Animal Rights Activists

Animal rights activists to fight against authority arbitrariness in Romania after Romania has adopted a new ed. 2007, want you now return to the inhuman State of the legal mass killings. In a radio interview from 3 2010, the prefect of Bucharest, Mr Mihai Atanasoaiei, announced that it is under consideration, to legalize mass killings again! He stated that the mayors of Bucharest with the existing problem of street animal feel overwhelmed. And so, killings in consideration be pulled again.In mind, the killings, despite existing paragraphs in the Romanian ed., will be carried out nationwide. Choke or beat to death is unfortunately still on the agenda, parts of the population just poison the animals, without fear of having to fear consequences. The primary from Craiova, Romania, Antonie Solomon, publicly took a stand and clearly expresses PRO killings. He pulls the hat before the members of the district Dolji, if they a corresponding Change in the law would agree. Reportedly, 5 on the street animals take there from 7 citizen calls.

Such a callousness makes stunned animal rights activists across Europe. Above all, because there are numerous animal welfare organizations that rather did nothing to help actively in Romania. They offer help with neutering actions they offer help in the construction of shelters offering help with the food supply they offer help with medical care. Usually be refused all offers of help. With good luck politely, but quite often it happens that animal rights activists, who want to enter a shelter, are physically threatened by the animal shelter lines. To enter a shelter, you will need an official permission from the authorities. Photography is prohibited there. Unless also obtained regulatory approval.

To get them, she must be applied for. With this application, you must specify all personal data. It feels like it wants Enter a high-security wing of a prison… Such permits are issued only sparingly.Among public figures and celebrities, the authorities but like to make an exception and media to showcase their cooperation for a short time. Why is made it on the part of the Romanian authorities almost impossible to help the animals there? It is not only foreign animal rights activists refused to operate there, but also local. In isolated places, it has become possible to create a kind of cooperation. Unfortunately, it is not the rule. The animal paw help Hungary Association, with its daughter organization paw help Europe hamochte with a petition of the Romanian Government show that such projects are carried out all over Europe. And that there is a great willingness to help! The petition is available on the homepage of the paw help Europe under. berkenfeld/phe