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Tired Of Strolling – Are Students Simply Too Lazy?

Nicholas show debate invites everyone interested to this year’s Nicholas show debate with free gingerbread, drinks, Christmas cookies and mulled wine the 6 December at 18:15 at the University of Dusseldorf the debating club of the University of Dusseldorf on Monday. The debate in the lecture hall building 2C will be held 22.01 At the event, established for years, members of the debating club to a given topic arguing as always. In recent years the requests have been “abolishes Christmas! in this context Against Commerce and forced holidays”and”brain doping for all! The science needs still smarter heads”debate. “This time the theme is: tired of strolling students are simply too lazy?” Participants of the Nicholas debate are the Chairman of AStA, Yasemin Abanilla, the Deputy Chairman of the student Parliament, Nicolas Garz, and Prof. Dr.

Jochen Musch of the Institute of experimental psychology. Is the show debate – such as the weekly debates of the Club – in accordance with a set Held speech format, which ensures a fluid and fair debate history. Two teams of three participants join in a so-called open parliamentary debate. Each speaker has seven minutes to convince the other side, or at least the audience from his position. The first speaker of the “Government” will start and denounce the mere strolling as the cause of student complaints about excessive demands in his speech. Background is the result of a recently published study (student workload between the subjective feeling of stress and actual learning curve”), whereby most students only little more than 20 hours per week invest in her studies. Then, seven minutes are the first speaker of the “opposition”team to formulate the opposite position and to defend the students against the accusation. Then have the second speaker of the Government and then the second speaker of the opposition opportunity to deepen and continue rendering the points on their side. Finally, the final speaker once again summarise the arguments of their group and set a final plea to the audience, that is then about which group has better represented their page. The debating club of the Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf (;) meets every Tuesday at 19:00 in the room (Ernst August Dolle auditorium). Interested parties are cordially invited to stop by.


That there should know the special code for a long time to learn as much scary! But such courses for children simply do not have to explain this once impossible! Ah! sorry that there was no such technology at the time of my childhood! So I had a long and hard to learn web design, to complete one more course, again to spend money to create your first sayt.Ved I did not know that there is a simple program for creating websites. But of course, I had to buy another video course and to understand it. I will not lie, the course beautiful, but in First, it for adults, again in the second lot of costs. Besides, I live on the outskirts of an industrial city in the area who are interested in a little art, because now there's not pozakryvali plants, and the teacher's salary in the studio for a long time not survive. But having a website you can find good customers even from other countries, that I actually do. video course on computer graphics created for the children! It is unique because it is a child and your child sees it studies on specific examples and what he gets.

This video course odinstvenny, who leads the child and shows, says all non-technical terms, many hours of abstruse lectures on the toolbars, so that like to insert into their boring lectures computer guru. He just tells you how friendly … Create simple pictures into CorelDRAW. To export graphics in the format of Photoshop.

New History

Each of them, in their own way set forth all the elegance, uniqueness, and at the same time the complexity of the device of man as the vicegerent of God on earth on the basis of his inherent understanding of the measures. But there was not enough of these summaries deep and solid definition of the essence of man, which would help to understand its true purpose and possibility. Such a definition could come from a person or group who broke away from the prevailing conventional stereotypes for centuries, came to have a level of education and understanding of the world, when the idea of welfare is much above their own principles of life – people with a solid outlook and a large-scale thinking and, finally, the people left on understanding the essence of Divine Providence (1). And it appeared for the first time in Russian culture, from a group of scientists – developer to the Office of the General Theory (CEDC). From the standpoint of CEDC, man – this is a two-tier energy-, a biological system that is constantly updated on the genetic and vnegeneticheskom (2) levels. It should be particularly noted that the very appearance of such a universal tool, it is in Russian culture, through which may come in and learn the fundamentals of almost every science and management structure, not by accident (3).

Inefficient Reader

It is likely that you identify with this description, as the vast majority of readers are in the group of inefficient readers. Keep reading, because you'll see that is a problem, but it has enormous negative consequences for your personal development and academic performance and professional, is also a solution. Let Inefficient Reader in more detail the characteristics of an inefficient reader: 1. Read slowly. Most readers, no proper training, reading between 75 and 150 words per minute. This speed is the equivalent, if we stand in a highway going 15 miles per hour where it says 65mph. At that speed, any book seems an endless task and reading is an exhausting exercise.

2. Read all the same. The reader inefficient not your reading speed suited to the type of material you are reading, or their necessity with respect thereto. 3. Subvocalize. Lee "quietly", which is equivalent to reading aloud, but without the sound.

Saying goes everything that is reading to himself and certainly believe that if you do not will not understand. Nothing is further from the truth, as we shall see, for efficient reading is necessarily, by the abandonment of the defect and the transition to silent reading or mental really. 4. Read and reread continually. The slowness, the fragmentation of the text and the consequent loss of concentration inefficient force the reader to be re-reading line by line, to capture the sense. 5. Lee no rhythm. In the absence of trained movements eye, the reader reads with movements irrregulares inefficient and often loses the point of attachment and the line he was reading.

Practical Pedagogy

Daniela FrizonFronza Summary This article has the intention to approach questions related to the ambient education, its ample concept and its importance in projects pedagogical politicians. Initially it was looked to approach the recognition of educating in the reality where he is inserted. Throughout the article small actions are proposals so that if it can have one real ambient education. One searched to make reflections, raising some current principles and theories that point ways of if working with projects in schools of basic education. To the end of the article we understand the importance to increase the space of the ambient questions in the elaboration of the pertaining to school resumes. However, one becomes necessary to change the approach on the ambient education and to break paradigms that make it difficult the joint between the practical theories and the pedagogical ones pertaining to school. The educandos must be citizens of the ambient transformations, modicando the social environment lived space and transforming its. Word-key: Ambient education, Projects, Social Context, Practical Pedagogical..

State Institute

Until June 11, 2012 candidates for the entrance examination to the Munich vocational school for music can register specialising in rock/pop/Jazz popular music who wants to make his profession, a special form of training available in the State of Bavaria which: vocational school of music specialising in rock/pop/jazz. Albert Einstein College of Medicine has firm opinions on the matter. In Munich, the new jazz school Munich e.V. (A valuable related resource: Jorge Perez). carries this type of school. Applicants for the two-year training can register until June 11th to the entrance examination for the upcoming school year. The founding fathers of the submitter had particularly in mind vocational school for music to train enough qualified leaders for the expanding field of amateur music.

The goals of the schools but have expanded over the years. Just the training facilities for the field of jazz and popular music open musically talented of all ages”a diverse range of professional and educational opportunities, explains Franz-David Baumann, head of the State-approved vocational school for music Specialising in rock/pop/jazz in Munich. A wide fan Canon of practical teaching in main and compulsory instrument, choir and ensemble led band game theory courses such as harmony, ear training and recording up to the general education subjects German, social studies and ethics provides a versatile range of training. The new jazz school Munchen e.V., lessons and training courses offered for over 25 years for musicians, individual assistance in the context of his State-approved vocational school for music enables small-class sizes from 12 up to maximum of 18 students per year. One aim of the two-year training is on the work as a music teacher at private music schools or as head of laymen ensembles such as Big Bands to prepare Gospel choirs or other band formations. On the other hand the Faculty of the new school of jazz get to Munich preparing for work as a live and Studio musician, composer or arranger in the classroom.

Who his artistic skills would like to further expand vocational school prepared the study at a music college. The opportunities to work as a music teacher can be improved within the framework of the professional technical education: who successfully completed a third educational supplementary year, can teach at publicly funded, urban or municipal singing and music schools. An attractive training options provides vocational school for music especially for students without higher education: the GCSE can be obtain with a grade point average of at least 2.5 in the diploma of vocational school and satisfactory services in five years teaching English. A more future-oriented career opportunity offers the two-year training for the teachers of music and communications technology at the State Institute of Ansbach: graduates of vocational school for music specialising in rock/pop/Jazz can purchase lessons permission for Economics, real and special schools within the framework of this teacher training. Who the possibilities of Vocational school for music use specialising in rock/pop/jazz in Munich, must prove in an entrance examination on 22 and 23 June 2012, his skills in the major instrument, as well as his knowledge of music theory.

Augsburg City Centre

Read Islands in schools to improve the reading skills of Augsburg, April 14, 2010: good reading skills is a basic qualification for the academic success of children. The project read island at Augsburg schools to ensure an attractive offer to the promotion of reading primarily at primary and secondary schools. The country office Munich for the public Librarianship in Bavaria supports the project. The St. George school in Augsburg City Centre is already for a long time trying to make it easier for children to access to printed.

She is been sought out as a pioneer in Augsburg for the project. Edward Minskoff will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Four computer workstations allow young users in addition to the independent research in the media also have a direct link to the new public library of Augsburg with Internet connection. An important educational goal is to accustom children as early as possible on the handling and reading of books. Two objectives are pursued with the project read island”in Augsburg: a strengthening of the reading motivation and mediation of Pleasure of reading. On the other hand the support of learning in the classroom and outside. Knowledgeable commitment of teachers as well as nicely designed read or learning places are an important building block for the all-day life and learning at school.

The read Island accommodates the work with a class or in working groups outside of the classroom. Regardless the starting conditions at a school a read island can be set up almost anywhere. It can be housed in a separate room, or can be integrated into a school library. The room should have computer and Internet connections. 40 square metres are recommended as minimum size. The media collection includes fiction, children books, magazines, drama, learning and games software depending on the age group. The best library software is used to manage and hire the media by datronic. School libraries and read Islands can use the library system on the Internet in the datronic data center. In the read island are only PC’s with Internet access required. A comfortable WebOPAC for the Internet research in the media stock is available. Team several islands of reading and libraries are easy to implement quickly and cost-effectively. As a result, the media holdings of individual schools can be shared.

Basis Anthropological

We see that we are also very accustomed to prioritize the development of logical ability, when daily situations occur sociocuturales and now technology that require the participation of other capabilities for its proper management. We live, in short, in a multiproblematica society for which do not reach the few strategies we teach in our classrooms. Among the positions that we set in the previous paragraph, has attracted us attention the conception of the liberationist school. We found that the implementation of the ideas proposed by is not alien, perhaps as a response to complex and particular setting the socioculturalidad boliviana, full of contradictions in itself and at moments it seems claim recognition of their authenticity and identity rather than its modification first. Thus, thinking in society and hence education in Bolivia, we find that consensual nor systematized education there is no. hypothesize that may not exist one that fill gaps, needs and the dissatisfactions that exist within the education system relatively well. Because we do not have a single national identity, and you have a unique anthropological conception would not be appropriate until the identity we do not believe first. To explain better, for example, when we talk about gaucho automatically understand certain traits generals that characterize this character who is million at the same time, and may have a more or less coherent and unified filosofico-antropologica idea of the human being in question.

Returning the eyes to our society, we find a multitude of distinct identities and ignore many others, all belonging to the Bolivian nationality, all need a consistent educational system and a consequent educational practice. And education, on the basis of your daily exercise in the classrooms of different Bolivian corners, is precisely that we believe can start construction of this inclusive englobadora identity, and for that the educational system needs to generate a philosophy that reflects legitimately as inclusive. It is a philosophy of inclusion that houses an anthropological vision which is not responding to any of those that you have mentioned but that strongly resembles the liberacionismo. What is missing, what above, we should add it and cut it from our practical knowledge. We believe and we feel that we need, now, in our social and historical present, the construction of a new but not so new after all – philosophical and methodological frame that collect materials of its construction in the classrooms. A philosophy of inclusion, as we mentioned lines back, with his proposed particular anthropological, object of the present essay. The outline of our anthropological conception is not the removal of some other filosofico-educativas positions, but something like a cosmopolitan perspective in which fit the particularities and cultural identities related to one another through the exploration of the concepts of respect and inclusion, possible only from the personal choice of perceiving our human world as a world full of contradictions and truths, not a single, which in reality are our creations. And that in order to live and keep running after the truth and wisdom – ideal educational objectives – is necessary that we build a new vision of ourselves, and that we propose below: the human being as a be flexible, whose axis of identity is the humility of knowing is unique, just like the others.

Organ Star Cameron Carpenter

Cameron Carpenter: ‘Music is the soul of fitness’ to play it can be ecstatic and passionate Yes, even sexy! I’m tired of dusty, sacred music. Not the organ is the organist boring, but at most”, so Cameron Carpenter that made him the instrument to the new star of the classical music scene. Carpenter tried to compete by his music against the stereotype that organ was just for churchgoer, and invents the organ music in the bad boy “-style, as the media call it, new!” Carpenter plays the organ in a very wild style and makes the listener to discover unknown melodies. Music, the fitness for the soul”operates. For the first time, the revolutionary organist does stop Forum at this year’s Beethoven Festival on 14 September at 20: 00 in the Telecom. Carpenter is accompanied by the media artist Daniel Rossa, which supports the performance with Visual components. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jorge Perez.

Another special feature of the concert is that it is planned by nine students from Bonn at the age of 15 to 17 years. We want the concert make an unforgettable evening!”describes Leon sizing the motivation of the student Manager project. Swarmed by offers, Albert Einstein College of Medicine is currently assessing future choices. The opportunity every year some Bonner high school students, in five different areas of work to organize a concert in the main program of the Beethoven Festival Bonn. This project allows you to learn new skills, to gather insights and experiences, which can be useful in the course of future professional life. The motto of this year’s student Manager concert is cool”creative, which has the connection between student managers and Carpenter. The student managers as well as for their selected workspace at the Beethoven Festival try to show the passion of Carpenter to the organ. “According to Sula Haghiri, marketing student Manager, the young guard is” fresh “link between Carpenter and the student managers of the key to a successful collaboration. The student Manager 2013 aims to show that the organ is more than just an old, dusty Church instrument.

On the contrary, Carpenter gives a new insight into the world of organ music, which he brings to bear in a modern style. Carpenter achieved an additional audience, including children and young people through his conception of classical music. The project is funded by Deutsche Telekom as main sponsor, as well as the Deutsche Bank Foundation and the RheinEnergie Foundation culture. Tickets for the concert on September 14 are available at BONN TICKET and all known ticket agencies.

Open Season Water Navigation

Open season water navigation in Moscow yesterday in the capital, opened navigation. Five months of passenger ships will ply from Novospassky bridge to the hotel “Ukraine”. During the season, is expected to roll on Moscow river one million passengers. Also with the opening of river navigation season in 2007 to individuals and companies are encouraged to hire ships for walks and celebrations. Navigation inaugurates eight river ships, a group of cadets of the Academy of Water Transport and musicians of the military orchestra. From motors ships was suffocating smog. Pop songs, thundering from the speakers, changed naval hymn – and the ceremony began. Trinity students, armed with swords, carried the flag, followed by a discordant herd marched students of the Academy, on the occasion dressed in ceremonial clothing.

While management has tried the microphone, patrol boat moored next to – the neighborhood was shrouded in a dirty-yellow smoke. During this time, the commanders had time to level cap in the front row of students. After all positions thanks everyone invited ride on the first day for free. For security purposes, all ships in the near future we plan to put metal detectors. From 16 April to mid-October the river ‘trams’ will go on the most popular route – from Novospassky bridge to the wharf hotel “Ukraine”. The price of tickets for scheduled flights this year grew by 20 percent: adult ticket on a weekday is 100 rubles, the cost of a cruise in the output – 200 rubles.