin to question their normality or even spend years in fear of dying or losing heart. Do not be afraid, everything is in order – is a natural phenomenon. For each type of phenomenon has its own ways to eliminate these unwanted symptoms. But this need to talk in more detail. However, the main practical advice – do not panic and do not engage in these images. I would like to conclude by saying the main character animated film 'Under cover of night, 'Tim,' If I do not fear – shadow will disappear! " Falling Snow, Lucid dreaming


The term civilization is used in several ways: stage of historical development of mankind, following the barbaric (L. Morgan, Engels, A. Toffler); synonym of culture (A. Toynbee and others); level (step) of of a region or a single ethnic group (an ancient civilization, for example); a certain stage in the development of local cultures, stage of degradation and decadence ("The Decline of Europe" Spengler). Recognized features civilization is that the transition itself becomes the hub for her moment of a culture. Civilization means the transition to the actual social organization of society, when society was formed, with all its differences from barbarism. Civilization is not confined to just one, albeit very important, the economic parameters of social development, and includes such important factors as cultural studies, geography, spiritual, etc. Civilization – a sustainable cultural and historical community of people, different community of spiritual and moral values and cultural traditions, the similarity of material production and social and political Development features lifestyle and personality type, in most cases, the presence of common ethnic traits and the corresponding geographical scope.

As seen through the prism of history of civilized approach? Extensive material accumulated by the XX century. archeology, ethnography, comparative linguistics and other sciences, the crisis has illusions about the "linear" direction of history and liberal progressivism, most experienced intellectuals under the influence of World War I, served as a prerequisite for the formation of civilized approach to understanding history. It was necessary to broaden the horizons of traditional historical scholarship, to determine place of European culture to other cultures. The essence of civilized approach lies in the fact that human history is divided into several independent entities – the local civilizations, each of which has an independent history, different uniqueness of historical events, unique cultural and historical events. One of the first attempts to describe the history of mankind in terms of local development Civilizations and Cultures closed belongs to the Russian naturalist and philosopher, NY Danilevsky, who in 1871 in his book "Russia and Europe," criticized the commonly understood concept of division of world history on ancient, average, a new and highlighted the following "distinctive civilization," or cultural-historical types: ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Assyrian, Babylonian, Phoenician, or Chaldean, Indian, Iranian, Jewish, Greek, Roman; Neo-Semitic or Arabic, German and Roman, or European. Criticism of the concept of a unified world history and the doctrine of justification set equal to the level of maturity reached by the German culture is carried out philosopher and historian Oswald Spengler.

In his book "The Decline of Europe", he identifies eight types of cultures: Egyptian, Indian, Babylonian, Chinese, "Apollonian" (Greco-Roman), "Faustian" (Western European) culture and the Maya. Each cultural "organism" lives in advance certain clearances (about millennium) period. Dying, the culture is degenerating into a civilization, in the late ossified "mass" culture, where the transition from creative to infertility, to the soulless "intelligence" to the denial of life itself. The originality and uniqueness of each civilization defends the British historian, diplomat and philosopher Arnold Toynbee. In his work "The study of history," he argues, that World History is just a collection of stories of unique individual, relatively closed civilizations, each of which passes in its development stage appearance, growth, and fracture decomposition.

Compulsory Education

Water "holy" water (the burned hydrogen) has as well, and all other substances own physical properties. These properties differ slightly on what kind of water in accordance with the isotope number of the elements of its sostavlyayuschih.Ya mean different water Ditery, Tritium, etc …. Besides properties vary on the degree of mineralization temperatures. Different water are mixed in different proportions to one another and from these proportions also depend properties of liquids (water). Conditions under which the change of water properties can be listed endlessly and they probably still do not know everything so we will not do, and talk about some mystical properties attributed to water in recent years about the "memory". But before you start to give a brief evaluation of the community of people, which we now live. The economic crisis led to the disintegration of the country has lasted two decades (thank god seems to end!).

Compulsory secondary education aside, the higher education pay, teachers are not prestigious (low pay). All institutes economics departments (need the money bankers someone to save!) funded science is bad. And then there was the idea of building communism, utopia … and that society finally collapsed, with no social foundations, the government turned its gaze to the church as on the shelf – bullet, removed all restrictions that were re-established religious holidays. Well, we come to the water, namely, the ritual bathing in the hole at the celebration of the "Baptism." And now it's fashionable, it's a real show (Entertainment).

Lovely Lady

These lovely lady there, so disturbing, so close, so warm, so beautiful. Tell me girl who is in your heart? Does who sigh to your soul? We do what’s new, the tender, sincere, I see you standing there, so cute, can’t believe what I see. Girl just seems that you cannot have you. It doesn’t matter you try so hard. Do not ask your heart, just look at you. Between your eyes my vision is lost if your eyes say something, I prefer not to hear it, since I do not dare to try.

Perhaps you think that shyness is a bridge between you and I. Leave it there not landslides. Forget about my looks, don’t let that make your inner fire. If something I have to tell you I prefer to remain silent and send it to oblivion. I never wanted anyone else to you, girl I hope that you also want me. I want to be your man. It is contradictory, but you forget what I say. Don’t let your eyes will shine with my words.

Only tell me that I have to do to win your heart. Tell me if you feel the same? Lady of my heart. Now is the time, together as one, a light shine between you and I. As luminous as the Sun, bring new and old away. A new love that is true. The unknown woman Jose Orlando Melo naranjo El philosopher Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo is one of the younger scientific philosophers that owns the country. It has a large number of published works. In his last statement I can assure that the country advances little by little investment in education. Since that greater investment in Colombia this 12thcentury war, reason by which the brains of Colombia are runaways. Otherwise they would live in destitution, virtually as it happens with the Colombian teachers. Since the State looks at them as tools and a number more of workers. It is rather contradictory state to speak of education, because it leaves her crippled for the poor, but vigorous for the rich. Since it is better a high number of workers and a Select number of bourgeois power. If it is false to observe the common teaching and will see the economic condition in which lives a teacher in Colombia. A man devoid of cents to continue studying in order to support his family with dignity. I’m not revolutionary, weapons bring slavery and misery. The force never primary over reason. And it is know that silence is complicity, and magno Orlando was born with different purposes. Original author and source of the article.