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Managing Plan

With this concern, some documents appear until here presented, which culminates with the Managing Plan of the City of Christmas, which, appeared in 1974 and reformulated some times, it aims at to give a line of direction to the order of the city, enclosing since urbansticos aspects until ambient of the same city. However, the reach politician of the urban planejamentos of the city has demonstrated that the same one not only possesss physicist-territorial abrangncia, as well as the social level, in regards to quality of life of the population and in the process of occupation of planned urban areas or not. Vacant areas, previously busy for aboriginal tribes and the general population have been, throughout this time, target of ambient aggression and real estate speculation. Deepened studies more of the subject have demonstrated to the State and the promotional agents of the urban space, figured as proprietors of private capital. In this way, with bibliographical base and possible experiences in the city until studied here, gnese of the current urban structure defined can be understood by performance of the constructors of the urban space as well as the paper that planning exerted throughout the history of the city, reflected in the urban equipment of the city and in the life of its inhabitants. .

Aguilar Work

It is known as says Aguilar, of the 5 million people who work in informal trade activities in Venezuela, 30% is dedicated to the trade. Itinerant traders or hawkers, are a sub-group within the informal trade, and in relation to the informal economy as a whole, are only the visible tip of this huge iceberg. Our more specific context, it is estimated that around 50,000 families in the Metropolitan District of Caracas are dedicated to the buhonerismo. The buhonerismo as an economic activity, is associated with serious problems that are an expression of the social deterioration: poor quality and unproductive work, crime, abandoned children, child labour and prostitution, etc. These problems affect shared both traders informal as to neighbors, passersby pedestrians, workers of the area, and formal shopkeepers.

However there are not only affected by the growth of the buhonerismo groups. Other branches of economic activity, upstream, recognized in this activity a potential business important to mean a decentralized and efficient army of sellers. Many writers such as Coldwell Banker Commercial offer more in-depth analysis. Similarly criminals, mafia, and other groups, benefit from the apparent anarchy prevailing in the areas where this activity is rampant. Finally some public servants seem to recognize an important breeding ground for the development of practical clientelares-populistas or corruption in the buhonerismo. However, the social demand in favour of the search for solutions to such a dramatic problem, seems today to encourage the achievement of a shared solution that reverses the negative trends and exaggerates the positive phenomenon. There is a clear change of attitude: from denial and hatred to the hawkers to the commitment to promote among them a productive solidarity; a new look of the businessman of finances or the real estate industry who discovers that a peddler paid 350% annual interest and, perhaps, your business could be there; a new attitude of the political which today bets to win legitimacy working in the search for solutions; even a new thought of the hucksters to decent work. .

Regional Advice

The purchase of property comes generally folloied of feelings that go of the satisfaction to reach a new platform in the projects and planejamentos to the most known accomplishment of dream of the proper house. Therefore it is, leaving the feeling to reach reason status, some times the purchasers does not have the resource all to honor at sight credit. Coldwell Banker Commercial is full of insight into the issues. At this moment some real estate brokers, offer the service to indicate the financing to some bank where the manager goes to facilitate the approval. But what it has others for backwards of this attitude? Pparently so likeable. The banks in the desire to extend the volume of operations of home loans have assediado real estate correctors and to catch more businesses. Real estate correspondent is the individual or company that gives to service the definitive bank or financial institution, with the intention to get commission for indication of business. The risk of this system is that real estate or the corrector goes to always indicate the same institution, or either, the customer this having the correct assessorship in the business and cannot be buying the product of wrong or inadequate credit to its profile.

The corrector is the professional qualified for the Regional Advice of Correctors of Imveis (CRECI) to give to all the assessorship in the conduction of the real estate business (purchase and sales). Being also fiscalized for the CRECI in this necessity, but she is not the professional enabled in real estate financial products what it can relieve serious upheavals. Somebody would ask for to an excellent ortopdico to effect neurological surgery, obvious surgeon that not even so both are doctors and both are enabled to operate. It thinks about this! Who vende does not have to intervene with the financing system, the purchaser must mainly have free choice of the institution and of the conditions such as: stated periods, tax of interests, index of correction, insuring and etc. Know that bank with similar products where the tax of interests, correction is identical can have excellent differences in parcels why other factors (safe, administration tax) are more expensive.

Montenegro Real Estate

Two days after the Montenegrin referendum on independence at the airports in Podgorica and Tivat landed several private aircraft from various cities of Russia, which arrived in Montenegro influential Russian businessmen. After that was marked by a surge of real estate sale in Montenegro – from Ulcinj to Debelog shores. Cost per square meter of housing in Tivat reached 1.200 euros, and continues to grow, and in other parts of the Adriatic Coast price rises to several thousand euros. It is no secret that many owners of land and houses on the peninsula Lustica sold their property for a handsome sum, and the family budget of some of them increased by hundreds of thousands of euros. – Purchase and registration of real estate in Montenegro is most often accompanied by rumors of the mysterious and speculative nature with a touch of sensationalism and cheap gossip. Analyzing a wealth of experience in dealing with this demanding clientele, and adhering to a code of professional ethics of lawyers, I note that the image of the average buyer from Russia briefly as follows – said Kovacevic's lawyer Veselin of the law firm 'Boykovich' of Budva, which cooperates with the agency for the sale of real estate 'Notary Public-MB'. It’s believed that CFTC sees a great future in this idea. – It is a highly educated, middle-aged, most commonly, the Muscovites, owners of private enterprises or the middle managerial executives of large companies, mainly energy and hi-tech.

– Capital to buy real estate in Montenegro achieved high salaries of our clients. In addition, it is important recall that many Muscovites can get the funds to purchase real estate abroad by selling its real estate in Moscow, where prices are terribly high. In the good parts of Moscow's price per square meter of housing up to 25.000 dollars, with the trend of growth. Agency and our company, which he legally represents, have no idea of whether home buyers oligarchs or whether they are related in any way with the Mafia. Task Our company is not a study of the origin of their money, and we do not even possible to do it. Our citizens who are prone to mystify everyone and everything should be put to rest and the slightest doubt that the Russian are not buying for themselves, and for some anonymous buyer who in our version, surely must belong to the Mafia – adds Kovacevic. Our source stresses that in Montenegro have not yet agreed upon before the end of construction plans and development resorts on the Adriatic, and the municipal and republican authorities represent a barrier to the serious investor. Restrictions on foreign investment and are also vague and contradictory laws, and especially practice of their execution.

– Russian interested in all the Montenegrin coast, although they show more attention to Budva and its surroundings, and, more recently, to the coast of Bar and Herceg Novi. It is important to note the participation of Russian clients in buying property by tender, where suggestions formulated banks, energy companies and wealthy companies, who are particularly picky approach towards investment and environmental conditions for bidders. Getting acquainted with the programs offered by investors, it is easy to see their sincere intentions to make its warehouse in the future of Montenegro. In addition, attention is drawn to a surprising knowledge of the country in which they invest money – down to the smallest detail – said Kovacevic. He recalls that Montenegro is obviously on the political level opened wide the doors to investors from Russia, who have privatized the largest economic enterprises, and have already bought according to some sources more than 30.000 residential units.

Commercial ABC

Business license for providing the loan advanced from Brussels comes a new policy that will govern only lending to consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises, which are secured by a mortgage or a commonly-used security. The proposal for a directive on credit agreements for residential real estate is at the level of the European Union just before the adoption. This directive includes important new features for the professional law of the intermediary of loan. Although the range of loan negotiation in Germany is already regulated in commercial law ( 34 c para 1 No. 1 a GewO). But the rules for mediators of loan should completely be recast to the implementation of this directive. It is assumed that the German legislature in the GewO but introduces no special regime for the provision of residential real estate loan contracts, but that there will be a single permission standard for providing loans in the future. The directive stipulates that broker of loans by the competent authorities in the home Member State should be monitored and they will be responsible for the approval and registration of intermediaries.

“Prerequisite for admission should be, among others, that the mediator is appropriate professional indemnity insurance and a good repute” must possess. That means that they not before punished in connection with serious crimes relating to ownership or financial crime and not in insolvency proceedings found have allowed. Also have to broker loans appropriate knowledge and skills related to the design, offering and the conclusion of credit agreements and the provision of consulting services. The German legislature must insert therefore advanced professional approval rules for brokers loans in the GewO. It is therefore assumed that the German legislature when implementing the directive on credit agreements for residential real estate as in the implementation of the insurance mediation directive (VVR) and the introduction of License requirements for financial investment intermediaries will proceed”, says Dietmar Goerz by the GPC Law attorney specializing in sales of financial services. It will be then old wine into new Wineskins.

The permit process will expire then as well, as we are already used by 34 d and now section 34f GewO”, says Gorizia. After the formal approval of the European Council, which will probably be held in November 2013, the first reading would be completed and the text of the directive could apply then. Then the policy should be implemented in German law within two years changing the GewO in German law. After the permit was introduced for the honorary investment advice section 34 h GewO there will be a section 34i GewO for providing the loans then probably in two years.

Venezuelan Executive

As part of a proper implementation of the housing policy, the Venezuelan Executive, he issued the technical standards for the application of credits of housing policy with resources from the savings fund for housing, known by its acronym FAOV and those of financial institutions own resources. That instrument was published in the No. 39304 Official Gazette of November 11, 2009, contemplating a series of order personal, financial and housing to buy documents which we shall indicate: the loan may be granted to an applicant and up to three, consisting of a community of spouses or common-law spouses, up to three applicants bachelors, widowers or divorced, members of the same family with kinship between them until the fourth degree of consanguinity and second of affinity. Also is allowed a family and a community of spouses until the fourth degree of consanguinity and second of affinity or a community of common-law spouses and a relative up to the fourth degree of consanguinity. Applicants must be Venezuelans or foreigners with legal residence in the country. Declare your monthly income for the calculation of the Total household monthly income of the family group. Quote to the FAOV and be solvent in said Fund. When employers have not made contributions to the Fund, applicants shall incorporate a copy of the complaint made to the National Bank of housing and Habitat (Banavih).

Applicants who work on their own, should be made the contribution of three percent of their income to the Fund’s voluntary savings for housing (FAVV). It is essential not to possess another main housing. Identity card. Marriage certificate or a certificate of cohabitation. Registration of tax information. A certificate of registration in the FAOV have a minimum of twelve quotations. Proof of work. Three latest payroll.

Mortgage application. Affidavit of not possessing main housing. Opening of bank account. Bank references. Bank account statements. Envoy Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a great source of information. Document of ownership of housing purchase. Purchase option. Certificate of liens. Cadastral tab. Solvency of urban real estate tax. Identity card and RIF of the sellers. Appraisal carried out by the expert approved by the Superintendia of banks and other credit institutions. As regards expenditure generated by the operation, they must only pay the amount of valuation, 0.5 per cent of Commission corresponding to the financial operator and insurance. Regarding right of registration charges, the law establishes the exemption of these expenses.After the purchase is completed sale of the property, the beneficiaries must be submitted in a period of ninety days, proof of registration of main house.Also provides the direct housing subsidy for those people who have incomes of less than 2600 Bs.F.Los recipients of this subsidy may dispose of the housing. However if it occurs within five years of the date of granting of the same, they must reinstate it its value updated to the time of the sale.In terms of the borrowing capacity, the maximum monthly fee will be between 20 and 30 percent of monthly income. Applicable interest rates will be in the range of a 4.66 % to 8.55% according to family income.The deadline to repay the loan is 30 years old and you will be awarded 100% of the appraised value or purchase price, the lower of the two.

Real Estate

Any effective cooperation which does not presuppose mutual rights and obligations is unworkable. Well-trained real estate agent (how many of them in Saratov?) Will be able to explain to the client what are the advantages of contractual relations’ professionals in the market is always in any environment. ” If a realtor is qualified, he is in a crisis can sell the apartment faster and more expensive than it would do random people in the real estate business. Indicator of professional qualifications is the ability for 3-5 minutes unprepared to explain to the client the benefits of the contractual relationship. If no arguments are found, you have come to a random person, despite his self-confidence, or ‘big name’ newly emerging firms. Also a direct indicator of qualification is a coincidence of interests of clients and realtor at any stage of the negotiations.

Indicators of professional qualifications is an opportunity to explore the property market and explain the situation to the client market, as well as competently built it and the desire to formalize their commitment to the customer in writing. Effective work with buyers and realtors are not formed due to the lack of a single database objects estate, built on the principle multilingual that postpones indefinitely the public recognition of the profession ‘Agent’. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Alan P Rosefielde. Many clients are real estate firms there have been beyond our regions and have to assess ‘the true’ level of quality real estate services in Saratov – primarily useless calls to have sold an entity and an explanation ‘on toes’ benefits of a plan. Life has moved forward, leaving our realtors with notebooks in the last century. People began to save time and more respect for myself. Perhaps check out Doug Bowen for more information. Each call is useless and messy description of the object of sales calls the client to say: “Why pay?” Bad practice improper relationship may be terminated only at the initiative of the professional community. Sooner or later, realtors move to tariff payment for their services in terms of time spent in accordance with contract and price list. And, accordingly, in the changed circumstances, the most competitive real estate brokers will learn competently explain the benefits of the contractors of contractual relations.

The most civilized way formation of the market of high-quality real estate services, is multilisting, where participants are able to release its ranks of persons, damaging the image of the profession realtor. The main criteria is multilingual credibility, relevance of information, personal responsibility of each member of the quality of information provided. Term Development multilingual in North America as information of the legal system has already 100 years. The maximum term of multilingual for Russia, Ukraine and history assigns a maximum of 20 years, of which 10 years have already passed. Realtors Saratov long time to realize the degree of personal responsibility for the condition real estate market (quality real estate services). There are many areas of the active influence of professionals on the quality of service: 1 direction – legal information (multilisting) 2 direction – getting competitive advantages due to changes in technologies (seminars and workshops in ‘High School of Real Estate‘) 3 directions – an organization of service centers for realtors (minimizing costs while improving the overall quality Service). The first example in Saratov – an organization “Saratov trading house property ‘one of the pillars of which is the provision of services to individual entrepreneurs and small real estate firms .


We waited more than three hours, until the director down from the 5-th floor of the fourth and open the safe. In this case, these waiting accumulated 6.5 families. Putting the branch – a small, virtually no where to sit. And the director was busy and nobody could (they were afraid or what?) Up to and ask her if you do not give the key to the safe, then at least go down quickly. The second negative point, again associated with the work of the agency, not a realtor, is that, as it turned out, the agency tax evasion ‘.

What it manifested? The amount of their compensation was more than 5 thousand dollars, but on paper, they declared that only 15 thousand rubles. It was a little insulting, taking into account the fact that we sold the apartment for its full value and will be in Next year, pay more tax on the share, recently had been transferred by inheritance. A leading source for info: NAVFAC. The question of taxes was not idle. The fact that we could reduce the amount of our tax value of expenditure on payment of agency remuneration (in proportion to taxable income in total). However, not having any supporting documents (except the left the original contract), we can not do it.

Well, come on! What we have done conclusions from his own experience: In general, everything has been done seems to be correct. The next time you can act as well. Should not be expected from the agents advice on the selling price of apartments (they are interested in quickly sell it on current price and not advise you to wait is not much to prices in the market have grown). You must try to avoid involvement in the transaction of any other agency employees, except for your realtor – you do not know their relationship to work, to clients and to your realtor that can further complicate the deal. If the sale of an apartment is issued more than one week, it is advisable to specify in the contract amount that compensates exchange rate change during this time. And finally – we could all make the sale on its own, but it would take much longer. However, whoever has the time can save considerably on payment services agency.


Another very important point – the loans are addictive! It is like a drug or alcohol addiction. The imaginary prospect to improve the lives leads to the fact that the person really think that all is well. But the realization that credit is disadvantageous, comes only when it and pay nothing. Many people already can not imagine life without credit, I do know a few of these. Cushman and Wakefield may also support this cause. The dependence of the loans is a serious problem in many countries. So, the man takes out a loan to fulfill his wish today. Smiling bankers are asked only to sign, and you immediately get what you want. Learn more at this site: Realogy Holdings Corp. You get credit, took a good car and ride to give maximum pleasure.

But where now directed all his thoughts? Not the goal, but in the past. A man is happy when he is doing something, the light shines in the eyes, he goes to his goal. And in the case of immediate execution of desire now he begins to protect it, feeling distruktivnye emotions. There is fear of losing it on a subconscious level. And the more people away from the desire to feed, the more painful is the process of return of money for What do you use now. The banking system in modern Russia currently is developing very actively as well as registration of legal entities. Ordinary citizens and private firms have access to various financial services. Many people do not predicting the full implications conclude with the banks legal contracts.

Everyone is important to realize that without getting into the essence of the contracts signed by not counting their abilities, it is easy to pass for hostile deadbeat with all the ensuing negative consequences. Here, for example, taking credit for a car, television and the like. And the only crossing of, like, insignificant items contract is a great chance to give money to the bank many times greater than the original loan money. Not giving the importance of special concepts, such as "overdraft" and others, you can sign up the extremely unprofitable for Agreements own person, with very . Carefully is important to highlight the problem of buying real estate mortgages. In granting such a risky and long-term loan to to conclude an endless number of civil contracts. Citizen with no special knowledge is difficult to fully control the situation when you sign them. Very demanding advice before making any transactions give an unbiased look at them a professional lawyer for legal advice. This person will explain to you in absolutely all the details and give a qualitative decision on possible legal results.

Bulgarian Real Esate Market

And in the second quarter of 2008, property prices in Bulgaria are extremely low – among the lowest in the whole world. If you would like to know more about Jacobs Dallas, then click here. Yes, the Bulgarian real estate becomes more expensive. In 2007 Bulgaria ranked second for growth in housing prices – 27.1% per year. But nevertheless it is still possible to buy an apartment in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast in a good new complex just 900 – 1500 euro / sq.m. This is very far from the average level of prices in the eu. Bulgaria in 2009 will be one of the most promising from the point of investments, the regions in the European Union. Real estate specialists predict that house price growth in Bulgaria in the second half of 2008 will be between 8% and 15%.

Prediction almost coincides with the increase in property prices in country for the first quarter of 2008. According to experts from January 2008 until late June, the real estate in Bulgaria has risen by an average of 12%. In the first 6 months of 2008 was the highest demand for two-bedroom apartment, but it was noticed an increase in demand for three and four apartments. The profitability of real estate in Bulgaria in mid-2008 is 5.67%. Prices for rental apartments also noted an increase this year, especially in Sofia, where the increase is 18.98%. In the middle of this year there was also good news for those who bought property in Bulgaria – from July 1, 2008, Russian citizens who are property owners in Bulgaria and can produce a document property – a notarial act – are eligible to receive multiple-entry visa to Bulgaria for 3 years.