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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Introduction. There are a variety of syndromes that affect our pediatric population and constitute a disability that disrupts the entire life of the children who suffer, affecting their family and social environment. In addition to the issues raised, children affected by a syndrome present serious difficulties to access learning, both physical and cognitive. We will not enter the field of the difficulties of integrating these children into formal education, as it would for a completely separate article. Recall that a syndrome is a collection of physical signs and symptoms that constitute a specific pathology. Briefly review some of the syndromes and other lesser known classics that cause serious difficulties in social skills, integration, communication and learning. Down Syndrome.

Definition: Down syndrome was described by Dr. Langdon Down in 1866 and is characterized by mental retardation and a range of physical characteristics that make them resemble the Oriental races. Because this also is called Mongolism (Mongolian). Its prevalence is 2 per 1,000 live births. Characteristics: Children with Down syndrome, as well as mental retardation, have a high incidence of congenital heart disease. His head is smaller than normal children, elongated eyes, with frequent strabismus, their language is not placed well in his narrow mouth, hypotonia, visual and hearing impairments and delays in language development.

Causes: Congenital or trisomy 21, ie provides an extra chromosome in the pair 21. It therefore has 47 chromosomes instead of 46 which corresponds to normal. Prognosis: The prognosis of children with Down syndrome depends on variables characteristic of the syndrome, the family environment and school. Autistic Syndrome. Definition: The autistic syndrome is defined as a pervasive developmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, communication and activity imagination or thought. Today we use the term Autism Spectrum Disorder to refer to a wide range from typical autism, profound or nuclear Kanner (Leo Kanner, 1943) to Asperger Syndrome (Hans Asperger, 1944) and semantic disorder pragmatic (Rapin and Allen, 1983). It has a prevalence of 4.5 per 10,000 live births. Features: changes in social relations resulting in erratic behaviors include avoiding eye contact, to reject the emotional contact, a tendency to isolation, present unusual body movements, self-harm, ritualism and others. Communication deficiencies ranging from total absence of language to shape and function abnormalities of syntax. Finally cognitive disorders are associated with the “Theory of mind” that is, have an inability to attribute mental states to people around them. Cause: More than direct causes, speaking of very different hypotheses and theories that involve aspects physiological and environmental. These range from genetic alterations to the deficiencies of brain function. Are you interested in this item?

The Prevalence Of Politics In The Third World

The consequence of this is that politics is more prevalent, the buds are formed, the product of an ideology, a party that encyst for years, without a permit renewal, regardless of the damage to excellence, their achievement academic. Predominantly friendship, family involvement and other compromises to so that some authorities have fans that keep them in power, regardless of academic consequences, especially when people are appointed to propose no changes, solutions which do not guarantee anything with their academic. It is outrageous that in the XXI century, where the characteristics of the scenarios in terms of academic excellence in education presents new paradigms to promote the training of professionals, consonant to the demand of the country’s needs, to which globalization has generated still hold power groups that hinder. Today it requires a new leadership, that encourages basic education management to meet the challenges, about the changes that give rise to a new University more involved, which is backing the formation of all necessary professionals required to pass this education identifying with the requirements scenarios, both global and domestic demand to be effective. Nir Barzilai, M.D. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. You can not stay stuck in the past and under the control of power groups, both damage is caused and continue causing national universities., something which is very significantly at the same university where I work. It requires a new style of educational management, authorities, teachers, more proactive, visionary, creative, innovative strategists, able to bring about the changes that will rescue the academic excellence, otherwise stagnant and Venezuela will come will be very challenged as far as education is concerned.

Should be more democracy in universities, encouraging changes with new characters, more open professional, capable of performing transformations that lead to out of the shadows into the universities where they are today and with new leaders to light the flame that will allow light academic excellence is an alum and reality. Universities can not continue to be places where groups are able to consider your property. Opportunities should be given those teachers, professionals, whose scholarship, ideas, projects are able to promote change that higher education in Venezuela urgently needed.


All this, he continues, different from the world of the traditional academic universities organized on the fragmentation of knowledge and scientism. He says that the claim is that students acquire a conceptual clarity and awaken your own spirituality, compassion, fraternity, the new sense of community, a universal spirituality. It is clear that schools should be places that facilitate the development of students, but we must place it in a natural and social world and in his inner world. Official site: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Holistic education is directed towards the integrity in the process education celebrates and makes constructive use of alternative viewpoints and changing realities and multiple ways of knowing. I n conclusion, it is clear to me that we must be inclusive, as the case consider the art as part of the development of any subject and as an example, he mentioned that we should take poetry as part of the development of creativity, reflection, meditation, ease to express ourselves, which we include in any subject.

Personally, I’ve taken as a point to be addressed in each of the classes I teach and the courses I have undertaken as part of the work over the master and I include as part of my activities teachers and even personal. A poem from the heart I is “not afraid of tomorrow, and I do not want to associate myself with nothing, and I realized moments of happiness are, and do not want to be dependent on anything, just my being.

What Is A Chub?

A chub is a sporadic event with quick rewards and little expertise. 1 .- Definition is an informal solution to the problem of part time work that is not accountable to anyone, has an informal oral agreement, pays the cash, not taxed, has no social burden, or compensation for length of service (CTS) and is controlled by any entity. With this level of incentives both the demand side as on the supply, no surprise the impressive growth of informality in our environment. 2 .- Types Here are some activities unthinkable: – Rental of shade in public phone – bird Sexador (that separates males from females – baskets Charger markets – human counters combined routes (driver’s call ) – haulers dressed chicken restaurants – Rental separate bathrooms for physiological needs – Counters jokes (in squares and micros), – Early Bird to sell the site of the tail. 3 .- Taxi Driver and the cell but which distinguishes us most is the taxi and hire phones for calls to step.

As taxis account for 4 hours in Lima you can earn an average of 30 soles per day or about 900 soles a month. Cell phone rental to step (some call it: call center phone). a chub or unemployed college student who has had a boom in 2000 despite the advances of cell phones in the lifestyle of the average Peruvian (Can anyone live without a cell phone?). 4 .- A Peruvian business – the sale of gas without rapids Many local start and become over time in micro enterprises, but this requires much patience and above all unwavering encouragement to many stumbles and gaffes. It is the case of a new system of outsourcing very Peruvian.

A small business that sells gas, rent a space for your business to save gas tanks of a third person. This pays an amount for that serves as a warehouse. The business, the third person has a bike, put an ad that sells gas (under the name of a fictitious company) and a telephone number to be called (usually home). Receive the call, leaves home, goes to the rental deposit and out swiftly to meet with his client. What is not real?. Yes, there is what I call the Peruvian outsourcing. 5 .- The sky is the limit There is no limit to creativity, the limits you put it on yourself.

Hidden Camera, A Great Spy

These are normally used to monitor babysitters, employees or housekeepers. You might have suspicions that your spouse is cheating. Maybe you just want to find out what your kids do when you’re not. Maybe you just want a piece of mind. Albert Einstein College of Medicine has similar goals. The possibilities are endless. Have you heard whispering of the cameras nanny? I’m sure you have a nanny camera that are so small they can be placed almost anywhere from the mirror, teddy bear, smoke detector, radio, wall clock and the list continues. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information.

You can even make your own spy camera with a small board. If you have a business and a warehouse in which goods guards undoubtedly want to ensure that employees or customers are not stealing. There are many uses for complete surveillance systems including restaurants, retail outlets, childish care centers, warehouses, private investigators, animal houses, boats, your home, vacation homes, construction sites and offices. For virtually any store or home. That’s where the security team enters total distraction. Everything is customized to that from 4, 8 or 16 Channel DVR Wireless System, a DVR records video to a computer hard disk or other media such as CD or DVD. This makes a DVR is for maintenance feasible as there is no bulky tapes or the risk of change or loss of quality when recording with older methods. Everything including the educator, quad or multiplexer, cables, and all necessary power supplies are included. So what ever your needs are or what their circumstances may be that there is always a way.