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The University

A State without Autonomous University is a State unable to cultivate intelligence, critique, research, knowledge, barbaric. It is a State that despises the knowledge. Only the autocratic States make their universities enclosures which reproduce the heteronomy military, a single thought, submission and the no deliberation, converting them into spaces without soul, without life. But in States that follow that model, there is an organic imbalance, and late or early reaches them a period of crisis of its structures which eventually collapse it, putting an end to the established order. Now well, says the source’s agreement to the Autonomists of the UCV, requiring university autonomy to be liberating and so you can renew a minor possible attachment to the other powers of the State and/or unique and certain forms of conceptions of the world. In that sense, the University governing bodies of each University should enjoy broader freedoms of action and national and regional bodies that coordinate and integrate to the University system should not exercise functions that exceed their powers of guiding authorities, coordinators and integrators of particular chores in various universities.

Each University must preserve its powers to regulate academic and administrative matters which are you own and their obligatory relations of cooperation, coordination and integration with the public and private sectors. Now well with regard to democracy, it says, that ideas and projections to be taken about the University democracy must conform to the full recognition of the academic nature and meritocratic University activities. Such recognition determines that the University democratic exercise transcends purely electoral and that false and unnatural igualitarismos (voting parity) contribute to the denaturation of the University academic purposes. As is also the case with the military institutions, and as article 104 of the existing Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela establishes it, educational processes are such that College electoral processes and the various instances of the University governing qualitative and quantitative composition should be subordinated to the academic conditions and meritocratic University here comment, quelLa University must be actora protagonist in the processes of creationexecution, follow-up, evaluation and renewal of the policies of the democratic State. Equal ideas should prevail in the relations of the University with the municipal forms and rod of Government, as well as the forms of organization of communities which must serve the University. The University communal management must serve the purposes that the University and the ways of organization of communities define, extend, extend and intensify the own social commitment to university work. Ultimately now more that ever, is must ensure respect for to University autonomy, which implies a new Education Act, its scope, as well as the need to given the recent facts of having a University democratic front, composed of all persons who possess a college awareness and committed with a plural University project, as it says, where the discussion of political positions should not be justification for actions of terror and intimidation; a front that will strengthen the public University, not based on the signage and terrorizing of the differences, but based on an expansion of the University democracy, an extension of the controversy, the opening of their lectures, forums, seminars and other opportunities for participation to all the aspects and positions of the political Rainbow, and the defence of plurality against all work of terrorthreats of disappearance and death, against any manifestation of violence within the University campus, and against any policy of exclusion and systematic elimination of the members of the College estates.

Ideas Practices

The advantages of the forecast. At last! After waiting for several days, you reach the desired time. I’m going to leave, at least for a while, be one more, follow a schedule, a routine I’ll travel. If, as happens to me, you marked on your calendar these magic dates you will understand perfectly that I’m talking about. The Organization, and preparation of a trip should be an important part to get that this is a success. With the passage of time, and based on many slaps, one learns that kind of things are that can be made that an idyllic journey becomes the worst punishment. The problems can begin days before the trip and nobody, absolutely nobody, is completely safe from them.

But we can always try to minimize them J. This is why that from my experience I would like to make a review of those ideas, tips, call it what you want, it is desirable to take into account. I am sure that many of these ideas are well known, and even some of they are already something disused and are not too useful. I do not intend to write a Fundamental Treaty of the traveller, only tell you the things I’ve done and that at some point have avoided me problems. If you’re a traveller impenitent, and that at least one of these ideas will be useful, then fantastic. And if you’re just starting to perform your first trips, perhaps this helps to realize that all we have gone through delicate moments such as those you you can find. In this article I want to focus on a concept that I think should be taken into account; the forecast. Personally, I am of those who like to have things clear with some advance. I have made many trips without any prior preparation, deciding the fate at the last moment and without have nothing planned.

The Physical Education PCN

In this direction valley to stand out that the PCN? s had been created to guide the professionals of the area in the organization of the contents, evaluations, quarrels and reflections of practical the pedagogical one, thus contributing for formation of the professor of Physical Education and its professional update, as well as subsidizing the elaboration or curricular version of the states and cities, dialoguing with the existing proposals already, stimulating the internal pedagogical quarrel in the schools and the elaboration of the educative projects (DARIDO, 2003). For Darido (2001, p.15): Three aspects of the proposal of the PCN in the area of Physical Education represent excellent aspects to be searched inside of a project of improvement of the quality of the lessons, which are; I begin of the inclusion, the transversal dimensions of the contents (atitudinais, conceptual and procedural) and subjects. How much to the first aspect the PCN of the emphasis to a Physical Education directed to all the pupils without any type of discrimination. After that it standes out the importance of the dimensions of the contents between learning and making, knowing what it is making, beyond considering a relationship of the activities of the Physical Education with the great problems of society integrating the citizen in the sphere of the corpora culture, the calls transversal subjects (PCN, 1998). In against departure LDB 9,934/96 it decides: The Physical Education, while component curricular obligator of the Basic Education, the practical part, understood becomes facultative as the experiences of the activities, in relation to the pupils who if fit in the below elencadas situations and since that duly proven, as Law n 10.793/2003: ) that it fulfills to equal or superior hours of working the six hours: b) bigger of thirty years of age; c) that it will be giving military service; d) supported for the Decree n 1.044/69; e) that it has ' ' prole' '.