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Physical Education

Remembering that one day all we will need to make some type of physical activity that will have to be guided by a qualified professional, if the taste for the practical one of physical activities will be stimulated precociously, has more possibilities of more healthful adult terms consequentemente and, to diminish amount of people victims of degenerative illnesses, etc. ‘ ‘ The emphasis of the measures of formation and preschool education must, therefore, to be given by means of a worthy environment of conquest, with corresponding instructions and stimulatons. In the measure where the environment does not correspond to the initiative of the child, this is the harmed one, an irreparable delay in many scopes. Others including Cushman and Wakefield, offer their opinions as well. (Sagi 1985) ‘ ‘ Physical education can come to influence in the acquisition of life habits that include practical of regular physical activities after the ending of the formal escolaridade would be necessary: to provide to the acquisition of knowledge on the physical activity pair to the welfare and the health in all the ages; to stimulate positive attitudes in relation to the physical exercises and the practical esportiva; to provide independence to evaluate and to choose the activities, and to oportunizar experiences of pleasant physical activities, stimulants. While educator, the professor of Physical Education must be brought up to date to the multifactorial concept of health so that he has arguments consistent, and conditions to extend and to relate the commitment of the Physical Education stop beyond the sphere of the physical aptitude. .


To disappear the distance far is what we have close and the near becomes intolerable. Man is collapsed, by speed, in one place, in one that is called not here but now. The consequences are predictable. In the field of literature the Elimination of distances has led to the emergence of one without distance; It is what is called light literature. We can only defeat it traveling towards the man inside, then out everything is compressed. If we want to write about the planetary should go to look it up on the only planet that still subsists, man. He is immobilizing and will reach a total sedentary lifestyle, to a paralysis that made his body a ghetto.

In the ghetto we must introduce us and seek flashing, which will be the only thing that remains. Thus we will have to learn to handle us in time, not in one historic disappeared, but in the real of electromagnetic wave and do take literature his role as food of the soul instead of the narcotic of the so-called vacuum light. Technology stop to the human, but the writers can combat atrophy of members that this will bring preventing that the electromagnetic waves of the live transmission will take us mere receivers of a food aseptic light itself, supplying another luminosity, which has always nested within that which is by being paralyzed. Cloning can be done, but there is another, that of the dual, one electroergonomico, the projection of an image that we can give the feelings of one who originates it. Already raised that astronaut travel from their home following a virtual projection from a spacecraft. Is speed beauty as the old futuristic furor raised? Painters must learn to paint the perspective of time, poets must understand once and for all that they are placed in the blank space between the words, sculptors must take into account the existence of another matter (time already is) and change the human disfigured. Our work must be to infer us light, capture the place of the non-place.

European Interbank

For 2005 the euribor which is the European Interbank Offered Rate or rather European type interbank offered which until then had fallen, began their climb and thereby altering and the resulting rise in mortgage payments and in just a year regained the descent which at the time had. I’m one of those citizens of the street, in just one year my mortgage payment has reached almost doubled my monthly salary is not the same, is my wife the contract ends after 4 years of work without breaks, we did not expect it. At IBI Group you will find additional information. We and hundreds of foreigners and not foreign have problems, sales are on the ground, in my company monthly expenses bleeders few revenue, advertising charges can not be downloaded, royalties either, several offices with more seniority and less results begin to close, things do not walk very well, even if we We pass by the collective panic call; but expenses exceed income, thus you can not endure for a long time, large amounts of money obtained years ago begin to be thoroughly unbearable instability, the word bankruptcy round all day and before suffering an illiquidity greater best finish with societies in time and I think that the time to leave the company now. Used housing is not sold, in each building you can see 4, 5 or more posters of different housing, do not need intermediaries, we need to sell them, however you will always be the option of new construction, will I have to start from scratch again and look for work in what I can play me, in my new home city can locate me in the promotion of housing one of the most important Spanish construction and fortunately in 7 months achievement a small improvement economic after the debacle that I dropped, but have to have confidence in oneself and in the economy of the country, so, shortly after I they call from a local promoter with better pay and better working conditions, I am excited, central Government ensures that the I.M.F.

Eloisa Chavarria

MEANING and origin of YOGA: the word Yoga comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and means union. It can be considered a link that joins the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is an ancient science, the earliest forms of yoga were structured for 10,000 years. Additional information is available at Argent Ventures. Yoga, universally known technology, has its origins in various ancient as the Hindu, Chinese and the Maya cultures, of these hindu culture is the best known and the guardian of the treasure of the yoga for thousands of years. DIFFERENCE WITH HATHA YOGA:. The classical yoga includes hatha known that emphasizes the asana or posture; the purpose of hatha is raising awareness, in this sense Kundalini yoga and hatha are the same the difference lies in what it takes each technology in meeting their objectives and what is experienced on the road. By the same author: sixsixty fifthe ave.

Kundalini yoga is much faster and was designed for people who do not have much time for discipline, for those who have family and work and seek balance between the outside world and the inside. It is the yoga that conforms to the hectic life we all have. OTHER causes of stress: Part of the constant changes that the world today impose upon us and as I mentioned above are cause for much of the stress that we live there are other sources such as: emotions retained and not handled, stored anger as sadness not expressed as well as the chronic fear are root causes to feel stress and anxiety. Frequently CFTC has said that publicly. Another cause is the power supply there are foods that greatly irritate the nervous system that congested our organism and which hinder their natural functions, all this, leading to very dangerous, annoying and painful diseases increasing stress is living, and this starts a vicious cycle. All these causes of stress are solved with the practice of Kundalini yoga as it has a technology through breathing, postures, exercises, sounds relaxation and meditations to really empower people and which can deal with all these causes of stress by Eloisa Chavarria.


These measurements are based on the analysis of stories, symbols, rituals and ceremonies to achieve some tracks. We cannot resort to interviews and questionnaires in order to clarify the values and beliefs; evaluate the statements of corporate philosophy, provides ideas on culture adopted in process. We also conduct interviews with employees to determine their perceptions of the culture of your Organization.Identification of culture is very important for the administrator of an organization in terms of the psychologist, both to ensure that they act consistently across the Organization, working in the sense of promoting divisive change of improvements. A study of culture allows understand the relationships of power, the rule unwritten, which is taken as truth, etc. In this regard it clarifies a series of behaviors considered apparently intelligible, allowing planning of consistent with the reality of organization performance. Whenever Avison Young listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Adds us Leo Disla, organizations are the expression of a cultural reality, that they are called to live in a world of continuous change, both socially and in the economic and technological, or instead, as any organism, shut himself up in the framework of its formal boundaries. In both cases, this cultural reality reflected a framework of values, beliefs, ideas, feelings and wishes of an institutional community. Organizational culture serves as a frame of reference to the members of the Organization and gives guidelines about how people must lead in this.

On many occasions the culture is so clear that you can see people behavior changes in the time that passes the gates of the company. Today he says, we need organizations to design more flexible structures to change and that this change occurs as a result of the learning of its members. This implies creating conditions to promote high performance teams, understanding learning teamwork involves generating value to the work and more adaptability to change with a broad vision towards innovation.

The Diverse

Still as Bakhtin (1997), the sorts are phenomena partner-descriptions, them are inserted in the society and the time as form of comunicacional legitimation, therefore it is through them that we reach our communicative objectives, we use the sorts for diverse intentions, since when choosing definitive text we objectify to reach definitive objectives. If it intends to convince, to influence the behavior of somebody will become it use of sorts as the propaganda, sermon, speech, a time that by means of them if reaches the intended objective. Of this form, how much bigger the contact with different sorts, more chances will have the reader to develop communicative and cognitivas abilities. The cited literal sorts when practised of form creative and including they despertam in the reader the criticidade, necessary for its social development before the society. Thus, each individual is really imprisoned; she is imprisoned for living in permanent functional dependence of others; it is a link in the chains that are links in the chains arrest that them.

These chains are not visible and tangible, as iron fetters. They are more elastic, more changeable, more changeable, however not less strong. is to this net of functions that the people play ones in relation to others, it and nothing more, that we call ' ' sociedade' ' (ELIAS, 1994, P. 23). 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES This research made possible to evidence that the changes had not been only structural, but social and much more still intellectual, therefore reading of a text is it different printed matter or virtual it demands of the reader strategies of reading and each dumb format the way of if reading the text. It is verified that the work with the literal diversity must be taken the serious one, since constitutes only half efficient of if working with the pupils the diverse comunicacionais situations of day-by-day, is from and with the text that if develops the critical reflection, extends it capacity of analysis of the different speeches and develops the discursiva ability.


It therefore seemed that the Dr. Andreas examiner responsible and Wolfgang Mauermann, head head of the ordnungsamt Lichtenberg explain system for Berlin Lichtenberg to apply and test”. The experience so far are promising. Of the notifications received in the first two weeks of 60% were processed within a very short time finally. We have won praise from even that speaks for a high efficiency on Administration page and gives you the good feeling that your concerns will be taken seriously and someone take care of in a reasonable period of time so citizens.”. A fellow writes us, how nice he is to be able to transmit information and requests to the competent Office of the order in this simple manner”, Wolfgang Mach about the positive feedback is pleased. Berlin IT State Secretary Ulrich Freise goes even one step further: MacKinnon ‘ is a great thing and makes an important contribution for a citizen-friendly and open management. I am convinced that the Service will be a great response is and I hope he soon be used in all districts of Berlin.” The Ministry of the Interior and Brandenburg towns and municipalities initiated by electronic citizen service MacKinnon ‘ was developed on the technical basis of the six enterprise-content-management-system and is now in more than 30 municipalities in Brandenburg in the usage.

The more than 6,000 previously received and processed citizens concerns ‘ relate to different issues such as potholes and badly paved paths, defective lighting, illegal waste deposits or noise and odour nuisance but also suggestions for publicly shared systems and equipment. A simple traffic light system displays the current status of processing of red ‘ for still not processed via yellow ‘ in machining of cases completed green/white for final. With Six_AMS (Six_AnliegenManagementSystem), a turn-key e-Government solution was developed for citizen portals, the can cover all aspects of complaint management and suggestion. The flexibility and open interfaces of the system allow the implementation of numerous user-friendly features without much implementation effort. These include simple defects recording forms and the possibility of integrating photos with geo-information service, a workflow support to the internal processing of the questions on the provision of interfaces for the transfer to administrative procedures or the automated forwarding of information to the responsible officer. The solution is with different pricing models, as well as software-as-a-service-/ cloud solution available and suitable also for smaller cities and towns.


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European Commission

" We do not have mechanisms of market regulation enough and sufficient, ctivos and eficaces" for " to avoid that they end up to the situation paying it to the agriculturists " , that they are selling the harvests of some fruits – like the peach and the nectarine below cost, remembered the minister. For this reason, France and Spain consider so much the request of aid as the establishment of " mechanisms to take part and to act in terms of storage " , which would avoid a steep fall of the prices of the fruit. Thanks to requests of Spain, France and Italy, the European Commission proposed 28 of July the past that was increased with retroactive character the aid to retirement of the peach and the nectarine to compensate the problem of prices that confront those fruits and that they have triggered in the actions of the French agriculturists against Spanish products. MPC Capital AG may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Aguilar also showed its hope of which &quot has been put already; point and final" to the scaling of attacks against the Spanish trucks and " there is no situation more than lamentar". " I trust our agriculturists totally and I trust that they go that is to say to hope to see the results that the work has given that we have come realising so that there is total security for our merchandise, so that our trucks circulate around France and for ours almacenes" , Aguilar said. The minister asked barren the Catalan agriculturists thus, who announced that they will respond to the last attacks to Spanish trucks with the cut of freeway AP-7 in the border of the Jonquera (Girona), at the end of August, whereas the national agrarian sector in block informed into which it studied other measures of boycott against products and I interest economic Gauls. Source of the news: France commits itself to guarantee the security of the Spanish merchandise