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National Education

The school is a privileged environment of learning. In it, the resume, aformao of the professors, the administration of the time, the space, the materialdidtico are planned to help to construct an surrounding deaprendizagem. To educate for a global citizenship is to develop the understanding of that impossvel to want to decelerate the world and, in this manner, to look for to adapt formade to educate to the changes fast and sped up gifts in our lives. It is to have internal umaatitude of opening and not of closing, an attitude of questionamentocrtico and, at the same time, acceptance of what to judge excellent for aeducao. this involves the understanding of the social impacts and polticosdecorrentes of the demographic phenomena and the acquisition of compatible values it eats life in a planetary society, where it takes advantage the tolerance, the respect, acompaixo, the cooperation and solidarity.

It is to prepare the individuals to paravivenciarem new ethics between the peoples, capable to improve the convivncianeste world. To develop the considered subject we could not leave to consist the Law deDiretrizes and Bases of National Education 9394/96 that, in its article 12, prevque, ' ' the educational establishments, respected the common norms and of seusistema of education, will have the incumbency to elaborate and to execute propostapedaggica' '. (BRAZIL, 1996). However, these proposals, so that they are in accordance with the realidadesociocultural of the present time, cannot only pautar in the knowledge traditionally used einformaes in the education. She is necessary to innovate e, paraisso, to use themselves of technological resources that propitiate positive consequences noensino/learning. Moreover, communication is necessary to extend the capacity of development of meiosde to make possible the magnifying of the relations human beings so that ossaberes is argued and socialized. Only thus, the education encontrarmeios not to be on this side of the sociocultural development of its time and doespao in which one meets inserted.

Marine Geophysical Fiber-optic Measuring System

ZHEREBTSOV VD OAO Sevmorneftegeofizika 'Russia for consideration – Creating a high-tech measuring system for searching and monitoring oil and gas fields. Seismic fiber-optic measuring system (Vaughns) is qualitatively new system for searching and monitoring offshore oil and gas research. WIPO is based on the phase or frequency optical measurement principles. These systems allow you to get higher quality of geological and geophysical information, reduce the cost of research, the life of the measuring devices compared to traditional systems that are based on electromagnetic measurement principles. The use of fiber-measuring techniques for seismic data can improve the resolution of the measurements. In the absence of the influence of electromagnetic interference may WIPO use in industrial areas and improve the search fields. Measurement of the seismic field occurs in a discrete area at 10 Hz, (Optical wavelength X = 0.8-1.68 mm). This simplifies the receiver measuring channel, which virtually no effect in the study alyaysing seismic vibrations at frequencies of F = 1 Hz – 500 Hz.

As well as significantly reduced the effect of reflected and multiple waves of seismic measurements, thereby improving quality data. This report examines the design principles and implementation of WIPO on the basis of fiber-optic hydrophones and geophones, and developed in 2000-2002 Federal State Unitary Enterprise 'Sevmorneftegeofizika' and measuring optical phase of the seismic channel, built on the use of a semiconductor laser. Hydrophone developed for Mach-Zehnder interferometer. In laboratory tests, this hydrophone showed an increased sensitivity is 7-8 times as compared with a piezoceramic. Geophone uses inferferometr Fabry-Perot.

and laboratory tests showed an optical sensitivity of the measurement 3×10 'nm, which is greater than characteristics of sensors used for the seismic shift. The measuring system is based on the principle of a modular hierarchical structure with high reliability, performance and expandability. The authors of this paper has several patents on the system implementation of this direction, obtained and executed an international grant. Proceedings of International Conference "Oil and Gas ARCTIC SHELF – 2004 '

Magister College

According to Bossa (2000, P. 21), ' ' the psicopedagogia studies the characteristics of the learning human being: as it is learned, as if this learning varies evolutivamente and is conditional for some factors, as the alterations in the learning are produced, as to recognize them, to treat them and prevented-las.' ' In this way, if it cannot analyze the process of learning of isolated form. Therefore the learning difficulties can be of emotional, physical, social, cognitiva order and etc. Methodology This work developed with study of bibliographical character, based on the theories of diverse authors had as purpose to provide elements that can contribute for quarrels/related reflections absence of affectivity and limits, a reality faces for many schools and families currently. A contribution of the Psicopedagogia in the process of teach-learning and the cognitivo, psychological and social development of the individual.

Consideraes final This work had as objective to verify the participation of the family in the affective and cognitivos aspects, to show the importance of the parents in the process of escolarizao of its children and as the affectivity lack and limits harm the process of learning of the individual. The family is the first space of learning for the individual, it is an port-insurance, and she must offer acolhedor, comfortable environment for its children, the family plays a role important in the educative process of the child, having to contribute positively in its development, are affective or cognitivos they, when this participation does not happen, on the part of the family, it provokes great insatisfao and unreliability in the children, being able to take it a pertaining to school income not satisfactory. The school goes beyond mere transmissora of contents, is in the pertaining to school environment that the citizen improves its knowledge and perfects its learning of living in society, providing an environment of social quarrels. The school must know a little the reality of the families, the way to act and to think, with the objective to understand the actions and behaviors of the pupils. Psicopedagogo must prioritize ' ' conhecimento' ' of the citizen, focusing problematic inside of the context the cause/symptom and to act on them.

Many times, the individual does not obtain to learn to read, to write or to decide mathematical problems not due to intellectual requirements, but for blockades and inhibitions of thinking, generated for problematic affective or emotional. Family, School and Psicopedagogo have its importance in the learning process, therefore the partnership is basic, to know the description of life of the patient; to detect the main points of difficulties and necessities, with this to minimize the problems related to the riot of learning. Bibliographical references BOSSA, Ndia. the psicopedagogia in Brazil: contributions from the practical one. 2 ed. Porto Alegre: Artimed, 2000. OAK, E. and CUZIN, M. the institucional psicopedagogia and its performance in the work market. Campinas: UNICAMP, 2008. CURY, Augustus. Shining parents fascinating Professors. Rio De Janeiro: Sextant, 2003. The PRADO, Danda. What she is family. So Paulo: Brasiliense, 1981. First collection Steps. Magazine Sees. Edio1841, 2004. Publishing company April. RODRIGUES, Berenice. The paper of the family in the education of the child: the necessity of the affective component. So Paulo, 2008 43p. Monograph (Licenciatura in Pedagogia) Magister College. TIBA, Iami. Who loves educates. So Paulo: People, 2002. WALLON, Henri. Psychology and education of the child. So Paulo: It stokes, 1982


It is certain that you’ve seen it but where not, a little higher, above the title of this article, there is an illustration. In this there is a man reading under the shade of a tree and a little more to the left, there is a small sign. This says: reflections on education for a life with a sense what I mean with a life with meaning? Well it is simply living your life according to the purpose for which you have decided that you must have. If you don’t know what this is, it’s okay. Sometime I neither knew it. The exercise below can help you find out, I know that to me helped me.

Of course you can choose to skip the exercise and continue reading the rest of the article, but I recommend to do so anyway. Well let’s start. 1. Write two of your main qualities, enthusiasm and creativity. 2-Enter one or two ways in which you enjoy expressing these qualities when you interact with others, such as support and inspire. 3 Assumes that the world is perfect at this time.

How is this world? How about interacting with others? How do you feel? Write your answer as a statement describing the fundamental condition. Example: All freely express their talents. All work in harmony. All express their love. 4 Combines the three above points into a single declaration. Example: My purpose in life is to use my enthusiasm and creativity to support and inspire others so that they can express their talents freely in a harmonic way and loving. That’s all! Yes, I know it, it is not very specific. But it does not seek to be it; the exercise not tells you what you should be doing with your life but delivers a filter with that watch it. So, find you face many choices will have a tool with that choice.

The Opposite

This concept is not limited to sexual feelings and behavior by itself, and it is not synonymous with the libido in the broadest sense, which is invested in him by Freud. Psychosexual development – one aspect of ontogeny is closely associated with common biological organism's development, particularly sexual maturation, and future changes in sexual function. If you do not consider prenatal period, it begins with the formation of sexual identity baby, with a crucial role in this process is played by adults. Defining passport sex baby, parents and other adults are beginning to teach a child to sexual role, by showing them what it means to be a boy or a girl. Awareness of their gender, the child has already formed to 1,5 years, constituting the most stable, the core element of its identity. In 3-4 years the child has already consciously distinguishes the floor of surrounding people, but often associates it with a purely external signs, such as clothes, and admits the fundamental reversibility, the ability to change sex. In 6-7 years the child finally understands irreversibility of sex, which coincides with the rapid increase in sexual differentiation of behavior and attitudes, boys and girls on their own initiative choose different games and partners in them, show different interests, style of behavior. In addition to parents, a critical agent of sexual socialization is the society of their peers as well as the opposite sex. Estimating the constitution and the child's behavior in light of its own, much more severe than in adults, the criteria of masculinity / femininity, peers, thus confirm, strengthen, or conversely, raise questions about his sexual identity and sex-role orientation.

Education Necessities

Rejane Paradella Silva, learning of Licenciatura in Pedagogia Ludicidade as possibility of inclusion of Special children with Necessities of Education the ludicidade is without a doubt, a great ally in the mediation of the education process and learning of children, also the ones that present necessities educational special (NEE). Special necessity of education is all and any symptom presented for the child, who can be permanent or temporary, of organic and/or emotional nature, that harms the cognitivo process. The education professionals can and must use of pedagogical strategies, as the playful activities, that associates the professional treatment when necessary, they will help the child to explore and to develop its abilities. For Luckese (2002), researcher of education and Ludicidade. The Ludicidade is a full and complete state of satisfaction human being, who involves the body and the mind in accordance with at the same time the activity that is being carried through at the moment. activities playful as: games, tricks, dance, music, manual works, amongst others they costumam to involve the child and to awake its interest of participation, beyond disclosing its abilities.

Through these activities, all the children they can have the same possibility of to reach a full state of Ludicidade. As much for Vygotsky, apud Oliveira (1997), as for wallon, apud Galvo (1995) human development occurs from its interaction with symbols and instruments, and in the social relations. through this interaction, if evidences its potentialities. Luckese (2002) cites the four dimensions of the human growth according to Ken Weber: Individual and interior I that is the experiences with the others when develop the ethical and moral sine; IT individual exterior that develops former mannering sciences: the neurofisiologia; IT collective exterior that defines the way of being and of living the social relations. Thus Luckese concluded that the human being in full is been playful when I satisfy its.

In-House Education

We educate in house, but not necessarily single. To educate in house is not to educate or only isolated, lives in society and is integrated in the same, so you are going away to support in her you need whenever it. Although at the outset you are scared of not being preparation or of which there are things that you do not go that is to say or that you will not be able to help your children, the reality is that they are going to you to happen two things, one that to many you are going them things to be remembering and/or learning at the same time as your son, and other than you will discover that you have very many options in which apoyarte when really you feel that there is something you cannot cover and your son needs, or a remote school with program online like Epysteme, a friend that yes knows that matter, a relative, another family who educates in house with that to make interchanges of the type ” you teach physics to your children and to mine and I to them teach to Literature contempornea” to them; or you will even take to an academy of reinforcement or review to him, as so many sent to school children go without nobody cries out to the sky for that reason in spite of spending 6 hours daily surrounded by ” profesionales” , and it is left you always the resource to contract a particular professor for that concrete matter. To look for supports is allowed, is reasonable, is even recommendable. I not music, and my children yes want to know, so I looked for external support for it and we are very contentments with the result, and of to the same I have looked for it form for other things I have needed whenever it. Be conscious that yet not always we can and knowledge that we can look for aid and resources of diverse ways is a responsibility exercise, one more of those than on a daily basis we make when educating in house.

Superior Education

As, pparently, the demand for superior education comes decaying, the facultieses if they come debtors ' ' to dispute in tapa' ' the candidates. As much that if invented up to one such of ' ' vestibular contest agendado' '. It illustrates this what a person said who did not make vestibular contest. It had made registration in an institution of the region, but it was not to make test. Days later, when the period of the school registrations already if had locked up e, as the such course does not fill the vacant total, the citizen receives a phone call, calling it to make school registration: the stated period had been extended But it had not made initial! But, by the way of that these commentaries? It is the question that many must be if making. Commentaries, that the majority of the people makes, throughout the day are alone the day: some for pure fofocante delirium others because they had heard to speak But these commentaries had been motivated by the slips that we saw occurring in the Enem.

Test lacking questions, test with inverted statement in relation to foreseen in the card the reply. The failure in meeting of notice and the position of the MEC, of judges and estudantis entities. Prohibition of spreading of results, rumors of cancellations total partial not cancellation. This without speaking of the commentaries that had run to the untied language for the streets and schools: where we go to stop with this? Only in same Brazil! Nor it could be different, it is public thing. the maledicentes commentaries if alternate. The languages if locate pro and against the Enem. in the way it crossed fire remains the students victims and principal actors of this insoluble and still indefinite drama: more than a hundred of university, beyond other Justinian codes of Superior Education adopts, of some form, the results of the Enem, in its process of admission or to carrear federal resources for the offered stock markets around of the Enem.E the press makes its game: it has as many years exists the Enem.

Earth Sun

Why methane so scattered in the rocks, and the extraction coal mines literally "oozes" from all the time? A and is sometimes found even where no bacteria could not be srodu? But it seems that all of these questions you can try to give an answer. The essence of the explanation in the following. By hypothesis BM Kuzhevskogo 1, our sun is, so-called "neutron crown." That is, the Earth Sun fires neutrons, which have very low energy and even held up the earth's atmosphere. But let us imagine that once, perhaps billions of years ago, "Neutron crown" was much stronger than today. Then, fast neutrons, "proshivaya" bowels of the earth, and slowing down the carbon (of which at that time mainly consisted of the Earth), underwent beta decay. Or, in other words, turned into protons (and electrons and antineutrinos), which is known to be the nuclei of hydrogen atomamov. If we consider that the neutron radiation is penetrating to the species, it is probably understand how hydrogen could fall into the bowels of the earth and form a variety of hydrocarbons.

And, keep in mind that this "bombing" lasted millions or even tens of millions of years at least, since the Sun faster just could not calm down. Water well as a number of organic compounds resulting from the interaction of hydrocarbons with oxygen-containing compounds and oxides of various metals, because free oxygen was absent and was formed just out of the water and not vice versa. So, a little more about the water.

The Pupil

According to Cagliari (1996), school not part of the knowledge that the child has of its language, but of abecedrio and one speaks total unknown to the one of the pupil. To if coming across with the had language as not-standard of the individual, the school censorship and I corrected, thus limiting the creativity and expression of the pupil, who for consequence, feels itself incapable to establish a dialogue, to produce texts, thus creating a feeling of aversion for the language; generally in the community where the pupil lives the Portuguese is said of a natural form, without rules and exceptions, however, when the Portuguese arrives at the school if he complicates and the way for which it speaks starts to be ' ' missed and vergonhosa.' ' In this, he observes yourself that the school if appropriates of force of the language to leave well clearly for the pupil, through education, the place of each one in that scene and until is of the walls of that institution, and the express way as if, as if it leaves to speak, as if question and as the answers are accepted correspond to a way, not to evaluate the development of the pupil, but as one forgives reprimiz it or to approve, for saying to it that it is capable or imcompetent person. The slight knowledge preconceived on the language are maleficent and coercive in the society, because in its majority, if they use of the cultured norm to identify errors in speaks of a person if basing not on the knowledge of the same one, more in its color, religion, region etc., then, if the individual is poor, the language is poor, if it lives in a said region as been slow, the language goes to be delayed. It is not teaching only regrinhas of the grammar that the child goes to learn Portuguese; it is necessary yes to teach the grammar, but if it does not have to forget that the pupil lives in different contexts.