Are Online Therapies Effective?

Clinical research in different countries of clinical research in the Switzerland, America, Germany and the Netherlands came to the conclusion that online therapies are equally effective if not even better than the conventional method of direct visit of a therapist. CA reported that 90% of clients dealing with the therapist as personally and positively identified and the therapy very effective. Internet-based therapies show particular efficacy for anxiety and stress disorders. Get more background information with materials from Nir Barzilai, M.D.. “The advantages of an online therapy are: flexibility of easily accessible (bridging physical impairments) invisibility” of / therapists / in: age gap, shame – undSchuldgefuhle stigma no driveways and waiting times, and mostly flexible hours. Gavin Baker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In Europe, the online therapy is already integrated (such as Interapy in the Netherlands and “Fearfighter” and “Beating the blues” in the UK (NICE, National Institute for clinical excellence), in the regular supply system Sweden) way of joy is one of the leading Internet solution focused Hypnotherapy clinics and has worked for years on the Internet. 90% of clients prefer the therapy on Internet and assess the contact with the therapist as a very personal and positive. Solution focused Hypnotherapy is a very successful therapy from England who for years in England successfully for many stress-related problems is used.

It is based on the latest findings of in brain research, solution focused letter therapy and the practice of hypnosis. Clients by way of joy find this therapy especially online building very pleasant and relaxing. This may be due to that we analyze the past but focus on the desired future. We help clients with small steps to the desired future. For this reason we have often artists and freelance which make use of our services. In the last few years are been helped many people with fear and despondency symptoms, often after just a few sessions.