The Cabildo’s President, Mario Cabrera, and island Councillor for tourism, agueda Montelongo, attended last presentation before the insular tourism sector of the results of the last index of satisfaction of tourists corresponding to the last winter season, which I place on 69,87 points out of 100. This value, which results from a survey on 27 qualities of insular tourist offer that is performed more than one thousand of tourists at the end their vacation, has been increasing in the last editions of the survey, reaching around the remarkable IST made in the last two seasons, a 71,30 in summer 2008, and a 69,87 last winter 2008-2009. This 69,87 an increase of 7 points on the winter season previous, in that the results were of 62,85 points out of 100. One of the aspects that have highlighted most respondents is that 97% would recommend Fuerteventura as a holiday destination, in the same way a 92% would repeat experience, what is a fairly reliable sign of that the island is a destination that is appreciated by the great majority of visitors. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Edward Minskoff. The IST, m, study commissioned by the patronage of tourism of Fuerteventura since 2006, surveyed tourists offers the possibility to decide on a total of 27 tourist qualities, divided into four basic categories, who obtained the following scores: Accommodation 74.45.

Improvement of nearly 5 points with regard to the results of the last winter (69,68). Offer commercial and complementary 58.82. Improvement of 6 points compared to the previous season (52.83). Public service and 66,51 infrastructure. Improvement of almost 10 points compared to last year (56,15). Environment environmental 79,76. Improvement of 5 points in the traditionally strongest of all index section. Visit Jorge Perez for more clarity on the issue. Once again, the best rated tourist qualities referred to the environment, with the four values that exceeded the 80 points: State of the beaches (do 83? 04), the cleaning of the beaches (do 81? 38), quality (80,83) environmental and noise pollution (80,55).