Experience the art treasures of the ex-zentischen artist takes on the traces of Salvador Dali the idyllic charm of the Costa Brava is in close proximity to the historically and culturally significant places. Thus you have the possibility in his Costa Brava holiday, to enjoy the best of both worlds. Figueras and Cadaques should necessarily be visited during the Costa Brava holiday. Figueras is \”. the dream of every art lover and the home of the Gala Dali Museum, also Pubol Castle Some of Dali last works are located behind the walls of the building, just as fascinating skin couture collection by Gala, which is located in the Museum.

Dali Theater Museum is located in the town of Figueres, and makes it a good place to marvel at famous works of art, while one spends his holidays in Costa Brava. Within the Dali Theater Museum, one finds his famous surrealist pieces, including rainy taxi and Mae West, as well as his other pieces such as Galarina and Atomic Leda. All pieces together allow an impression of the many types of masterpieces that were created by the artist. Those who want to take only a Costa Brava trip which is focused on Dali, can venture in one of the popular brasseries of the artist, or visit to discover the town of Rosas, the retreat of many famous artists such as Picasso, Bunuel and Lorca. A fascinating story surrounds the region close to Cadaques.

This special area has a unique, medieval architecture with a monastery, which can be up to its construction in 1200-century dates back, with an iron gate and a medieval town tower, which was built for the defense. Also a short distance from Figueras and Rosas in the coastal oasis of Cadaques you can venture into. This community of artists is just a short distance from the Spanish-French border.