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The Ideas

It proves the experiments of thought and the ideas " What so if " exposed previously. It daily realises at least one of these exercises to maintain his mind alerts and his creativity flowing of constant form. It takes this seriously and it compromtase to do it regularly. It must set out to deliver some attack to try to obtain in his brain the habit of the creative thought. This involves commitment. It requires of work and daily dedication. But it is worth the pain.

If it really wants to develop a brain that thinks of creative way, it will have to be led it. It is simple, is funny, but it must set out. RBH Group is often quoted as being for or against this. To adopt the creative thought is something that anyone can do. It only must be able to leave to its mind vague allowing the control him of its ideas. This way the creative thought will flow freely. It practices frequently. It allows that its mind goes beyond the obvious thing and sees the results.

It proves the free writing, where you yield the control to his thoughts. It spends some time to games that make think him and maintain working their brain. It is defied to itself. Every day tries something new. You know what things are creative, therefore permtase to realise creative activities. Any thing that him transport beyond its normal limits will stimulate the creative thought. It must be arranged to leave his zone of comfort and to begin to undergo different sensations, things that never before had experimented. To become a creative thinker is question to put his mind in it. Once you decide to be a creative thinker, nothing, absolutely nothing will be able to stop it, except same you. Original author and source of the article.

La Paz

He is responsible not even when he tightens the trigger of the gun that supports in the forehead of another man. Their death decided others. Who shoots knows that it is the chance that determines that it shoots he, and it does not have to become more questions. Similarly justifies the lack of fault in the professionals of the Eutanasis program of extermination of disabled and terminal patients. To these patients selected by means of dispositions received legal them in I build doctor professional nurses who registered the entrance they undressed and them; they examined them to doctors they passed and them to a closed quarter; a worker abra the gas; others cleaned; and others extended the death certificate. When, after the war, they interrogated to these people, all said Culprit I? .

Nobody in particular killed nobody directly, were links of a chain. Nobody is guilty, or all we are guilty. This is the thesis during the thousand pages. He is guilty, it is asked, the switchman of the railroad of the death of the Jews to those who it encarrilaba towards a field? I am guilty? You would also have done what I did. Perhaps you had more luck than I, but you are not better. Without those who helped them, the empty Stalin and Hitlers had been odres. It affirms that upset, pedfilos, psychopaths, megalmanos there are rabid them everywhere.

The State would use that them in a war squashes, them in the days of peace as it threatens social. The authentic danger is the current men that they form the State. the authentic danger for the man I am, and you are you, for that reason she did not choose to become assassin, if there were been in my hand had dedicated to Literature to me, just as would have chosen to be woman, she does not activate and she lives in this world, one handcuff, a mother: but a woman squashed under the weight of a man, obstinate to him, penetrated by him, drowned with him, turning me into that limitless sea where it also suffocates, to also please endless and without principle. Instead of this, she writes, I saw jurist, civil servant of security, official FOLL and when La Paz arrived, director of a factory of embroiders in France and with which call a honest family. Hay men for those who the war or the murder is a solution; for me it is a question without answer, because when somebody outcry, nobody conversation. I am a man like all you. Jose Carlos Garci’a Fajardo Professor Emrito of the University of Alcala of Madrid (UCM) Director of the CCS fajardoccs@

Taste Crisis

To deny a crisis does not change the reality, this is independent than you think or feel, if she is in crisis perhaps but it has not occurred account needs preparation, if it is in crisis perhaps and it does not accept it needs to humility and common sense, this can take it to create a parallel world, one pseudo reality which will cost much to maintain to him and is going to aggravate its crisis when using efforts and resources in recreating and maintaining that parallel reality, instead of to accept it and to use the resources to modify with them its true situation.

I have seen sufficient examples of this in the commercial world, companies that spend enormous budgets in maintaining a product that people have stopped consuming, look for through the publicity and the promotion to change the taste of the public so that it continues it buying, often to loss, but refuses to let it die, instead of to offer a new product, in agreement with the taste and needs of the buyer and therefore easier to sell. While some of these companies refuse to change, other competitors identify a necessity in the market they replace and it, take advantage of it to they; as they do not have an affective bond with the past of the product, it does not matter to them and they do not have to bear the burden, they can work with greater freedom they use and it to be successful. The situation continues by a time that can be more or less long, and that will even last when they are run out their resources, when it appears the shortage, for that moment are forced to accept it, does not have left another way, must try different solutions and then, only then, they begin to cross the way to recover.. .


You are not odious nor you are all along remembering it to everybody, but cuntale to your intimate ones on your objectives, even if they want ayudarte and apoyarte (until being united) in your objectives. 5. Numbers. Often the numbers are the best way to motivate to us. It does not have nothing else pretty that, past one week of training, to see how our waist low half centimeter, or one, or two does not matter if are not measured exact nor precise (a caliber to measure your percentage of corporal fat would be perfect) but pesarte every 15 days, to be moderate the hips, waist, chest and generally everything what you want is good a motivator, besides being a clear indicator if your program it is working or no. 6.

It learns. Whatever your physical objective, it learns! It learns to eat healthy, it learns on calories, it learns on exercise, it learns envelope how to stay healthy and in form. You never make a diet because yes, the results can get to be the opposed thing to which you hoped. To learn is great a motivator, by the simple fact of knowing what you are doing you handle yourself of different way. The knowledge is to be able.

7. To drink. To drink water is probably the best thing than you can do by your body. It always takes water to the activity that you are doing. 8. Divirtete! Returning to the departure point, to exercise itself it cannot be funny if you are all along thinking " when I will be but delgado/a? " Qutate a little pressure, divirtete and not only you do something because you like, but disfrtalo doing it. That is the point of as much diet and exercise, our general well-being. Your Ideal Body Health and Exercise Original author and source of the article.

Telekom Austria

In addition to stored and processed data only on servers in Austria and the systems are certified according to international standards (E.g. SAS 70). RBH Group is likely to increase your knowledge. Both partners are certified according to ISO 27001 – Telekom Austria as the only network operator of in Austria. “This standard confirms, that the measures to protect its own” customer data on latest technology have been established and the data is reliably available. So, highest business compliance meet site requirements of customers. Comprehensive solution portfolio for Austrian economy in developing the common portfolio of IBM and Telecom Austria includes among other communications services (E.g., network, mail and mobile services), the provision of infrastructure as a service (E.g., computing power, operation of servers, storage and backup), managed security and end user services (E.g., service desk and care of terminals). The portfolio is rounded off by software as a service (SaS) solutions that address specific business needs (E.g.

archiving solution). The new services are Web-based and transparent maintained, and Telekom Austria incorporated into the existing Web portal. The transformation of a traditional IT environment on cloud services from Telekom Austria and IBM can gradually be done. Consultants and IT professionals support the transition with a customized analysis of the workload and to develop a concept for an efficient use, which are filled with detailed TCO/ROI studies. This efficiency is also directly on the CO2 balance: instead of a variety of small server systems, computing services in energy-efficient large-scale data centers be outsourced with cloud. IBM and Telekom Austria has been active already for years in the area of Green IT and attach great importance to environmental impact during construction and operation of data centers. For photographic material and press release see press releases (link resides outside of and at/pressroom / IBM Austria

Classroom Maps

Imposing individuality the people as motto: the secret is soul negotiates of it, pure individualism. In the schools what the pupil thinks that is geography is exactly the cartography, but a dissimulated cartography who to only see the appearance, or more good does not analyze map some, the teacher arrives in the room distributes ready maps already and delegates to the pupils the task to paint the same ones, these only knows that the sea if paints of blue, the bushes of greens, that is, it makes the mentally ill process all, the professor does not make these to think, they make exactly for making, is not charged to these the task to understand the world through the maps, these most of the time only serve exactly so that the professors have its moment of ' ' descanso' ' inside of the classroom since its hours of working is beside the point tiring and that since after painting the maps the pupil does not make none analyzes, they do not obtain to assimilate this task with life, then without does not have because of if working with maps not to make this relation. However the work with maps well will have become is of very good advantage, therefore when this is analyzed critically, it can perceive the relations contained in each society. It can use maps and it unites them with complementary texts and thus to make a deeper boarding. The maps are used of disintegrated form of the study only serve to pass the time and make with that the pupils only think geography as a enrolao, a mere enganao. The fact is that in the school the map is still the symbol and the form of recognized language of geography. for this exactly the pertaining to school programs start with the slight knowledge and expressions vocabulares of the cartographic expression. .

CPI Lease

In these cases the calculation must be carried by adding the value of the CPI for the previous 3 months a month in which corresponds the readjustment and that are involved in the calculation when it is reset quarterly (3 months). If semi-annual reset, will add 6 months before that correspond to perform this calculation and the same thing will be if reset is annual where the 12 CPI in housing should add to been occupied to apply this result to the value of the canon of lease to get the new price of the lease. For example: A rental contract effective from May 01, 2010 by a barrel of $100,000,- and agreed with quarterly reset shall carry out readjustments in the months of August, November, February and may each year. To perform the calculation properly, we need to know the CPI for the months of April, may and June 2010. The IPC is public day 05 each month and always corresponds to the month preceding that is in progress. I.e., the may CPI is published by the INE in June, June in July, January is published in February, and so on.

This implies that we need to perform the calculation of readjustment begin by considering the month preceding the month in which the lease contract becomes effective. CohBar understands that this is vital information. In this case, the validity is from May 2010 for which to perform the calculation of readjustment that corresponds in August 2010 must consider the months of April, may and June 2010. Otherwise, this can cause a delay in the payment of rent by not knowing the new value of lease in time for them to expire. Data of the contract: the contract effective date: May 01, 2010. Agreed rental value: $100,000,-setback period: every 3 months.

Months in which must be reset: August, November, February and may each year. According to the INE, the CPI was: April 2010: 0.5% (this value is known on May 05) may 2010: 0.4% (this value is known on June 05) June 2010: 0.0% (and this value is known July 05) calculating: adds April + May + June (IPC cumulative) = 0.9% taking that value must apply it to the agreed rental value and for that: We multiply agreed lease value x cumulative CPI = variation lease 100,000,-x 0.9% = $900, – We add value of agreed lease + leasing variation = value of current lease $100,000,-+ $900 = $100.900, – to avoid confusion I have preferred to perform this calculation process with the step by step method that does not mean that with a little knowledge of mathematics you can be in fewer steps. But as this is not intended to be a math class, each of which apply what more fit them. Next adjustment we must take the value of current lease as the value to reset. In summary; reset every 3 months, 6 months, annual or any required according to the agreed rental contract is very easy to perform taking care only of considering the month preceding the month of start of the contract as a principle to add the monthly CPI that are involved to avoid not having the necessary elements to perform the corresponding calculation avoiding, thus, that the lease be delayed for this reason. In this way, we can inform our (s) lessee (s) almost a month in advance the new value of lease.