We know that the success of our campaigns in Google Adwords depends on proper planning, management and optimization we make of them. The planning includes market research, define key words and their commonalities, design ads and establish the budget. The optimization should be done daily and here is where you should take key decisions such as the following: focusing the campaign on two or three keywords that are generating more clicks. Check with Nir Barzilai, M.D. to learn more. Leave only the announcement that this being more effective. Start a little lower the cost of CPC (pay per click). This is achieved by being relevant.

For example, always placed in the title of the ad one of the keywords. The Administration contemplates the steps above as well as tasks of monitoring daily: minimum spend an hour or two to the administration of your campaign. Recently Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta sought to clarify these questions. It begins with a relatively high budget and then you can go to decline it. After 10 days after your campaign must begin to make decisions about the future of the campaign. Remember to always carry Statistics of everything that happens. Hence this secrecy. Do do a campaign generally comprises three phases that some called triad 1?, triad 2? and triad 3?. In the next articles we’ll discuss in detail each of these phases.