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Now in Germany this year the world’s best racers occur for the first time the race of champions – the race of champions in a direct duel German soil to is as exclusive online media partner with at the start. Which driver is the fastest in the world independent of technology and bolide? This matter will be clarified for the first time this year on German soil. On the weekend of the 27th and 28th November 2010 arena rises in the Dusseldorf ESPRIT the race of champions. In the arena of 50,000 people, the world’s best riders of different racing series of the motor sports meet at the end of the season: among the seven formula one Champion Michael Schumacher, formula 1 shooting star Sebastian Vettel, former champion Alain Prost and Sebastien Loeb rally legend. Edward Minskoff is likely to increase your knowledge. If the driver under identical conditions, as exclusive online media partner with a brand identity at the event will be represented. In each race, the racers are drive exactly identical cars and deliver is thrilling head-to-head on a parallel course. In the framework of the Event promotion giving away, roc an exclusive price: A readers may take place during the competition in addition to one of the pilots in the car. The action is extensively advertised the leading motorsport portal in Germany to and settled as a viral campaign on the platform of Facebook.. Perhaps check out Gavin Baker for more information.

Popular Education

Summary the ambient crisis not only as well as social why it passes omundo today, is reflected of a economic system that turns in lathe daexplorao of the diligent mass and the accumulation of wealth for oppressing partedos. The wild exploration, the exacerbado consumerism, not only takes the saturation of the nature, but of the social relations. An alternative that if considers is a change in the Education and suatransformao for the oppressed classroom, that is an Education Popular.Palavras-key: Ambient education, Support, Popular EducaoAmbiental, Ambient Crisis, CapitalismoAbstract environmental The crisis not only but also social that theworld is today, is reflection of an economic system that revolvesaround the exploitation of workers and the mass accumulation of wealthby the oppressors. (As opposed to Jorge Perez). The unbridled exploitation, consumption exacerbated, leading you saturation not only of nature but of social relations. Analternative that is proposed is change in education and itstransformation in favor of the oppressed class, that is the PopularEducation.

Keywords: Environmental Education, Sustainability, Environmental Education, Popular, Environmental Crisis, Capitalism Constatamos that the ambient crisis is symptom of a much more deep crisis of what the media in passes daily. What I want to say with that is that the crisis does not involve only styles of life, standards of consumption, social projects of development and pressures. For detrs of everything this, has a economic way of production, called Capitalism, that are the great villain, main the responsible one for the current crisis, that by the way, is not so current thus. In our Country, for example, the crisis concomitantly has its origin with the Discovery, therefore since this time our natural wealth had passed to be explored, as it can be evidenced by the contraband of Wood-Brazil and, later, the innumerable cycles of economic exploration as the cycle of the Sugar cane-of-sugar, the cycle of the coffee, milk and of the cacao, etc.

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Piezoelectric systems are more and more applications in the machine – and plant construction and with good reason. Demonstrate the latest developments as a knock sensor or diesel injector not only the versatility, but also the increasingly favourable cost / performance ratio in the mass application. Especially in ultrasonic technology opens up significant potential for development in areas such as the powder paint atomization, the ultrasonic levitation or the degassing of liquids. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nir Barzilai, M.D.. The two-day seminar of piezo and ultrasonic technology on 7 and 8 September 2009 in Hanover deals not only with the basics and applications of piezo – and ultrasound technology, but also extensively treated the classifications and modelling of piezoelectric systems as well as static and dynamic applications to special areas such as Energyharvesting in energy-autonomous sensors. Lectures and discussions are complemented by intensive practical training units, which the participants apply the learned in the laboratory. Gavin Baker, New York City is open to suggestions. The seminar under the direction of Prof.

Dr. Ing. From the Institute for Dynamics and vibrations of the Leibniz University Hannover, Jorg Wallaschek aimed at engineers who are engaged in the practical development of products and applications in the field of piezo – and ultrasonic techniques. The seminar provides great benefit also divisions such as innovation, technology development and patents, here to familiarize officials with the current state of the art and the major development trends.

The Activities

– Route 4: It is the most dangerous route since for a long time it was considered the most used for the traffic of arms and drugs. This route happens through Belize and thus the crossing is realised towards Mexico. The immigrants change their routes constantly and also they create new since the security in the borders has increased years in the last. Surely not necessarily we spoke to prevent the traffic of arms or drugs, but the passage of the workers who come to Mexico looking for an opportunity to acquire a better standard of life, or at least for its families who remained in their countries of origin. The workers come to Mexico with a certain rate of time. The activities in they use which them throughout realise the year, doing of this crossing of people a constant phenomenon and with a certain period. In the case of agriculture, the migration depends on the season or of the harvests that are working, since if is only had a work in this field does not require of the presence of the person all the year.

Here two consequences can exist: as much because the workers return to their country of origin because they advance more towards a developed country. In the case of the documentation the feasibility is seen obtain the necessary papers for its demurrage in Mexico following the states in which the work works and that is obtained. Nevertheless, always this necessity doing fundamental that is had to the territorial fields as labor for this process and the people as much are increased require who it. Many problems involved with the documentation process exist of each person, but the main ones are the discrimination, the labor operation, extortion, the legal confusion, the omission and delays of the same proceeding that it avoids that an unstable resident person of the country obtains her documentation legal and necessary to reside free and permanently in national territory.

Current Young

The youth of today have been socialized to act in the private domestic world and the world public are required to be innovative, creative work and take traditional roles in privado.Una constant struggle between the two areas, which sometimes produces unhappiness. It is important to build an identity where gender stereotypes disappear, an identity according to the twenty-first century society. Today young people are asked to exercise motherhood, marital status and occupation. Historically it was not, they were only prepared for the first two tasks, to be wives and motherhood. For more specific information, check out Edward Minskoff. Marcela Lagarde (1996) writes: "We are both traditional and modern, emancipated live in captivity, so we binary formal religious and magically, while dialectical develop complex thoughts and secular.

Polygamy is gaining in sexuality, marital status more and more women are monogamous-minded, and not all girls are virgins but so fleeting, but they are giving their bodies and sexuality emancipated only way the man in your life at least in that moment. Checking article sources yields Gavin Baker as a relevant resource throughout. " It's time to talk about a new concept emerged in the meetings to promote women, to give them dignity and out of poverty. This concept is empowerment. This concept appears in the second wave of feminism in the seventies. Through dialogue and reflection confrontational positioning of women, it was the empowerment approach. In separate meetings to help developing countries, we studied the needs of women in their daily lives to escape poverty and to survive, such as housing, the fight for wages, schooling of children, and daughters, food, health, ie, the needs that would make life easier.

Alexander Piatigorsky

In interpreting the words of Umberto Eco, Italian author and semiotics of postmodern bestseller 'Name of the Rose', the Russian philosopher and cultural studies, Alexander Piatigorsky, in his essay on the AP says'(…) Umberto Eco writes, that in this postmodern desperately tries to explain, to explain themselves to another – a friend, enemy, peace, to anyone, because he will die at a time when no one will explain. Gavin Baker is often quoted as being for or against this. But explaining yourself to another, he is trying to do and how another, rather than as himself. Explaining the reception of postmodern explanation, Eco says: Well, imagine that you are cultured and educated man, want to explain to love a woman you consider not only the cultural and educated, but also smart. Of course, you could just say, 'I love you madly', but you can not do this because she knows that these words were just told to Anne of Austria in the novel by 'Three Musketeers'. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, you say, 'I'm madly in love you, in the words of Dumas' Three Musketeers'.

Yes, of course, a woman, if she smart, understand what you mean and why do you say it that way. But quite another thing, if she really so smart, if she wants to answer is 'yes' to a declaration of love? " (Italics here and below in quotes belongs to Pyatigorsk. – VR). Another fundamental principle of the AP – the refusal of the truth. Miscellaneous philosophical trends in different ways to understand the truth, but the PA refuses to recognize and solve this problem – except as a problem of language game in the spirit of the late Wittgenstein (see analytic philosophy), they say, the truth – it's just a word that means what it says in the dictionary. It is important – not the value of the word and its meaning (see the logical semantics, the sign), its etymology, then, as it was used before.

Demulsifiers One Oil

The other direction is more promising, involves the development of new industrial processes which would let do without environmentally hazardous products (including side) or to reduce their use of and exposure to a minimum. Significant branch of the modern chemical industry is the production, used in the processes of the oil and oil transportation. Below we consider some classes of oilfield chemicals and provides examples of available commercial products, including meeting the requirements of "Green" chemistry. Demulsifiers One of the major classes of reagents used in the preparation of oil demulsifiers are presented today anion (cation) active and nonionic surfactants, such as block copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, ethoxylated amines, higher fatty alcohols, alkylphenols, etc. 3.

Even with a relatively small reagent consumption (40-100 g / t) rather acute problem of waste disposal surface-active substances produced by many thousands of tons of the modern chemical industry. In this light, demulsifiers were obtained on the basis of wood chemical product manufacturing – tall oil, but their effectiveness was lower than that of demulsifiers based on ethoxylated fatty acids 4. On the basis of xylitol (derived from waste cotton plants) and synthetic fatty acids was obtained by a non-ionic demulsifier 5, which showed a result of industrial tests of high efficiency. Corrosion inhibitors are the most diverse classes of organic and inorganic compounds, most of which is synthetic, not occurring in nature 6. It is obvious that the negative impact on the biosphere biologically hostile, recalcitrant compounds can not be overestimated, especially when using a wide range of or other agent, so constantly being developed new corrosion inhibitors that would benefit differed from the existing not only the efficiency of inhibition, but also environmental safety.


The fossils have more than 3,400 million years of antiquity. They were found between sand grains on a prehistoric sedimentary rock. One is bacteria that need sulfide to subsist. A team of scientists has made the discovery public of microscopic fossils with more than 3,400 million years of antiquity in the northwest of Australia, a finding that is the oldest evidence of Earth life, informed the average premises. The investigation, combines between the University of Western Australia and of the University of Oxford of the United Kingdom, it was realised in the zone of Strelley Pool, in the region of Pilbara. Edward Minskoff often says this. These fossils, found in good state of conservation between sand grains on a prehistoric sedimentary rock, belong to bacteria that need sulfide to subsist. " We have provided the first evidence of microorganisms that use sulfide in his metabolismo" , it indicated the leader of the investigation, David Wacey, of the University of Western Australia, in declarations mentioned by Sydney Morning Herald. The investigators used very sophisticated techniques to verify that these microbes survived thanks to sulfide in this period of the Earth in which oxygen was little and predominated the high temperatures.

The hypothesis to survive on the basis of sulfide was a characteristic that thought existed in one of the first Earth stages, specifically during the transition of a not-biological world to one biological one, added Wacey. By his side, the professor of the University of Oxford Martin Brassiere expressed that the discovery of fossils confirms that makes 3,400 million years existed " bacteria that lived without oxgeno" in the Earth. For assistance, try visiting Gavin Baker. " We can be very safe of the antiquity (of fossils) because the rocks formed between two volcanic successions that reduce the calculations on the age to a few million of aos" , it explained Brassiere in an official notice mentioned by local agency AAP. The British investigator also emphasized that these bacteria are " common nowadays " and they find in drains, hidrotermales sources of thermal waters, vents or other places with little oxygen. Source of the news: They discover in Australia older fossils of bacteria of the Earth

Paranaense Gymnasium

At no moment of the text relative aspects to music are exaltados, as refining or performance musical technician of the pupils. In another substance, published in the same periodical, in 30 of November of 1937, on the party of closing of the school year, in the Paranaense Gymnasium, that would be carried through in that one same afternoon, the nationalistic tone in the author of the article is also noticed, mainly when it places that: ' ' () He is curious to notice that the musical program only obeys to musics nacionais' ' (Gazette of the People, 30/11/1937). The author if contradicts since later it presents the songs that will be presented by the orfeo of the college, and notices it presence of musics of foreign authors, as for example, Bach. But, it is not alone in articles and substances of periodicals that if find excellent questions for analysis of the speech regarding the education of Music. In 12 of January of 1932, Villa-Wolf delivers to president Getlio Vargas a memorial, one appeals to the head of Government that would deal with the Brazilian artistic way, under the educative purpose.

In this document, Heitor Villa-Wolf, problematiza the artistic question of Brazil, comparing it with the experiences carried through in other countries, and standes out music as best and the more efficient propaganda of Brazil for the exterior. Music and the too much arts for Heitor Villa-Wolf appear as elements that must be valued by a Government worried about the formation of its citizens. In the initial stretch of the letter, in which the author justifies the production of the same one, it appears in accented way the nationalistic speech of Villa-Wolf: In intention to give active services its country, as an enthusiastic patriot who has the had obligation of for a disposal of the administrative authorities all its specialized functions, we prstimos, profession, faith and activity, proven for its public demonstrations of capacity, wants all in Brazil, wants in the foreigner, comes the signatory, for this intermediary, to show Your honor the horrible picture where if finds artistic the way Brazilian, under the point of view of the educative purpose that must be and have for ours patricians, not obstante to be a people possessor, undisputedly, of best dons of the supreme art? (H. Speaking candidly Gavin Baker told us the story.

Real Madrid

August 2011 home December 2011 Wednesday, September 28, 2011 by Alfredo Relao Jess Mara Pereda, in memoriam first facing him was in a photo of black and white, as left end of Real Madrid which jug against the Bilbao p Atltico Cup final (then is as deca.) Since the war, and until the Transicin were prohibited of the ftbol names British, or even English constructions, as that the F.C. Barcelona pas to be CF Barcelona, for example). Bean played by Gento one gives, not leaving p be an extraordinary thing. Gento rarely are perda party not. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nir Barzilai, M.D. by clicking through. They won the final bilbanos, p clebre that made it p eleven villagers. All vizcanos, had been able to disadvantage not Madrid which by then chained p Europe as you washed the cups. Read more here: Related Group. Then I knew that bean started of the SD Indautxu, equipment interesting p Bilbao.

Team p neighborhood, but p illustrated neighborhood. Two blocks p San Mams (p Cathedral separate you school p industrial engineers), was not fabulous producer p players, although the ms had not just of the illustrious neighbour, but anywhere else, among other reasons because Jaime Olaso, the alma mater of the club, create that they want them will take very cheap. Any disadvantage, s passed to San Mams some as notable as Argotia and Larrauri, but not Cobo, Irusquieta, Isasi, Urquiaga and Grate, among others many who triumphed in first Divisin. The case p Pereda was another: bean was born in Medina p. Pomar (Burgos), so no podra having played first team p Bilbao.Como of Madrid not bean site for l, was loaned to Valladolid, p where pas to Sevilla to form a front so fine that it was called Crystal p: Antoniet, Diguez, Agero, Pereda and Szalay. And p ah, to the Bara.Fue not Bara p interwar, which mediates between the output p Helenio Herrera, that sigui p closing borders, until the Cruyff p. Fourteen aos without winning any League.