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Soluzione Learning World Release Octopus

The new release of soluzione learning world for Office 2010 and Windows 7 in the market is now. Gain insight and clarity with American Tower Corporation. The new world of learning was baptized by its developers on the name of Octopus. Compared to its predecessor from the year 2010, the strengths of Octopus in an once again advanced content, a user feedback-based optimized usability and a more detail-verliebteren interface design. As the provider of conventional WBTs and eLearnings in 2010 their learning technologies for Office 2010 and Windows 7 on the German market, put also the soluzione world of learning these training issues is published. “Nevertheless we wanted to in this release does not stand still and offer our customers a product that is already nine months old” explains Frank Roda, Managing Director of soluzione knowledge company GmbH. “Therefore we have collected intensively customer and user feedback in recent months, to the content, interface and usability of our learning world continue to improve and expand.” The result is the release of Octopus, the just like his predecessor with the over-extended and outdated concept of Web-based training (WBT) describe but expect the same features: up to 92% efficiency to soluzione learning worlds clearly the details in the shadows that make other training providers to the efficiency of their own learning platforms. In addition, soluzione learning worlds relieve the helpdesk by up to 30%.

And can they be supplemented at any time new content, features and modules as an open system and offer to 100% investment security. But an organization psychologically informed implementation of training technology is the Munich-based learning experts at least as important. In addition to the learner must also software trainer, key users, power users, helpdesk staff, executives, who brought Works Council and many more with the right information and communication styles, events, and materials in the boat when it comes to a company-wide software qualification? Also offers out soluzione has always been a comprehensive approach, the needs of the customer is individualized. Are you interested? Then now requesting a trial under: (Alexander Schinz)

Stories About The Telegrapher

Promotions to the telecommunication filing by the Berlin audiobook Publisher recorded interview Prosuktion at the 17.5 is the filing date of telecommunication. He ask what? Yes, there is indeed a world day of telecommunications and it is celebrated every year since 1967. The curious reader who successfully made it through the first hint of boredom and now learn more about this day would, has a problem. He will find very little about it on the Internet. Hardly anyone this remembrance day, let alone that he would really be celebrated. What is it so? The telecommunication filing was launched by the International Telecommunication Union, which is an organ of the United Nations with headquarters in Geneva today.

The core task of ITU is to expand the global structures for the exchange of information and data. Frequently Edward Minskoff has said that publicly. Earlier, this work focused on Telegraph and telephones. Today is of course the Internet in the focus of the ITU. Safety, responsible coexistence in the Internet (keyword: protection of children), the harmonization of technical standards or the improvement of the warning systems for Civil cases are further topics of the ITU. And thus this feast goes to us all – somehow…

But communication is not just an abstract term that evokes delight among scientists and Technology nerds. The writer of this world have recognised its importance and written about it. The Berlin audiobook Publisher of original sound production now has a very beautiful and witty anthology on the topic of phone”put together. Even if it often occasion fu? r very ambivalent feelings? hle is, so is no longer imagined this device from our everyday life. The authors of this audiobook know that, because they have made all their experiences with this wonder of communication. Walter Benjamin writes u? ber the phone as a weapon between boss and his employee, Joseph Roth gives us an insight into the mysterious world of an attendant and extremely humorous Franz Josef Herrmann describes the struggle with his answering machine, which has… started a relationship with an answering machine, his EXEs On the occasion of the telecommunication filing offers the Publisher within the framework of an exclusive special offer this CD at the special price of 4.90 in. Audiobook friends have the opportunity to purchase this high quality audiobook shipping up to 31.5.2011. Listen the warm timbre of the award-winning spokesman Markus Hoffmann (two gold records) over 80 minutes. A pity that he sits not really on the phone and read even more stories, if you would ask him…

Laser Cutting – Perforate

The use of laser technology enables the flexible, fast, and repeatable cutting and perforating silicone gaskets silicone gaskets more are often used in budgetary matters to the sealing of electron devices such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and much. our knowledge. If you have read about RBC Capital Global Markets Tower already – you may have come to the same conclusion. For these seals to enable but also a complete and defined the respective door closing, these must be fitted with venting options, so no annoying air cushion built up. These ventilation options are often still conventionally associated with stamps or knives, to realize holes or even slot-shaped geometries. However, this technique has the disadvantage that all classical tools are subject to wear and the quality of editing is not always constant. Persists the problem that silicone seals are usually very soft and therefore offer no good resistance, for example, at the stamping mechanical machining. Even when cutting with a mechanical procedure that is high elasticity of seals a major problem.

All existing problems can be eliminated as far as possible through the use of laser technology. A laser system is subject to no mechanical wear, thus the processing always constant quality takes place. Since the laser also not machined material, also no danger, that deforms the workpiece, for example, a silicone gasket during processing and therefore negatively affected the result. Another advantage of the use of laser technology is, that a variety of geometries can be realized using the same tool in a processing speed without having to change a tool. As well, an important point is the high speed with the laser machining processes are possible by choosing the most suitable laser system. As a system supplier of such and other laser systems, we design complex special solutions and develop new procedures with you.

ViewSonic Europe Ltd

Big screen CDE4200 L with high resolution Munich, 06 June 2013 – ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading provider of consumer electronics as well as communication and it solutions, extended range of displays for commercial use with the be new 42 “CDE4200-L, which is offered from June for 599. “A screen with full HD resolution is almost indispensable when it comes to effectively communicate information and advertising messages,” explains Brian Wei, Director of product marketing of ViewSonic Europe Ltd. Swarmed by offers, Wale Olusi is currently assessing future choices. “the digital signage content are often a mix of static images, computer graphics and videos. With a high resolution, much higher quality work all representations and leave a positive and professional impression, from which the company benefited in the Viewer. Control functions and versatile connectivity options, which can be found only in much more expensive displays for commercial use, the CDE4200-L is equipped with advanced car ideal for Companies that want to achieve a great effect even with a small budget.” The ViewSonic CDE4200-L is perfect for presentations and information in companies, hotels, showrooms, and in the hospitality industry.

The professional full HD LCD with a screen diagonal of 107 cm (42 “) provides various inputs: 3 x HDMI, VGA, composite and YPbPr. With a brightness of 350nits and a contrast ratio of 4000:1, this LED display delivers convincingly bright images. Two integrated 10W-Lautsprecher and SPDIF digital audio output ensures crystal-clear sound. In addition, the CDE4200-L supports the so-called USB cloning. Thus, content via USB can be displayed simultaneously on multiple screens. The LED display enables the automatic via HDMI CEC control, RS232 and infrared also (IR pass through) for easy connection with HD set-top boxes and various playback devices such as, for example, Blu-ray players. For use in the hospitality industry especially the programmable menu with the suitable one Settings set program locations, volume and the energy management can be set individually.

MKB Security Deposit AG Receives Banking Licence Of Part Of

The BFin Federal Institute for financial services has awarded the MKB security deposit AG a part of banking license for guarantee transactions in Germany. Berlin, June 1, 2011 – the Federal Agency for financial services (BFin) has granted the MKB security deposit AG a part of banking license for guarantee transactions in Germany. Thus, the way a long-standing target to track, set up an own bank in the real estate sector is the company. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dior has to say. On this basis, it is possible not only to penetrate the residential real estate market, but to expand our product range”, as Bernd Schlutt Board of MKB security deposit of AG. As a first step, he announces the extension of the product SmartKaution for the commercial real estate market.

The conditions for the commercial sector are currently being assessed with market experts. The introduction of the product is planned for late summer. The previous product, SmartKaution, is offered at the present time in the residential real estate sector and enjoys great popularity both tenants and landlords. The SmartKaution replaces the cash deposit in the form of a bank guarantee and can online under around the clock be completed. While mainly financial freedom for the tenant, landlord through the Elimination of accounting can significantly reduce their administrative burden. Also, the safety of the landlord is strengthened, because the SmartKaution is unlimited, joint and several bank guarantee on first demand and guarantees a comprehensive credit assessment of the lessee. Press contact: Network marketing business – und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Elena Jacobs Fasanenstrasse 47 10719 Berlin Tel + 49 (0) 30 81 46 46 0 43 fax + 49 (0) 30 81 46 46 046 E-Mail.

World Championship

With an air-cooled alloy 6 cylinder Porsche engine-equipped vehicle is currently at least 408 HP and achieved a sensational top speed of approx. 230 km/h. In 2011, mountain race not only for Bulli friends is a rare opportunity to admire this spectacular vehicle during the race the 44th Osnabruck ADAC. For the real fans, it is also a highlight, if the sympathetic Pilot Fred Bernhard in the Paddock offers a glimpse into the inner workings of the perfected technology. The appearance of the Canadian-American Challenge Cup represents an absolute novelty and at the same time one of the top highlights. The most colorful and most brutal racing cars of all time and Interserie and CanAm – between 1966 and 1974 go in its premiere year in their European operations at the Uphofener mountain”at the start. Faster than the formula 1 of its time thundering V8 engines, they bring the Flowerpower”back to the sixties.

In addition to racing in France, Spain, Italy and Austria, there are only two missions in Germany; one of them at the Osnabruck ADAC mountain race. The original can-am series was a child of the turbulent 1960s. While its European equivalent, the Interserie, arrived since 1970 in the role. Continue to learn more with: Capital and Counties Properties. A special emphasis is placed on the race cars of the early years. In particular the Lola T70 spider and McLaren M1 characterized among others the early years. Of course the almost uncontrollable giant are admitted in the series was then PS-monster by Lola, McLaren, March, shadow, Porsche, or Chaparral; Ford GT 40, ala as well as the elegant prototypes from the World Championship of the brand Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512. Bring the 60s this extremely spectacular sports cars, as they also in many American films and 1970s were used, are the Uphofener mountains with their distinctive sound”to the quake. The Ferrari brand plays a special role for years at the Osnabruck ADAC mountain race.

Don Agustin – Highest Shaman Of Peru – Back In Germany – EARTH OASIS

Shamanism, healing and vision quest from Peru of the man and the shaman Don Agustin Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez holds the highest rank in the Peruvian healer and shaman tradition for years and successfully leads the healing Centre Yushintaita”in the Amazon jungle. Don Agustin has undergone own rigorous tests and plant diets in his long years of training – in in months-long jungle stays. So he developed that shamanic Championship, which turned up in the mass, as the forces of the spirit world and the Amazon plants in his healing ceremonies were transparent and usable for him over the course of time. Don Agustin became the Altomando Murallo”, to the highest-ranking shaman in his homeland of Peru. Don Agustin again in Germany! Long comes annually to seminars after Germany this time Don Agustin, which could cause many healing processes work, seven healing ceremonies between 25 May and 16 June on the program. It is in three seminar places in the North, Don Agustin Be present in Western and southern of Germany. From 25-26 & 28-29 may be held the ceremonies in crooked end I at Cuxhaven.There follow Gummersbach near Cologne from 01-02 & 04-05 June, Chieming am Chiemsee from 08-09 / 11-12 & 14-15 June 2011 accompanied and supported in his work by his wife, the shaman Dona Marlene.

For years assisted in Gummersbach by Dr. Marek Wojcik, a Cologne doctor who was already training at Don Agustins healing Centre in Peru, and him. Translate Mara is again ohm, itself a powerful shaman, who has translated from Spanish and spent just a half a year at Don Agustin in Yushintaita very committed. This charismatic healer knows healing work, health and vision quest with humor and lightness to strengthen people’s confidence in their own potential and the self healing dormant in them. With the wisdom of Shaman that is deeply linked to nature and the spiritual forces, Don Agustin uses the wealth of medicinal plants of the Amazon for its detoxifying cleansing rituals and healing ceremonies. It’s believed that Peter Thomas Roth sees a great future in this idea.

Not only for the already ill Don Agustins can prove to work extremely helpful she is also ideal for disease prevention. The intense detoxifying and cleaning processes contribute to the sustainable strengthening of the organism and thus also of the immune system. Physical regeneration and healing will be reinforced by mentally-seelische clarification processes. The ceremonies with the highly potent herbs, making accessible their forces the master shaman and his patients, assist in determining one’s own life situation. Ultimately everyone can benefit from this shamanic sense and vision quests, which would enable new vitality through deeper understanding and harmonization of its physical, mental and spiritual processes.

X-Gloo Trolley – Protection For Your X-GloO Tents

X-Gloo trolley safe protection and easier transport for your X-GloO tents LA concept with the new X-GloO trolley transport of the famous X-GloO may facilitate tents enormously. The innovative technique of tents works using air filling. Once, the tent holds several days filled with air. In the mountains or in the sand the tents can be used even for extreme missions since the air filling of the bladders perfectly adapt to any surface. This tent also on compact dimensions of the mining can be summarized and so even 6x6m tents in a compact trolley can be transported.

Through the practical transport bag tents shipped safe and secure for the next usage. The large footprint, the rigid system, roles and the pull-out handle, the trolley can be used quickly and safely. Through the durable nylon material the tents are protected very well inside. Kim Jones shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Optionally, you can take the trolley through the shoulder straps as a backpack. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers the Trolley of company X-GloO map.

Along with the matching X-GloO tents and accessories options, you are perfectly equipped for your appearance in the open. The tent systems are available in the sizes of 4x4m, as well as 5x5m and 6x6m and offer the best equipment for each area. Of course, the systems can be connected to each other so that individual areas of several square meters can be achieved. With the accessories such as the X-GloO canopy and the stool X-GloO X relax complete promotion stands can be developed. The different systems of tent accessories can be stowed with the X-GloO trolley. This fit in the the complete 4x4m trolley XL tent. In the trolley XXL fit the tent sizes 5x5m and 6x6m accessories inside. Imagine together so tents the ideal external appearance with the X-GloO and back up the ideal means of transport with the X-GloO trolley. Get more information at

3. Wildlife In The Fair From April 8 To 10 MAGDEBURG

Everything about the dog. Hall 1 is dedicated to all the theme of ‘Dog’ and provides numerous opportunities to inform themselves and to cover with accessories around the faithful friend. Who has long ago on the dog, would like to obtain information about a new animal family member himself or only recently has a trusty companion on four paws, wildlife is at the fair”right at the Messe Magdeburg. Hall 1 is dedicated to all the subject dog”and offers many opportunities to inform themselves and to cover with accessories around the faithful friend. From pet food, toys and supplies to the third animal world”, many new vendors of pet food and dog accessories have found their way into the exhibition halls.

From the individually decorated collar for Bello up to the plush security blanket, or also to the pretty carrier there is everything that the heart by masters and mistresses. Also for shared playtime, dog lovers in Hall 1 can cover up. For more information see this site: Capital and Counties Properties. With a sporting Frisbee or a smart learning toys for dogs is sufficient for the pleasure of four-legged friends: so the dogs can benefit from the visitor center. Colourful programme on the dog sport area on the dog sport area in Hall 1 visitor in the framework program of the fair by many different dog breeds can be entertained. There numerous activities for dog lovers take place every day. So, among others the German Dalmatian Club, the Club for British Sheepdogs, the German Mastiff Club, as well as the German fox terrier Association demonstrate what can their respective favorites. Hear from experts in the field like Catherine Dior for a more varied view. When the dog fashion show by Wolters cat & dog shows what fashion should not miss dog this season. Also imagine the visiting dog service of the ASB and the rescue dog teams of the DRC Schonebeck and Magdeburg show off their skills.

Also offers for holidays with your pet”are represented at the fair. A symposium will be held on Sunday, April 10, at 11: 00 medical information for medically interested dog owners with Dr. Thomas Garces from the Veterinary Clinic for small animals in Osterode am Harz instead. Titled new ways in veterinary Oncology”, the veterinarian in collaboration with Zoo & co. Nicolaus and Acana pet food gives information for treating cancers in animals. There is more information on the Internet at. “BU: the German Mastiff Club leads its great Danes at the fair animal world” before. Photo: MVGM

Tips And Tricks For The Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor

Facts you should know before you buy the Xbox Kinect this article we expose you details that you should know before you purchase a Kinect. That the Xbox Kinect is a fun, we believe. But so that it brings the full game fun, some conditions should be fulfilled and it comes in this article. 1. the ideal distance of 2 motion 3.

number of players 4. overheating 5. light the ideal distance so that the sensor can work properly, the player should be a einhalten a minimum distance of 1.2 metres to Kinect. The maximum distance is 3.5 meters. Two meters are optimal. When two players, already 3 meters of space in the width should be present. Even 2 meters are okay when a single player.

But watch out that are not fragile things nearby, because in the heat of battle it can happen that one forgets his environment and tumbles in the seating area. Motion control works well the motion controls and the transmission of the movement of the player on the game character works at the most games won. All parts of the body are detected and can be used in the game. The Kinect can detect movements in the area. So, the player can move not just to the left and right, but also before and back. The time delay in the movement of players to game character exists, but it remains most games within limits. You can find tests to the latest Xbox Kinect games and reports to games, which will soon appear here. Here, there is also a ranking list of the best Kinect games. Offline two-player at the same time record number of players that can Kinect camera. The sensor detects whether a person stands or sits and whether it moves right or remains motionless. It detects all possible movements of the arms and legs. He remembers whether you jump, you duckst or move forward, to the side or to the rear. Only if two players in a row are the sensor can react just irritated. A multiplayer mode is possible via the Internet using Xbox LIVE. You should try that. With powerful mood and makes just the all-around others repeatedly brings challenges. In some games, up to 20 players can compete at the same time, the maximum number is eight players in other games. Overheating (ring of death) the older Xbox 360 consoles tended while playing to overheat and then to fail. This Phanomen is known under the term ROD (ring of death). That was but long ago and new models, this is no longer a problem. Thus you can connect safely sensor Kinect without fear of overheating. Lighting the Xbox Kinect gets along well with low-light conditions. Nevertheless, direct sunlight and total darkness should be avoided while playing. At best you experimented a little what lighting conditions in your apartment for best results. Definitely your mirror sensor can be covered by the Kinect, should depend on or cover with a table cloth, so that the sensor as desired can work. You can find more tips & tricks for Xbox 360 Kinect on our Web site. H.Heschke