Savings of up to 70prozent are possible! Whether photo poster, canvas or photo wallpaper – photo products of all kinds today most popular products include in the home decoration segment. And also as individual gifts are photo books, photo calendar & co. fully in line with the trend. It is not surprising that compete more and more vendors in the booming market for photo products to attract of consumers. Consumers in the thicket of discount offers, new offerings and a wide variety of price performance ratios but quickly lose the overview.

The frustration of overreaching can so quickly grow out of the joy of the individualized gift. With this situation intolerable for critical and demanding customers, the new price comparison for photo services, now finally makes! Since March 2010, offers specialized and of course free price comparisons for prints of digital photos, photo posters, canvas and photo calendars. Therefore the specialized price comparisons take into account relevant all for the total price Price components, such as about prices, tiered prices, shipping or free prints on photographic prints. Search results are sorted by the total price, structured clearly presented and enriched to important, qualitative information about the respective photo products. There are often notable quality, materials and processing differences, which must necessarily be taken into account when a price comparison be it the quality of the canvas material, strength of wooden frame and photo canvases, or the paper quality and paper surface sealing with prints of digital photos. Demanding and price-sensitive customers find the photo service with the best price performance ratio and that thanks to without extensive and time-consuming research. Depending on the photo product price savings can be with a price comparison on up to 70% without that the quality must suffer! Gunar Baloch