Monthly Archive: July 2016

What Is A Chub?

A chub is a sporadic event with quick rewards and little expertise. 1 .- Definition is an informal solution to the problem of part time work that is not accountable to anyone, has an informal oral agreement, pays the cash, not taxed, has no social burden, or compensation for length of service (CTS) and is controlled by any entity. With this level of incentives both the demand side as on the supply, no surprise the impressive growth of informality in our environment. 2 .- Types Here are some activities unthinkable: – Rental of shade in public phone – bird Sexador (that separates males from females – baskets Charger markets – human counters combined routes (driver’s call ) – haulers dressed chicken restaurants – Rental separate bathrooms for physiological needs – Counters jokes (in squares and micros), – Early Bird to sell the site of the tail. 3 .- Taxi Driver and the cell but which distinguishes us most is the taxi and hire phones for calls to step.

As taxis account for 4 hours in Lima you can earn an average of 30 soles per day or about 900 soles a month. Cell phone rental to step (some call it: call center phone). a chub or unemployed college student who has had a boom in 2000 despite the advances of cell phones in the lifestyle of the average Peruvian (Can anyone live without a cell phone?). 4 .- A Peruvian business – the sale of gas without rapids Many local start and become over time in micro enterprises, but this requires much patience and above all unwavering encouragement to many stumbles and gaffes. It is the case of a new system of outsourcing very Peruvian.

A small business that sells gas, rent a space for your business to save gas tanks of a third person. This pays an amount for that serves as a warehouse. The business, the third person has a bike, put an ad that sells gas (under the name of a fictitious company) and a telephone number to be called (usually home). Receive the call, leaves home, goes to the rental deposit and out swiftly to meet with his client. What is not real?. Yes, there is what I call the Peruvian outsourcing. 5 .- The sky is the limit There is no limit to creativity, the limits you put it on yourself.