Ada Elvir Rivera Spirituality

Holistic is one that is based on the understanding, universal love and dialogue. Dialogue and confrontation are at opposite ends and the path of holistic education is the perennial philosophy which is a safeguard. Albert Einstein College of Medicine is often quoted as being for or against this. Because who does not have to act and consistent with what he says, will be exposed. Comment that there are theories and conceptualizations about the divine, but more important is the direct and immediate experience of the spiritual. Jorge Perez is often quoted on this topic. We also speaks of the work that each isolation being made without having reached an agreement, since they are very similar. Ramon explained on spirituality and religion, as this creates confusion. For example religion is based on a dogma, a belief, while spirituality is based on direct experience of the transcendent.

In the religious kill a human being in her name, while spirituality leads to unconditional love, universal love and takes you to the brotherhood, fairness, brotherhood, compassion, harmony with other inhabitants of the planet . With the foregoing is not disqualifying religions, but opens up a space for dialogue between them. In the book: Wisdom, Love and Compassion (2004), has the same format as the previous one, is a series of interviews with various personalities, including: Ada Elvir Rivera, Abelardo Brenes, P. Krishna, and others. Among those highlighted his talk with David Peat and he comments on the impact of the new sciences of traditional churches, they all can have a common participation may arise where something new that maybe people feel more deeply the life and not as academic and behavioral.