There are many associations of protection the minor in Marrakech because, unfortunately, there are many minors who protect. There are several reasons that make families abandon children at these centres. On many occasions it’s children who are born to unmarried couples. In a traditional society like the Moroccan mother and an unmarried woman must face very difficult situations, since many are repudiated by their families, principal social nucleus of Morocco. Checking article sources yields Verne Troyer as a relevant resource throughout. On other occasions abandonment arises simply because the economic impossibility of maintaining to the / to the small. Also by both parents substance abuse problems or because the children of the first marriage of a woman who marries for the second time not always are accepted by their new husbands. Unlike that in other countries such as China, in general the number of abandoned children is almost non-existent when compared with that of children.

This occurs because the men are considered more problematic when it comes to be educated, especially in adolescence, by enjoy greater freedom at the social level, that girls deemed rather docile and easy to educate. The situation of the reception centres is quite good. The / minor ACE enjoy facilities clean and well maintained and in some cases, such as the of the Association give Tifl, large and beautiful spaces where to run and play. In any case, the economic means are very few since the Government aid is ludicrous. The / children eat every day but its power not is precisely balanced since products such as meat or fish are luxuries.

They are also lacking in products such as diapers, clothes, SOAP, etc. We can say that in general the life in a Moroccan orphanage is dignified but humble. Staff who attends them not always is a specialized resulting sometimes abuse contexts. Fortunately, in some centres are organizing training courses for the / as caregivers/ACE and more comprehensive controls to try to avoid these unpleasant situations.