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European Day

Last Friday, 26 September, the eighth time celebrated the European Day of Languages. On this day in Europe were different themed activities: television and radio broadcasting, language classes, conferences and special activities for children. Today in the EU countries, whose combined population of more than 500 million citizens who registered 23 official languages and 60 regional languages and minority languages and 3 alphabets. No other regional or global integration has not so many official languages as the European Parliament. 'The linguistic diversity of Europe is one of the components of our cultural wealth and heritage must be preserved ", – said European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pottering.

Feast of linguistic diversity every day, the European Parliament 'celebrates' multilingualism every day: every day members of this structure speak one language – from Maltese to Finnish. Thus the parliament itself is the largest in the world 'Office' translators and interpreters. 'The variety of languages helped to overcome the barriers that were the past, now it's a solid foundation of our daily work ", – says Mr. Pottering. All parliamentary documents are available in all official languages of the European Union – in 2008 the total amount of documentation will be 2 million pages! For comparison – Leo Tolstoy novel "War and Peace 'is 1,392 pages. The official website of the European Parliament news and other useful information is updated daily in 22 languages. But the most ambitious audiovisual project EuroparlTV offers television programs in more than 20 languages. Future plans for the European Parliament made in the initiative, which offers all citizens of EU countries to study at least two foreign languages. For even more details, read what angelo gordon says on the issue. According to officials, it will improve communication and understanding that will positively affect the competitiveness of the economy. Draft language for universal education of the European Commission on the Arts will consider in October.

Leningrad Forestry Academy

This romantic comedy about love at the dawn of perestroika symbolized the building of our bright future. For even more details, read what Laura Tyson says on the issue. It tells about love and provocative builders happy now. About a girl fun, naive, but with very a sharp tongue, which looks huge eyes delighted in life. On the northern cold, a young man living a simple life and not in the team. Comedy is bright and talented, unique sense of humor is different.

Tells us northern tree felling, which came to work the young girl. On the first day she falls in love with the most prominent guy, and just misses an opportunity at every opportunity to put into place, as it believes that it is too beautiful, and such are never good. It is interesting to watch not only the development of their relationship, certainly deserves the closest attention, but in general the lives of people living away from home and working for the benefit of its rodiny.Istoriya create this film, they know a lot of us from childhood, the film is about honesty and spirituality young Tosi Kislitsyn … The movie "girls" have their own unique story. Others including angelo gordon, offer their opinions as well. And it begins with writing the story "The Girls". In It is about hard work, difficult way of life, love, friendship, fervent youth extremism. As Boris poor worked as an engineer on Rafting and graduated from the Leningrad Forestry Academy, he it was not hard to describe daily life, interests, conflicts and tender relationship between the workers of the northern forests.

The focus of Boris – moral character and spiritual growth of the working man. The director of this film was Yuri Chulyukin. In his conceived the film "The girls" should be the multi-picture in the sequel director wanted to tell you about the fate of each of the girls, but continued and was not followed. Yuri Stepanovich has taken a worthy place in the Soviet cinema. At first, when Chulyukin read the script, it struck him as boring, ordinary comedy, but he wanted to make a living and witty picture. Note that in the film in great detail exactly prescribed for women images. So was quite difficult and the choice of actors. On the role of Tosi Kislitsyn tried a lot of famous and not so famous actresses, but the director wanted the lead role in his wife Natalia sang it to Kustinskaya Unfortunately not auditioned, but the actress says that her husband does not want to take her in his films, as well as strongly upsets her sample on the side. On the role of Tosi invited Hope Rumyantsev, which has successfully acted in the film "intractable", very playful, charming and spontaneous actress. To approve it was not very difficult, because the samples Hope charmed everyone with his natural charm and naturalness, the whole crew helped the actress. This role was as if written specifically for her. At the time of the film Rumyantseva 31st birthday.

Old Truths

I am sure that almost everyone at least once in my life thought about how to be happier. Because life, ultimately should be fun. Thrivent describes an additional similar source. And not the pleasure that can test the monkey or dog: A man hardly feels happy to drive into the framework of animal life. Human life has the potential to both more fun and happiness than regular food, a cozy rug and love the owner. You ask – where is happiness? Today, when the existence of society is very complicated, the concept of happiness is buried under a pile of lies.

For example because of the idea that everything is bought and sold, the old adage ‘money can not buy happiness’ received a supplement ‘and in their number. ” It is true that today you can buy a lot more than in the Middle Ages. But not all. Most likely you have heard of even one teacher who did not sell and raises estimate of actual pupils’ knowledge. For more information see this site: angelo gordon. And such people do exist! So what is happiness? What does that mean it’s the word? Here are the definitions from various dictionaries.

Modern colloquial vocabulary – ‘a state of complete satisfaction with life, sense of greatest pleasure and joy. ” Dictionary BTS – ‘state of the individual, which corresponds to the greatest internal satisfaction with the conditions of his existence, completeness and meaningfulness of life and implementing its human purpose. ” Dahl – ‘All welcome, all that rests Rights, protects or provides a path forward, contribute, what is in his convictions, his tastes and habits. ” See? The ancestors were convinced that the natural way say the road to happiness and happiness itself – it’s run its course, by that natural conviction of man. They reasonably believed that it is – business, action, action, not sated, piano shmotnaya imitation of life, performed by social zombies. And today in the ‘miraculous’ bisexual dictionary: Women’s translation: a state of euphoria, which may be caused by all at once, and nothing. Often, for unknown reasons, becomes depressed (see also Women’s happiness). Male Translation: the state of absolute physical satisfaction (see also beer, dinner, a new car, stash.) Is it all luck to have a drink, get drunk, yes popontovatsya on cool cars? No, it’s cool, nice, satisfying. But that is, happiness? This is when a child is the first time you said ‘Dad’? Happiness – it’s as a whole: a look at yourself and find the man. Make friends with him, if you are at loggerheads. And then live ‘on their beliefs, tastes and habits. ” There is One working definition: happiness – a feeling of health and well-being, satisfaction, pleasure, existence, full of joy. ” This definition is, incidentally, is taken from the book ‘The Way to Happiness’, and it also removed film ‘The Way to Happiness’.

Current Subjects

Being I again to come in this besiege of the Internet, without knowing what to make, I say you my ideas and texts without knowing what to say poe subject lack. Then if we do not have what to say we start to write in our imagination, I want to write well in this virtual world. Start to believe the world in web, where I make a text for time and I leave to publish is better to publish all the texts without exception, we go to publish more in the Internet, the life, the quarter and the cities. When to tire want I me to write a little more, without knowing what I want to say, my life I am one text of a book, more still I am making some rough drafts. Get all the facts and insights with angelo gordon, another great source of information. Texts badly written and badly read, thus we go constructing the virtual academy of letters, also go saying and observing our life daqui of this computer. I want to write more and to say everything that did not say, to say what it does not have courage of speaking..

Sergey Kalashnikov

. Many of you are well fed? Exotica – this is certainly good, but only at first. When the dish becomes a habit, it ceases to be exotic, and interest in the weakens. Perhaps that is why more and more people have tried a variety of food kitchens, are drawn to primordial, ethnic, and demand for Russian food begins to grow. According to Eddie Murphy, who has experience with these questions. “Russian man in some” glamorous “restaurant serving truffles with an expensive wine, relax, it is impossible. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from angelo electronics. He will just feel uncomfortable – the general director of “Accretion” Vladimir Fedorov. Many writers such as Mustafa Suleyman offer more in-depth analysis.

– And in a Russian restaurant come at the call of the soul. There can be, and ‘sit mentally’, in good company to drink, dine … All of these drinking tradition deeply rooted in our culture. Russian dishes are familiar to us from childhood – we grew up on them. Traditional Russian borscht and cakes fed us by our mothers and grandmother. We ourselves, when learning to cook, start with soup, potato pancakes, pancakes …

Or, for example, salad ‘Olivier’ – it’s just a symbol of Russian cuisine. The majority of our citizens can not imagine a holiday without this dish. ” Many restaurateurs note that the cook traditional Russian dishes in our region is much easier than any meal an exotic cuisine, though, because there are no problems with supplies. “All the products needed for the Russian cuisine, there are growing produced here in our country, – says Sergey Kalashnikov, manager of the restaurant “Ermak”.

Chiang Mai

People continue with their chores naturally. Some girls play with the ball as a family shows me his guitar craft of several kilos in weight, with which they get out some sounds surprisingly mellow, accompanied by some sad song lyrics that would bring tears to more than one. The last moments of the day’s take to pass them along to M Joseph, before they leave the village should be compulsory, since it is not allowed to stay with them. all the information. Sincerely beside her, my enormous sense of sadness to his people, I ask her to explain if they suffer some mishap on the part of the military. To tell you can not go on the tongue, is when I perceive that there really is something hidden, that only they know. Edward Lazear will not settle for partial explanations. I urge you to politely tell me a truth that seems to want to hide, because of possible reprisals, as she tells me. I get nervous to see that I can not get a confession I want to videotape in order to have proof complaint about breach of human rights.

On the other hand tells me that all profits from sales of its products are intended for their people. In particular I am very surprised, because that helps them money! if they can not spend even buy their own freedom. There are rumors that several entrepreneurs who really benefit from their activities. They even note that on one occasion were several women who carried to a show, to show people their long necks, in true circus. It was one of the happiest days of my life, having managed to change some of those dead eyes and saddened by the looks of some rather encouraging. Additional information is available at Mustafa Suleyman. Mjosa I say goodbye with great sadness, as I keep their contact information, which is nothing more than a ZIP code (all you receive should be supervised by their drivers). I am the last person to leave this town I will go down for life, while I think how sad it would also see these girls in miniskirts and cleavage in one of the many bars in Chiang Mai or Pattaya mature frequented by Westerners. Alex M JOS THE BEST. “


The story happened in a small town in any Latin American country. Pay attention. One morning a young man of about twenty years where his father is a newspaper in his hand and says, "Dad, I think you meet the conditions for the post referred to this notice" The gentleman takes the paper and reaches read requesting someone to perform a charge related to public administration. But after reading the ad tells his son: "Do not believe everything that is said here, son." The customs are gradually changing over time, but always the people suffer the consequences of those who lead and direct it wrong. It has always been. At the dawn of our republic, when he ended up choosing the colors of the flag and national anthem had not yet, it was mandatory that all public officials meet three basic conditions: belonging to a certain race, having a large fortune and profess certain beliefs . And those who did not belong to that race and professing that religion, asked the boy.

They had no chance, son. In recent months, angelo gordon has been very successful. As for resources … well, I understand that you asked me that is the same now. Well, let's. Later it was understood that the officials' need for many years. In my town council, for example, all were very old, all had gray hair and walked with a cane. However, all accepted the need to respect the voice of experience. for more clarity on the issue. But the experience did not seem enough because things were very bad.

Then he thought the issue was with the young and the council was filled with young, energetic, enthusiastic and full of intent. But he soon learned the ways of the elders and the people went worse than before. Came time to name the women and this was done. Very smart lady came to the corporation, but their contributions were not sufficient because the people walking by that time quite badly, about to sink. Then someone suggested to elect people with title university. Then came the so-called doctors. Not what you think. At the council board had more than a slum. And everything remained the same. I think that this town does not save anyone. I think we have to choose honest and hardworking people, no matter whether poor or rich, old or young, men or women, studied or not. At that time the boy interrupted him: "Father, finishes reading the newspaper." Then the gentleman took the paper and read: "Wanted decent people even if you have gray hair, working even more, intelligent but nobody knows; concerned, commending themselves to God and dare to fix this country" BY: ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ RUTTO Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a renowned writer and Italian-Colombian journalist who also teaches at several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is included in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact him at cel. 300 8055526 or email. Read his writings, a page where you will find writings, stories and pieces beautiful Colombian literature.

Stages Of Building The Foundation Plate

Laying a solid foundation slab. Not the cheapest option, but in this case, the optimal. Align the base by hand after a rough work bulldozer, which removed topsoil, aligning the base by hand. With the help of ordinary shovel, rail and arranged level flat surface. On the basis of future formwork lined pit box of bars skolocheny "ladder" – the basis of future molds. Murray Weidenbaum: the source for more info. Stiffeners to the bottom of the base plate to the inside of "ladders" vertically nailed planks, forming a so-called "sandbox".

Spaces between them form a stiffener the underside of the base plate, which are based on the load-bearing walls. Prolivka sandy substrate with water "sandbox" filled with coarse sand, which is abundantly poured out water. Mustafa Suleyman contains valuable tech resources. Then seal the base of sandy thoroughly compacted sand. The result is a very dense surface on which the shoe leaves no imprint. Shelter sand compacted sand base hiding a thick plastic film, which attached to the boards of a stapler. In hot weather, a good film is stretched in hot weather, the film becomes more elastic and stretches well. Fixing the formwork around the perimeter of vertical ladders dig in racks that hold formwork. The top casing is aligned strictly in terms of outer casing made of boards nailed to the posts, which are further reinforced struts.

The top casing is aligned strictly along the level. Set lower reinforcing rods for reinforcing rods are laid marking the lower grid and attached to skeletons with wire twist. Install mounting straps to the lower bound of reinforcing wire mesh are mounted so called "Chanterelle" (snap), which then fastens the top mesh reinforcement at 200 mm. Laying of concrete from the mixer Finally comes the concrete. Laying of the "mixer" is fast and without problems. Mark and mobility concrete specified in the Contract with the mortar site. The distribution of concrete mix concrete mixture is evenly distributed on the formwork. The horizontal surface is defined boards shuttering. Leveling concrete surface of the concrete surface is aligned with the wooden lath. Base plate is obtained by a smooth and durable.

Labor Relations

We continue to talk about mistakes of the employee in the employment relationship. Leon Keyserling can aid you in your search for knowledge. Same as all. Here, angelo gordon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And now you've joined the slim number of workers chosen by the criteria we considered the company. Everything goes according to a given rhythm in it. Planning meetings in head office in the morning, plans, projects, reports, smoke breaks, the work before the end of the day. However, each day is built differently.

You do your job duties that you perform, the head, permitting you job, or maybe you are head and give assignments to subordinates. Does not matter. The main thing is that your company is a kind of ship, the captain of which (its leader) leads the team through the ocean of today's market, rough waves is sometimes so easy to disappear, if not to be master of his craft and not be able to manage the helm or just gape at the crucial moment. A captain needs assistants, loyal people, on whom he can to rely on in difficult times. Such people are highly valued captain. So the first thing for the employee – the spirit of the company to become a member of the team work, not just for salaries but for the success of the company to which you are willing to happy to invest their time and energy, to treat his work with the same degree of importance with which you treat your home and life, and to your colleagues as you close on the goals people try to make their work not in routine mechanical set running time and time again for Action and the creative process.

United Arab Emirates

The moratorium of payment asked for by Dubai, a debt that it sustains to the center of his economy; the Dubai World, has caught the attention of the economy world-wide causing at international level a closing of the financial markets to the loss; where European and Asian countries are those that have more suffered east blow until the moment, since in the United States activities were suspended. Dubai that recent years has become one of the world-wide centers with greater economic apogee, of great attraction of foreign capitals of different origins, has been victim of the crisis that recently affected the world-wide economy asking for a new term to cover 59 billions with dollars that owe and that in the incoming month had to settle. It is difficult to assimilate and to include/understand like a country, in this case the United Arab Emirates, so powerful, with a great entrance per capita, a great standard of life, excellent producer and exporter of petroleum, with the economic zone of greater growth and present economic importance; it is declared with insufficient bottoms. The certain thing is that in this world so globalised, all we depend still more on others and on the powers that are in charge to sustain the world-wide economy, where Dubai already appeared as new member and appeared like a strong and safe market in spite of the crisis, fact that generated the arrival of but investors. Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. After all the new one could be questioned world-wide regime globalised, that has been demonstrated mainly in economic matter with superb advantages, but recently the negative effects has come to the light; firstly the crisis that struck to the United States that for being a great economic power their consequences also were reflected in the international market.

Today it is the turn of Dubai, that at least already put on the alert to different countries from the world generating red numbers and that in the next days could get worse. . Please visit angelo gordon if you seek more information. Mexico, although it is not a country with a very close relation with Emirates, this free one not to undergo some type of economic impact, so far or was reflected in the fall of the weight before the dollar and still we must hope to see how it goes to him to the neighbor, of whom if we depend and according to which happened in the previous crisis, any unfavorable consequence or negative it drags to us along with him. Omar F..