Ambient Protection

In the nature it has a cycle of similar oxygen to the cycle of the water. The set free Oxygen of the plants in the land and plnctons in the sea during the photosyntheses is lighter than air and floats for the high one of the atmosphere. In the situated region between 20 and 30 km of the Land, one strong Ultra radiation Violeta (UV) situated enters the wave length of 180 the 200 nanometers bombs the oxygen and transforms part of it into ozone. The ozone thus created exists as a fine layer in the atmosphere and blocks the small portion of the UV specter that it absorbs. The great majority of rays UV that reach the land, allowing the solar bronzing. We have lately, a great repercussion in the press on the ozone layer, but the facts are different of the notified one. The ozone production in the atmosphere depends on the amount of energy coming of the Sun.

During the peaks of solar activity, the ozone is generated in great amount. During the calmnesses of the solar activity, the ozone layer is finer. The lowest level until today measured was in 1.962. During the night, in is the wonderful autolimpante of the nature. Edward J. Minskoff Equities does not necessarily agree. If the ozone enters in contact with the vapor d’ water when to fall, it forms hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) a component of chuvae this is the porquea reason water of rain allows the growth of the plants best of what the conventional irrigation. The ozone also is generated in the atmosphere, for the atmospheric discharges (rays of a storm), and the amount produced in an average storm is generally the triple of the limit allowed of (0,015 PPM) as it was established by the EPA (Agency of Ambient Protection).

The ozone of to air the wonderful one I after smell of coolness one strong rain and is the highest benefit to somebody enough fortunate thing to inhale it. For assistance, try visiting Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Still d is generated by falls; responsible water and waves that arrebentam and queso for the energy feeling that we try next to these places. Another way where if it generates ozone is through ftons of the Sun breaking separately the Nitrous Oxide (NOx), a polluting agent formed by an engine of internal combustion. This ozone can be accumulated as mist due the inversion temperatures and is irritating to the eyes and the lung. The ozone, the triatmica form of the oxygen, is different of the oxygen that we breathe, that he is diatmico. It has presence relatively small distribution uniform, concentrating itself does not enter 10 and 50 km (and in well lesser amounts, in air poludo of cities), with a peak around 25 km. Its> distribution also varies with the latitude, station of the year, schedule and standards of time, being able to be on the volcanic eruptions and solar activity. The formation of ozone in the layer between 10-50 km is resulted of a series of processes that involve the absorption of solar radiation. Molecules of oxygen are dissociadas in oxygen atoms after to absorb solar radiation of short waves (ultraviolet). The ozone is formed when an oxygen atom collides with a molecule of oxygen in one presence 3 molecule that allows the reaction but it is not consumed in the process. These are the ozone forms generated in the one for the atmosphere.