Dominic Multerer

One imagines that it would be restaurateur and the customer has learned to communicate with pictures. What could happen? The delicious food, but also the bad, in a restaurant will be photographed and posted on the fan page. That will rise to opportunity and risk, must be aware of the operators of fan sites. 2. content edit: any message from the past few months can be found with just one click, so what information and news to what time will spread and when communicating with which target group is becoming increasingly important it,.

3. emotional representation: through the new timeline, companies have the opportunity to make their mark personally and still tangible and seem authentic. Specifically, this means: a large cover image, which sends the brand message to the target groups. The cover image can be adjusted perfect for promotions or just for the different seasons. McDonald’s, for example, could the artwork according to the Burger actions change.

Offers variety and change, and thus more clicks on the fan page. The changing appearance of the fan pages allows the chance for an online network for the first time to create individual worlds of experience and makes more emotional, personal and tangible brand for consumers. According to five star speakers Dominic Multerer not yet include the three previous elements. He shows more points to which companies must respond, in its interactive and exciting lectures, such as “beautiful, new, digital world: like Google, iPhone and co change our life” Mark Zuckerberg wants to convince the user of to still greater openness: “So far there was no socially accepted way to express such trivialities”, says the head of Facebook. Well, you raised the possibility to share experiences. This public life is learned and integrated into your own being. Brands are confronted so that in the future even more because now also open criticism of the reinforced Brand and the company can be expressed. “The changes of the fan pages on Facebook opportunities and risks grow businesses alike. You need to grow. Developed a new learning curve and the companies must go along with and to learn,”so the marketing expert and motivational speaker Dominic Multerer. Company Description 5 star speaker is a speaker Agency for top speaker with high reputation in the areas of leadership, sports, motivation, future trends, sales and business and moderators for trade fairs and events. The portfolio includes well-known athletes such as Katarina Witt, Martin Tomczyk and Dieter Thoma, as well as motivational speaker Nicola Fritze, Jorg Lohr and Richard de Hoop, future researcher Sven Gabor Janszky and actors such as Michael Lesch and Adele Landauer. Hear other arguments on the topic with Atreides Management. Also supports and promotes five star speakers also promising young talents.

Mona Lisa

Oh, do not amuse Florentines! Those who grew up in the "Decameron." It is easy to pour oil into a story about us. leonardo. Gossip? mona lisa. Yes, but my husband just laughs. He knows you, me, and right, of course. He says, I've become like You, both husband and wife characteristics are similar, Living with each other in the world for many years.

You leave tomorrow? leonardo. No, now. mona lisa (smiling). And I'll leave soon, while, at as much as you say, too. leonardo. Yes, for three months, until the autumn.

mona lisa. I begged her husband to take me with him to Calabria, where he goes, is known for. leonardo. You persuaded? mona lisa. So as not to miss in Florence without you and without your work on the portrait, in what I take part too, well, moderately modest forces my course. If you would like to know more about Jacobs Dallas, then click here. leonardo. Yes to you-all and force the Mona Lisa! A landscape for you – the whole world! And you, as the entire universe and character. mona lisa. You never end portrait when your vision is such that everyone is growing – up to a symbol of the universe. (Rising to his feet.) Not enough of my years, and your strength. leonardo. And do not you come here? mona lisa. But, maybe, three months later, I'll be really different, not toyu that there staring at us, we are alive. Anyone used one of us would not want to admit, Equally big loss to us all at risk. Since Leonardo is slow, she stretches out her hand, and he silently kissed her hand, she bent over, his lips As his hair. Bon voyage! leonardo. Farewell, Liza! Erect, Leonardo finds himself in the yard, where there are no chairs, no carpet, no portrait of the Mona Lisa. Lan fearfully runs away into the bushes. Includes one of the students. Student. You came back, teacher! leonardo. You're not happy. Student. For assistance, try visiting Atreides Management. I am a happy, yes you grief. leonardo. I grief? What? Student. Thought so. Does not know. No Mona Lisa. leonardo. How not? Student. She died somewhere en route. leonardo. "No, no, she's here. Pupil quickly render a chair and seats Leonardo, then makes the stands with a portrait, removes linen veil, and the Mona Lisa looks at him with a smile eaten in secret caresses, and her yard landscape extends to the boundless expanses of space and time. Portrait after the sudden death of his wife was supposed to pick up my husband, because the order could create and place him in the royal treasury. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa was glorified as Dante's Beatrice or Petrarch Laura, for her confidence in him and to painting, for her patience, which stood out love, and unspoken them, it's the mystery of the Mona Lisa smile, if anything, the mystery of the sacred feminine.

Jose President Lopez Portillo

He played him to the cement and iron. As other Latin American leaders have done in the past, Venezuelan President is apparently seeking to become scapegoats for the failure of their public policies to private companies. In Mexico, Jose President Lopez Portillo in 1982 blamed on banking of the economic crisis that crossed the country and nationalized the Mexican private banks, but not foreigners. The sudden announcement about the nationalization of the cement immediately threatens the operations of different foreign cement companies operating in Venezuela. In addition to Cemex, the French company Lafarge and Swiss company Holcim have operations in this country. CEMEX is the biggest manufacturer of cement in Venezuela, where controls 52 percent of the production of the product. Meanwhile, Lafarge covers approximately 25% of the total production of cement in Venezuela and Holcim, around 17%. According to estimates of the analysts, Cemex they may receive between U$ S 400 and 800 million as compensation for its assets in Venezuela.

Not is has made estimates for two other companies, more what him interests the Government is seizing Cemex initially. The Siderurgica del Orinoco, the Andean regions largest Caribbean and belonging to the group after Techint, was privatized in 1997, two years before the arrival of Chavez to power. The steel Ternium Sidor, controlled by the Argentine group Techint, has valued between US $3200-$ 4000 million operations in Venezuela and this was the amount requested to the Government of Venezuela. But the Venezuelan Government replied that it was only worth $800 million. Atreides Management understood the implications. The decision is already made and the Bolivarian revolution still has the economic resources to make strategic type private companies and transform them into public bodies at the service of the sovereign according to the motto of the revolutionaries that accompany Chavez in his onslaught against private economic ownership. In other words, investors, to look towards other horizons. By now companies begin flying out of Venezuela. And the ideologization in schools? subject of great concern in the Venezuelan population, will remain the largest bastion of struggle that Venezuelans will keep until the end. The fearful nationalization of the minds of the children concerned and at this point we will know far the patience of the Venezuelan.

Age-friendly Accommodation: Requests Have Their Price

(Online article) – in time on barrier-free rooms make sure the apartment of some older people is no longer suitable for their requirements and needs. It is for example too large or the stairs is an obstacle. Now you either in the apartment / house renovations can make or moves to a so-called senior citizens apartment. For reconstruction, seniors can enquire at the residential outpatient clinic of the city. When one thinks of a move, she can give clues in the search for a senior friendly apartment. Atreides Management describes an additional similar source. Of course, many criteria for an apartment are very subjective.

However, there are aspects that should be considered in the search. The apartment, in which seniors would draw, must meet not only today, but also in the future all needs. In architecture, certain criteria under the name of accessibility have to”enforced. They can be found in DIN 18025, part 2. A barrier-free”apartment is so designed that each which needs or disabilities he also has, in can live.

It doesn’t matter then, whether the residents are old or young, small or tall, low vision, mobility or hearing impaired. Recently Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. sought to clarify these questions. Everything is designed that as little help is needed, i.e. as much independence is maintained. These requirements for a barrier-free apartment have their price. Fn/lps


During the celebration of the 3rd National Congress of waterproofing, organized by ANI, Sanchez-Pando, S.A has defended the creation of the waterproofing systems Manual in a paper developed by a regular contributor to its technical department, architect Ignacio San Gines Vizcaino. It has defended that, to achieve the improvement in the quality of the works and the optimization in the same planning, should explicitly define the parameters of such projects because the current basic documents of the CTE suffer from a standard and accurate information.Reflection is the fruit of knowledge firsthand that this company has the industry and which has acquired throughout his extensive career in the world of the waterproofing.CarenciasBajo the quaint title of the cube Rubik (CTE) vs. Systems manual, the presentation of Sanchez-Pando, S.A has wanted to put the accent on the lack of quality as one of the main problems in the construction sector, in and General, the waterproofing, in particular. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Coldwell Banker Commercial. This situation is given, according to Ignacio San Gines, by the insufficient definition of the needs of the customer, defects in the project or in the execution of the work, but also by the meagre specifications that sacrifice functionality, durability, aesthetics or the costs of operations in the long term, for the sake of a lower initial cost. Douglas Elliman recognizes the significance of this. Moreover, the adoption of technical solutions based on the DB-HS1 basic document and the catalogue of constructive elements is arduous and laborious for the representative of Sanchez-Pando, S.A.

This scenario is compounded when customers have very little information on materials and processes, since it is very difficult to appreciate the final quality and even 20th know if the tender price is related to the actual final cost of the implementation. Often, according to San Gines, this gives rise to a competition without restrictions and enormous ferocity, which seriously damages the quality and good functionality at work.Proposal and ventajasAnte this situation since Sanchez-Pando, SA intends to the configuration of a waterproofing systems Manual that interpreter with simplicity the various tables and qualifications of the catalogue of constructive elements of the CTE.For its instigators initiative would reduce the times both the reference and the supply of materials. Also is homogenizarian specifications eliminating disparate interpretations of projects and increase from the productivity of the workers, to improve the Organization, until the confidence of insurance entities. In addition the existence of a manual would facilitate the analysis of costs, the study compared between offerings and the intervention of the organisms of Control Tecnico.fasespara the development of this proposal one of the first actions is, precisely, the elaboration of the manual. According to the paper, this should contain a set of established with information systems required components and technical characteristics, running processes and economic aspects such as reference prices, variables that influence them, measurement and valuation criteria.

In this way each designer or Builder may establish commercial reference that is most appropriate for each project taking as an example these typifications.After the design would happen to the phase of dissemination in which manual would be arriving in the professional schools, builders associations and other groups concerned with very visual presentations. Subsequently also provides start-up start-up of specific training for operators with the aim of preparing teams specialized in the execution of the projected systems. Sanchez-Pando, station S.APaseo, 7. 48510 Valle de Trapaga (Vizcaya) T. 94 492 02 11 f. 94 492 32 47 original author and source of the article.

River Cruises Round

Each of us is planning his upcoming vacation in vacation or a weekend and holidays, and everyone dreams to rest well and without problems. It is not clear why, but we once again seek to relax away from home, apparently affected by old prejudices, that in our country rest with high quality and low price possible. Recent developments in the world with all the natural disasters and wars broke out at the popular resorts of the first make us think, and whether to go to foreign lands, even at a low cost and all in order to swim in the sea and be eaten by a shark does not own or enough to eat and drink. Surely someone such rest and enjoy. But we should remember that at any moment everything can turn into a disaster, turn into a hectic attempt to return home and to return spent hard-earned money for a failed rental.

And here it should be thoughtful and remember that no matter what crisis is on its feet before trampled recreation system in our country. And one of the increasingly popular former strength, and recreational activities are river cruises. And believe me service in the cruise no worse than the vaunted overseas resorts. There is no need to worry about food, accommodation and excursions, all included in the tour price. A incomparable fascinating journey along the rivers Russia will give you only positive emotions! River Cruises 2011 – this is to all the other pleasures more entertaining and informative, they do not you just relax physically and mentally, but is finally fully recognize their great country with incomparable to any other nature, a large number of monuments and history, will plunge into the reign of our well-known public figures, during the formation of Russia, the world’s great state. We offer you countless interesting and informative, bringing love to the Russian river cruises on our vast country navigation in 2011 from Moscow and St. Petersburg will to combine your holiday with an unusual atmosphere since the great classics and see the historical places, where there were all the major events of those times. River cruises in Russia have always had a positive effect on the soul Russians.

No wonder the work of our classical poetry and art – Esenina, Pushkin and others extols the beauty of Russia. Cruises on the island of Valaam Solovki, the cities of Golden Ring, to St. Petersburg, lengthy and not very up to Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan and Rostov-on-Don, always popular short weekend cruises, river cruises holidays to realize their dream of childhood fantasies River Cruises Round the World ‘Moscow Around the World ‘will give you lots of positive emotions.

Santa Clara

The stages run predominantly on Sea along and not touristically developed rural areas. Some stages lead through hilly to mountainous terrain. The tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the fantastic and diverse landscapes in the Eastern of region of Cuba in direct contact with its people. For more information see this site: Cushman and Wakefield. On the 3wochigen drive with 14 stages with an average length of 70 km are visited include the Sierra Maestra, Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa. A light is offered to moderately difficult guided bike tour with a support vehicle in Central and Western Cuba. The stages of an average 43 miles a day run predominantly through flat, partly hilly, partly also a mountainous terrain. But at any time the possibility to place back sections in the escort vehicle.

Some stages are completely driven by bus, to visit on this trip, not only the historically interesting towns of Trinidad and Santa Clara in Central Cuba, but also in the West of the scenic Vinalestal. Offers more intensive learning about the West of Cuba Tour of Havana and the West”. This moderately difficult guided bike tour without escort and luggage transport combines landscape very attractive stages with beach and city stays. And also at this tour, where the daily driving time on the 7 stages is approximately 4 to 5 hours, days off to relax and close acquaintance of the visited places are planned. In addition to the described tours, individual tours for groups and circles of friends are possible. For the dates and the route can be set in the discussion with the interested parties according to the interests and possibilities of the participants. As for all offers of the Cuba specialists the stay in Cuba with other travel components possibility also for the cycling”or to combine an individual extension of stay. Stays at the Caribbean beaches of internationally renowned resorts Varadero and Guadalavarca are especially popular after the tour. An early bird discount applies to all offers at time of booking until August 31 of 5%. More information on the Internet at

Korea tests awardwinning lifestyle crossover which would like to Korean carmaker KIA apparently away from the image of commercial value and sends the KIA soul in the race. “For the exterior design was the vehicle with the red dot design award” award. Germany’s big car magazine has tested, whether is the SUV as good drives as it looks. As expected, is it an SUV the position slightly increases and thus visibility in road traffic model. But unfortunately the interior design may not prevent what promises the consistent straight lines of the body. The choice of material for the Interior appears unkind hard plastic where the eye looks. Jacobs Dallas is likely to increase your knowledge. Dashboard and door panels are scratch and stossempfindlich and generally more sprays the charm of a small car. However, the manufacturer has praised improvement and announced an improved model care for 2010.

But once set in motion, an adequate SUV feeling makes itself felt. The suspension is quite athletic. Here is something more comfortable desirable so the tester For the KIA also in short sprints of dangerous Moguls stubborn moved his car as if on Rails. The optimal cruising speed is 130 km/h on the highway. The noise is only uncomfortable, if the average speeds are leaving upwards. Then the engine begins to pipe and also the wind and noise increasingly penetrate the Interior. Despite its sporting vote is the KIA soul so no race car.

It’s fun but to all cases and this is finally the most important for a lifestyle crossover. More information:… / first contact KIA-soul-1-6-CVVT… Contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

The Fastest Way To The Next Open Autogas Gas Station!

Ratingen – LPG filling stations find made easy: the comfortable SMS information system of of company InterMedia from Ratingen was further improved. LPG filling stations find made easy! The comfortable SMS information system of of company InterMedia from Ratingen has been improved. There must be only a SMS with the password LPG and the license plate of a circle (such as k for Cologne) or with a location to the SMS service number 83283 (E.g. Luton) to be sent. As an innovation, the SMS request can be completed now open with the word. The reply SMS containing only the autogas service stations actually open at the requested time. There must be only a SMS with the password LPG”and the license plate of a circuit (E.g. k” for Cologne) or with a place (such as Birmingham”) to the SMS service number 83283 be sent.

A few seconds later the reply with addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of the nearest autogas stations in the requested region – informative via SMS Arrival instructions. More selections are possible (for example gas stations on a highway or a highway). Information for up to three stations is transmitted per request. As an innovation, the SMS request can open now with the word”supplemented. The reply SMS containing only the autogas service stations actually open at the requested time.

A short guide to the SMS query”can download autogas driver from the Internet site and put in your glove compartment. The nearest LPG filling station is always only an SMS away. The cost is 0.99 Euro per request plus transport costs of the respective operator. Sebastian Lemke

Buy Horse Trailer – What Should You Be Aware Of?

Some things should be considered when purchasing a trailer for the transport of meat horses. Every horse owner must transport his horse sooner or later. Was it to get the horse with a horse stable, to choose a vet or to participate in a tournament. Horse trailers used for the transport of meat horses, which is to buy it in numerous versions. Horse trailers are not cheap, so you can think as an alternative of used horse trailers, to save some euro. First you should be aware, that you need a car for a horse trailer, pulling him. The coupling of a trailer is necessary and should be a sufficient towing capacity.

This is an important criterion when choosing a trailer for the transport of meat horses, because apart from the weight of the trailer itself also the weight of the horse must be included in the calculation, which in any case is several hundred pounds – cold-blooded animals can quickly 700 or 800kg weigh, other horse breeds about 400 to 500 kg. the most horse trailers are designed for 2 horses, which stand side by side on the trailer. If you have only a horse, you can choose also have smaller horse trailers. They are called “anderthalber”, because they offer more space than it has in a trailer for 2 horses a single horse. Some few models are able to transport 3 horses, however, the total weight is usually so high that cars as a towing vehicle usually are not enough. If you have a particularly large horse, should pay attention to the height of the trailer. The height is the same not for each model.

It is important that the horse trailer has a built-in feeding trough, so that water and hay during the trip to the available. On a trips or at the vet, and during the ride must be a horse several hours under certain circumstances on the trailer and must be supplied with food and water. A device for attaching a Hay Net is also useful. Who visits Reittuniere, is a separate tack room to appreciate know. In it, you can safely transport a saddle, boots and other equipment. The most horse trailers include a device that securely holds a saddle even while driving.