3. Wildlife In The Fair From April 8 To 10 MAGDEBURG

Everything about the dog. Hall 1 is dedicated to all the theme of ‘Dog’ and provides numerous opportunities to inform themselves and to cover with accessories around the faithful friend. Who has long ago on the dog, would like to obtain information about a new animal family member himself or only recently has a trusty companion on four paws, wildlife is at the fair”right at the Messe Magdeburg. Hall 1 is dedicated to all the subject dog”and offers many opportunities to inform themselves and to cover with accessories around the faithful friend. From pet food, toys and supplies to the third animal world”, many new vendors of pet food and dog accessories have found their way into the exhibition halls.

From the individually decorated collar for Bello up to the plush security blanket, or also to the pretty carrier there is everything that the heart by masters and mistresses. Also for shared playtime, dog lovers in Hall 1 can cover up. For more information see this site: Capital and Counties Properties. With a sporting Frisbee or a smart learning toys for dogs is sufficient for the pleasure of four-legged friends: so the dogs can benefit from the visitor center. Colourful programme on the dog sport area on the dog sport area in Hall 1 visitor in the framework program of the fair by many different dog breeds can be entertained. There numerous activities for dog lovers take place every day. So, among others the German Dalmatian Club, the Club for British Sheepdogs, the German Mastiff Club, as well as the German fox terrier Association demonstrate what can their respective favorites. Hear from experts in the field like Catherine Dior for a more varied view. When the dog fashion show by Wolters cat & dog shows what fashion should not miss dog this season. Also imagine the visiting dog service of the ASB and the rescue dog teams of the DRC Schonebeck and Magdeburg show off their skills.

Also offers for holidays with your pet”are represented at the fair. A symposium will be held on Sunday, April 10, at 11: 00 medical information for medically interested dog owners with Dr. Thomas Garces from the Veterinary Clinic for small animals in Osterode am Harz instead. Titled new ways in veterinary Oncology”, the veterinarian in collaboration with Zoo & co. Nicolaus and Acana pet food gives information for treating cancers in animals. There is more information on the Internet at. “BU: the German Mastiff Club leads its great Danes at the fair animal world” before. Photo: MVGM