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The harmony of the soul comes for intermediary of the learning of music and the mathematics; the harmony of the body through the gymnastics; e, for that they will be apt, the exercise of the dialectic for the contemplation of the truth. This would determine the governing of the city. For more information see Lydia Kutka. Plato considered, then, an aristocracy, but well different of the athenian. An aristocracy formed for a rigid and extensive system of education, and completely established and interested only in the justice idea. The governing would have to accept to be in the government to only make the good to all, without becoming instrument of being able. In ' ' Myth of the Caverna' ' , where prisoners in the subterranean, chained of front for the wall can see only the shades that they reflect in the wall.

One of them is become free and come across with the reality, distinct of that one of the shades. Made an impression, she comes back to the interior of the cave to count its friends on the real world that existed outside, but they oppose to believe and finish killing that one that it came back to free them. Plato projects a world where the men are educated to enxergar the light and always to doubt the shades, never to believe the first certezas and so only the appearances, and always to receive that one that come to show the truth. Aristotle In Atenas, Aristotle established the school where if he congregated with its disciples, the 2 secondary school. He had platonic formation and he frequentou the Academy per 20 years, leaving after the death of Plato, and therefore he can yourself be perceived very of the thought of it in the texts of Aristotle. Aristotle the same had starting point of Plato, but the platonic thought served of matureness for its ideas.


A knowledge of "why" a person or that there was a problem in life is half the battle. Well, and who is it that the creator of our destiny. Who do we have to "thank" for these or other troubles that we pursue in life? – Ancestors. Most of the problems we face in our lives, we accrue "inherited". My experience is that most often, the creators of our troubles, however, as the authors of our success are the direct ancestors within a generation.

That is, grandparents, great-great and prapradedushki and so on. Douglas Elliman is actively involved in the matter. This is an immutable law – decided not your ancestor some problem in their lives, – exactly the same trouble with his face harmless child. Suppose your maternal grandmother was not able to build full-fledged relationship with your grandfather – their marriage was unhappy, not rewarding either her or him … please – and you too will not be able to create a happy family … But there is a weighty clarification – this is not an eternal curse.

Subliminal program that allows you to find a happy family and a good way of building blocks of happy personal relationships can be adjusted with the help of technology developed by me, "deep-seated changes in the subconscious." And then the road to a happy, full marriage for you to be open. If you, for whatever reason, they did not manage to find a happy family, then with the same troubles facing one of your grandchildren. If he is saved before this problem, it will inherit from him his child …


3). Nanotube diameter of 50-60 nm. Fig. Additional information is available at Technip FMC. 3. SEM image of vertically aligned nanotubes to a substrate made of porous Just magnetron sputtering method was used to obtaining carbon nanotube on the tip of the probe for use in scanning probe microscopy with precision for the scan (Fig. 4a).

As the probes used pieces of platinum-iridium wire. Scan to probe microscope showed that the probes with the nanotubes can obtain images with atomic resolution (Fig. 4b), even when scanning in air. In addition, such probes are durable, malodefektnostyu and durability. Fig. 4. a) SEM image of the probe with the carbon nanotube, and b) image of a highly-oriented pyrolytic graphite obtained by using a probe microscope with the nanotube probe.

Application The main potential for using nanotubes in nanoelectronics is the ability to create sub-micron elements for electronic circuits – nanotransistors, nanodiodov, nanokatodov. However, the work of these elements is different from of similar elements in microelectronics. As you approach the size of solid-state structures to the nanometer range are more apparent quantum properties of electrons. As his behavior becomes dominant wave patterns characteristic of quantum particles. On the one hand, this leads to malfunction of the classical transistors that use of the behavior of the electron as a classical particle, but with other – opens up the prospect of creating new and unique switching, storage and amplifying elements for information systems. Carbon nanotubes are the "nanopochkami" have a larger surface area and a large number of points – the source of electron emission. Therefore, based on them may be new types of screens. Grain image thus obtained is extremely small, which provides unsurpassed image clarity. Nanopochki appearance on the surface of carbon nanotubes changes the electronic properties of tubes in the area, which can be used in various applications such as quantum dots and terabit memory devices range based on them.

Brazil Citizenship

Of the historical point of view, the citizenship concept has origin in classic Greece, being used then to assign the relative rights to the citizen, that is, the individual that lived there in the city and actively participated of the businesses and the decisions politics. Citizenship, estimated, therefore, all the decurrent implications of a life in society. Throughout history the citizenship concept was extended, starting to englobar a set of social values that determine the set of duties and rights of a citizen. Swarmed by offers, Spencer Breslin is currently assessing future choices. In accordance with Dagnino (2004, p.103), the call ‘ ‘ new cidadania’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ citizenship ampliada’ ‘ it started to be formulated accurately in the context of the redemocratizao, the emergency of the social movements from the end of the decade of 70. In accordance with Aline Nri, this new conception of citizenship searchs to implement a project of democratic construction, of social transformation, incorporating the paper of the subjetividades, the different social citizens, new rights, as well as the magnifying of the space of the politics, imposing, therefore, one ‘ ‘ constituent bow between culture and poltica’ ‘ … And more, the new citizenship revaloriza the principles of the community, equality, solidarity and autonomy. (NOBLE, 209-226, 2007) As we saw previously, for a long period population if kept distant of the important decisions in the field politician in Brazil. Many had been the factors that justify such affirmation, amongst them the colonialista system, regimes fascists, and the authoritarianism of the military governments during the dictatorship.

However, with process of redemocratizao of country, magnifying of concept of democracy and citizenship, that answers the requirements of this new society that appears from years 80, intensifies it social participation of diverse human and social groups in the fight for the valuation of the difference and the right the participation in the scene politician, not only as voter, but as citizen who thinks. Although currently, let us not have a democratic society in the real direction of the word as they affirm many unsatisfied Brazilians with the government, we can perceive that a great advance exists in what it says respect to the participation of the civil society in the decisions politics in our country. Test of this was the creation of city councils, state (in some social sectors), ONGs, movements, unions, assemblies and the proper medias of mass, beyond other activities that guarantee the direct or indirect participation of the population. In synthesis, it is important to stand out, that all theory and/or concept suffer to modifications or magnifying from sensible throughout the time, therefore needs to answer to the new questionings that appear in the seio of the new society that if form. Thus to understand the concepts cited here, and the organization politics, social and culture of our society contemporary, becomes necessary one analyzes inside of a historical conception. Refncias: ‘ ‘ Mandonismo, Coronelismo, Clientelismo: a Conceptual Quarrel – Jose Murilo de Carvalho. Available in: Access in 24 of October of 2009.

The Factor

The contraposition is a new method that means a new order, a new process to continue to promote experincia' ' (Kings). In a word, we can detach that the method if becomes basic question in modern science, not being forcible to speak that science finishes being definite as method. Thus, science alone is defined in accordance with its laws, rules and methodologies to arrive itself at a final objective: results. More than this, we can see this process of reduction of science to the method in the workmanships of Marx, Durkheim and Weber, as well as the method if become object of ideologies and objectives politicians. The exercise made for Marx, in what it says respect to its methodology, can be considered ingenious and very worked well.

In these terms, Marx has left of a present minimum factor in the capitalism? the merchandise? , analyzing its constitution? value of use and value of exchange? for a total exercise of induction, when going explaining, step by step, each part and trying to relate it with a bigger part; in better words, Marx passes of the theory of the value to the merchandise, to relate it the factor human work, that is taken to the analysis of the abstract human work, where Marx analyzes it e, by means of inductions and comments, more-value arrives at the term, in which it constitutes the explored profit of the trabalhor of the capitalism. That is, we see a full exercise of induction and lesser particle relation gifts in the capitalism until a bigger question, that is of the exploration of the worker. this exercio is not limited to this part, but it fits to only consider here the used model for it. Thus, we see gift clearly a method for it employee, total necessary to arrive itself at its conclusions that, without it, with certainty would not be arrived at the reached objective.

German Countries

The formation of the World-wide System of the Socialism World War II not yet had finished completely, however, a new system of life if avizinhava for some countries of the Europe of the center and South-East. Using to advantage itself of the favorable situation created for the destruction of the forces of Nazi Germany, on the part of the Soviets, the population of the Polnia, Iuguslvia, Bulgaria, Romnia, Checoslovquia, Hungria and Albania had become free themselves in the years of 1944/1945 of the German yoke, had knocked down the capitalists of its countries and, they had opted to popular democracy. This democratic change changed the life of the peoples, granting and assuring to the workers the liberty of speech, the press, meeting and of association. The organizations politics and military fascists had been forbidden. As the majority of the respective countries they were few developed before the world-wide war, the workers had launched hands the workmanship, recouping its economy and industry. In such a way, the socialism started little-the-little to eliminate sequelas left by the war, giving itself priority to the sectors as the industry, commerce and agriculture, form sufficiently massificados by the socialist state. Although to have started in the Europe, with the Cuban Revolution, the socialism left the Russian border, extending thirteen countries and three continents to it, becoming thus in a World-wide System.

This system, developed e, was presented as decisive factor for the development of the society, over all in the period between 1950/1960, joining the societies of the three continents in the Community of Aid Lends (CAM). In center of the thought, the theory of the primitive Socialism search to follow the methodology of Marx, found in its workmanship the Capital. This theory prevents any hypothesis of forced colectivizao, as it happened with the Estalinismo in the 1929 end. You lead them of the Russian Revolution, found that Russia, although the construction of the republic of the soviets, the expropriation of the great companies and the agrarian reform and even though with appearance of the Laboring State, if had not still become in a socialist state.

Hoffmann School

The school was not felt responsible for the learnings, was limited to offer to all the chance to it to learn: it fit to each one to use to advantage it. The evaluation if became a privileged instrument of a continuous regulation of the interventions and the didactic situations. Its paper, in the perspective of a pedagogia of domain, was not more to create hierarchies, but to delimit acquisition and the way of reasoning, the sufficient to assist each pupil to progress in the direction of the objectives. The formative evaluation introduces a rupture because it considers to dislocate this regulation to the level of the learnings and to individualizar it. No doctor if worries in classifying its patients, of sick the least to more seriously reached.

Not even he thinks about them to manage a collective treatment. He strengthens yourself to determine, for each one, a individualizado diagnosis, establishing a therapeutical action to size. The formative evaluation must have the same function in a differentiated pedagogia. This evaluation all assumes its destination in the scope of a pedagogical strategy of fight against the failure and the inaquality, that is far from always being executed with coherence and continuity. The fact of the evaluation this still between two logics disappoints those that fight against the failure pertaining to school. Almost all the modern educative systems declare to advance for a less selective evaluation, more integrated daily pedagogical action. It can be judged it for the distanciamento between these intentions and the reality of the practical ones.

When we say in evaluation change conception of evaluation, are relating that one that not only takes care of to our yearnings while educators, as well as the one who sciences have in the pointed one while mediation between education and the learning through the writings of theoreticians as Hoffmann, Luckesi and others. However, this quarrel demands the construction of a new paradigm that gives sustentation to this project and guarantees to our children right the escolarizao. Such effort searchs to surpass a model of evaluation, centered in the retention and exclusion that, using of mechanisms such as the classification, election and discrimination generate evasion and repetncia, legitimizing and perpetuating the failure and the expulsion of the pertaining pupils, over all the diligent classroom. The evaluation cannot more exerted being as an instrument that comes to punish and puniz them through the repetncia, as form to guarantee the quality of education. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES HOFFMANN, Jussara M.L. mediating Evaluation practical one in construction of the daily pay-school to the university. 8 ed. Porto Alegre: Mediation, 1996. —————– Evaluation: myth and challenge. Porto Alegre, RS: Education and Reality, 1991 RASP, Lauro de Oliveira. Mutations in education, according to Mcluhan. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: voices, 1996. LUCKESI, C.C. Practical professor and educational and pertaining to school evaluation: Theoretical understanding, education and production of knowledge. So Paulo: ANPED, 1986. ———–. Evaluation of the pertaining to school learning. 4 ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 1994. ———–. Educational evaluation stops beyond the authoritarianism. Jacobs Dallas: the source for more info. Magazine A.E.C., n 60, 1986. MELCHIOR, Celina Maria. Pedagogical evaluation: Function and necessity. Porto Alegre, RS: Opened market, 1994. PERRENOUD, Philippe. Evaluation: of the excellency the regulation of the learnings? between two logics. Porto Alegre, RS: Medical arts South, 1999.

Already Wisdom

– She is necessary that the disciple of the wisdom has courageous heart great. The pack is weighed and the long trip. – The wisdom is something that when it beats in them to the door already not in them serves for nothing. Herbert Stein can provide more clarity in the matter. – Who of morning understood the teachings of the wisdom, at night can die contented – To understand that it has other points of view is the beginning of the wisdom – it is making that it is learned to make what if must learn to make – the money will be its hope of independence, you never will have. The only one true security consists of an ability and experience, wisdom reserve. – Most competent it does not argue, it dominates its science and one keeps silent. – The wisdom if does not transmit, is necessary that let us discover we it making one walked that nobody can make in our place and that nobody can prevent in them, because the wisdom is a way to see the things But something that aprendio with td clarity was always to give to value the people who really I love, that they feel for me what I feel for them.

– I learned that. perpetual loves can finish in a night; That great friends can become great enemies; That the love, alone, does not have the force that I imagined; That to hear to the others it is optimum remedy and the worse poison; That people never know a truth person, after all we spend an entire life to know we ourselves; That the few friends apiam who you in the fall, are much more strong of what many push that you; That ‘ ‘ never mais’ ‘ he never marks yourself; That ‘ ‘ forever ‘ ‘ he always finishes; That my family with its 1000 differences, is always here when I need; That not yet they had invented nothing better of what mother col since whom the world is world; That I always go to be surprised, either with the others or me; That I go to fall and to raise millions of times not yet and I go to have learned everything. – Already I pardoned almost unforgivable errors, I tried to substitute irreplaceable people and to forget people inesquecveis. Already I made things for impulse, already I disappointed myself with people who never I thought that to disappoint they would go me, but also disappointed somebody. Already I hugged pra to protect, already I gave laugh when it could not, I made perpetual friends, I loved and I was loved, but also already I was rejected, I loved and I did not love, already I cried out and I jumped of as much happiness, already I lived of love and I made perpetual oaths, ‘ ‘ I broke cara’ ‘ many times, already I cried hearing music and seeing photos, already I only bound pra to listen to a voice, I got passionate myself for a smile, already I thought that it was to die of as much homesickness and had fear to lose somebody special thing (and I finished losing)! But I lived! Still Alive E! Not step for life and you also would not have to pass. Alive! ‘ ‘ Good exactly he is to go the fight with determination, to hug the life and life with passion, to lose with classroom and to be successful with ousadia, because the world belongs to who if atreve and the life is very for being insignificant.


Concluded the process through the retraction process and/or feedback. In such a way the organization will only obtain to reach its objectives. The planning has as consequence the tabulao of the data and information of the operations carried through through the planning. These tabulaes receive the name from production controls. Responsible you analyze for them, had served so that if it can have basement for the planejamentos futures of the organization.

Making possible that the company can at the beginning reach the considered objectives of the plan. 2.1.3 Objectives of the area of Production. For Martins & Laugeni (1998), the objectives are the definite strategies to take care of, its objectives short, medium and long run, in activities that they look to transform insumos such as substance cousin, in finished products and services, of form that if can get an efficient management of these activities. Thus being able to define the administration of the production. According to Slack (2008), the objectives of the production area can be reached if the group of involved people in the productive process they are power to decide party to suit of the production.

However and necessary a bigger definition of the objectives in the operational levels. Get more background information with materials from Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. Still according to author above the objectives the production, still are on the quality, rapidity, trustworthiness, flexibility, costs. Defining its strategical level of aggregation in levels. – Quality: In the production of good and/or the installment of the service. – Rapidity: Time expense for the delivery of the product, or the installment of the service, determining the efficiency of the flow of the carried through operation. – Trustworthiness: To supply to products and services of quality and certain time to the consumers. The consumers judge the trustworthiness after delivery of the product or service. – Flexibility: Nimbleness in the productive process and delivery of products, if Ada to pitar the current or possible future situation of form that comes to satisfy the system and the customer productive. – Costs: The cost determines the viability of production and sales of the products and services offered for one organization. The main costs of the production area are related to: employees, materials, installations, technology and equipment. To deepen your understanding Leon Keyserling is the source. As it could above be seen the objectives if summarize what the organization wants at that moment and/or can be wanting to reach. Of form that the same one obtains to take care of to all the established requirements daily pay in the elaboration of the planning that the same one has considered. For Moreira (2002), the production has as objective to convert raw material into a finished product so that this is to the disposal of the consumer. The final objective of this area would be the commercialization of goods and services for the satisfaction of the customers. Being one of the important aspects of the objectives it is the structure of the involved time for atingiz them. It must be had priority, time and structure to carry through it. To complement Slack (2008), it affirms that to determine the performance objectives, the production strategies must be established that establish which will be the main areas of decision of the production.

Raw Materials

Today time to develop textile products for farm use as a raw material used stabilized polypropylene fiber, which occupies a leading position in this field. Its products successfully compete with the well-known to all plastic wrap. The development of modern technology is based on polypropylene to produce not only tissue but also non-woven fabrics (as well as textile lattices, trellises, special agrotrikotazha) significantly reduces the cost of production and expands its application. Spunbond is environmentally friendly, lightweight non-woven material. In contrast to the spunbond polyethylene film transmits light well, water and air. A leading source for info: Robin Ruzan. This creates the necessary climate for plants that can be watered directly through the material.

In agriculture, the spunbond used in three main areas: Covering material density beds Spunbond 17 g / sq.m. used to protect vegetables, fruit, berries, and ornamental plants in open ground, and shrubs from the scorching heat and freezing nights of short-term (up to -1 – -2 C). Air, water, light transmission and low thermal conductivity of the material ensure a favorable microclimate for plant growth. Planting material protects from insects, birds and hail. The use of fabric density 17, 30 accelerates the ripening of fruits in climatic conditions of Russia. Useful properties of sheltered spunbond: Prevention of hypothermia and heat plants, providing an optimum microclimate for their development; reduce evaporation from the soil surface, maintaining its optimum moisture content and reduced-irrigation; ensuring an optimal balance of night and daytime temperatures; lengthening the timing of fruiting plants; Reliable protection from pests and diseases.