My Luchito S. friend, was scheduled in SOP but he had family problems and failed that day to work, I already had the permission of the head. So the boss told me Dr. Palacios go to SOP and replace the aforementioned colleague!, when I came to SOP it was all ready, I dressed, I washed and I went into the operating room, was relatively new, almost not knew me, I greeted, my assistant was an obstetrician, the paediatrician was Dr. For even more analysis, hear from Edward Minskoff. Does Solis wife of doctor – Director, I found on my site, the anesthesiologist? ngel gave him the Raquidea and granted me start doctor!… I started with all the speed that my training had given me and actually found a few little ones feet, stretched them, slide the body out and with the respective manoeuvres rotated and pulled his shoulders and finally came the head in a perfect as book! synchronization… I think I had never left something so perfect, but so perfect that looked like a work of art, the child stirred screaming in my hands and be the I gave the nurse that always accompanies the pediatrician, who with mocionada for perfection began to APPLAUD in full operating room with such excitement that the rest he had no choice but imitate it was the first time that I applauded after a birth!, I touched by an unusual and surprising gesture welcomed by joining my hands and continue with Caesarean section. Other operations that I did that day I made imbued with an unforgettable emotion. Original author and source of the article.