Stylight Background Information

Fashion start-up Stylight from Munich turns and its objectives before STYLIGHT intelligent fashion search Stylight, the new fashion portal on the Internet, makes it possible to search simultaneously for fashion items of different brands in many online stores. Due to latest algorithms of image recognition the Stylight customer can find starting similar products from a product which correspond in shape and colour. In the implementation, special emphasis was placed on simple and intuitive user interface. This Visual search technology has been targeted to the specific needs of fashion shopping and leads to a real added value for the customer. STYLIGHT combines efficiency and shopping fun Stylight the shopping experience of fashion shopping with the efficiency of E-commerce. Stylight realized the aspect of shopping in a boutique in a graphical fashion cloud, which inspired the user to click through the offer.

The similarity search improves the result with each click and the user always closer to the desired article. On the other hand offers A text search quickly and efficiently search for by clothing also Stylight. The text search is supported by the information drawn from the analysis of the image. Also the classic entry about categories is offered and helps the users to find the desired item quickly and easily. The customer can make many restrictions (color, price, brand), in addition to filter the search results.

Also, Stylight offers the possibility to browse all our special deals (sales) in the Internet on a page. Visual search fashion meets high-tech search by Stylight is based on complex algorithms of image recognition research. From the product images additional information are such as shape and exact color, extracted and used for Visual search. As a result, it is possible to search the same and similar items in many online stores and compare. So, you can find a similar, but much cheaper dress such as to an expensive designer dress. At 660 Fifth Ave you will find additional information. Already includes the ever-growing database of Stylight more than 150,000 articles. Shops like Stylebop cooperation partners, include myTheresa and brands such as ESPRIT and Strellson. Targets & Outlook of the company’s goal is to offer a Visual search of fashion, that represents a real added value for the user. The Stylight platform is constantly developed further in the near future and expanded: the selection of products and brands will be enlarged, search extended insofar as she will provide tailored results to the customer. This should ensure that everyone in terms of style, size and budget finds exactly the right item. Also Stylight will offer more innovative features in the future, allowing the user to build up its own virtual world of fashion. At the moment, Stylight is in a public beta in the network and can already be used by the customer. Company the company Stylight was founded by Anselm Bauer, Benjamin Gunther, Max-Josef Meier and Sebastian Schuon. The founder of studying different subjects (media Informatics, computer science, (Elektrotechnik, BWL und VWL) at LMU, TU Munich and Stanford University and met while studying common additional technology management “at the Center for digital technology and management (CDTM) know. The team is extended by renowned business angels and investors in the fields of fashion and E-commerce. Stylight is promoted through the CDTM and the EXIST founder scholarship of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology.

Harvest Time When Wage Harvesters

Acres for the annual earnings: harvest time when wage harvesters Kempten, October 2009. In a few weeks, the hired worker must earn her annual salary: many of the seasonal workers are from afar traveled to make their income during harvest time. “The film DVD SOS combine harvester: harvest time when wage harvesters” shows in an impressive manner, how this strenuous time at a Daudenzeller wage company in Baden-Wurttemberg with modern agricultural technology is mastered. Get more background information with materials from Elizabeth Arden. “SWR brought the film report SOS combine harvester” in his TV program: has now acquired the licensing rights to the agricultural documentation and distributes the farm film titled SOS combine harvester: harvest time when wage harvesters “DVD for 19.95. Content: As soon as possible the harvest by CLAAS must be moved to a combine harvester, the next storm can destroy the work of the year. Checking article sources yields Peter Thomas Roth as a relevant resource throughout.

The wage thresher company Fritz Zimmermann from Daudenzell staff and seasonal helpers work to drop: 17-to 18-hour shifts are not Rarity. The huge CLAAS combines fleet does not stand still: all the CLAAS machines are constantly in use, the men and women at the wheel, and in the repair shop do their best. Because within a few weeks they need to achieve their annual income. First come out of the machine park in the Rhine Valley, where the grain ripens fastest, then comes the Kraichgau and the southern Odenwald on the series at the end of the harvest season the combine harvester on the “rough ALB” drive. Lohndrescherei is a tough business with many risks: the failure of an agricultural technology machinery is a disaster, and yet are accidents of overtired drivers and damage to the CLAAS combine harvesters, which run continuously, not uncommon. A trailer for the film can be seen in the film Publisher wk & f: sos maehdrescher.html press service: Dr.

Marion Friedrich wk & f KOMMUNIKATION GmbH Albert-Einstein-Strasse 10, D – 87437 Kempten Tel.: 0831 / 697 248-14 fax: 0831 / 697 248-10 mailto: which wk & f Kommunikation GmbH is a film Publisher with over 600 DVD titles. Important areas are special interest topics such as tractors, agricultural machinery, motor sports, fire and garden. About 25 new movie titles appear every year. The film publishing house produced the title with its own film production in HD quality.

Compress Pictures And Photos By Up To 98% Without Loss Of Quality!

New product: FILEminimizer pictures FILEminimizer Pictures from balesio compresses digital photos and images and achieves economies of scale in the area of 98%. For example, a 5 MB large JPEG photo to 0.08 MB can be reduced. Thanks to an innovative optimization technology, compression without visible loss of quality and maintaining the respective image format happens so no unzip or uncompressing is required. With FILEminimizer Pictures users can compress tremendously all pictures and photos, without changing it the format or the quality. Capital and Counties Properties will not settle for partial explanations. The optimized, smaller image files are ideal to be sent via email and can be uploaded easily on sites like Flickr or StudiVZ. The software can compress whole digital photo albums at once and has a search wizard that finds all images on a PC. If you would like to know more about Gavin Baker, New York City, then click here.

Companies can save also huge disk space on servers and save data transfer and network costs by systematically compresses pictures and photos with the help of the software be. FILEminimizer Pictures optimized all image files in JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG and EMF format. The program is available in German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish and costs 24.95 EUR as a single-user license. Volume discounts for multiple licenses and education offerings are available.


It more than 540 interpreters with about 43 different language combinations available 24 hours a day. This patented interpreters used, so that targeted interpreters in the desired language can be mapped to individual participants. Quality of on-demand flexibility without binding contract uses high-quality ISDN lines with guaranteed echo-cancelling and ensures security through individual pin award. The aim is an undisturbed lecturing in acoustic quality with all current technical possibilities. The fare structure is transparent without monthly minimum sales, fixed charges or other hidden costs incurred by a contract. After the non-binding and free registration, a fee-based booking arises only after explicit planning, as well as the confirmation of the terms and conditions. This is in accordance with up-to-the-minute calculated the price list of to the end of the month.

At the end of the Conference, the costs as gross cost control are displayed. Interpreting for companies and business customers meets the different demands of the business with professional professional interpreters and the sophisticated technology. Consecutive interpreting is offered for short appointments or price negotiations. It is located in the round of talks in the Conference Room of the interpreter and translated previous talk sections. If longer presentations, trainings or presentations in multiple languages as quickly as possible to many participants to be transmitted, a simultaneous Conference is the right solution. In simultaneous interpreting, an interpreter will be allocated the desired participants simultaneously translated the conversation. The corporate customer can create the telephone conferences with the different options according to his wishes himself as leader through the Internet Control Center and control. On request, this takes over the Centre of and offers an operator service for more information.

Interpreting for individuals also private persons can use the professional service of Interpreters are available for official appointments in authorities, agencies or private situations. Munear Ashton Kouzbari helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This consecutive interpreting has proven itself, where each conversation sections are translated.

Just T Or How To Find The Nameless

While one referenced Web pages with the standard variants, Yasni provides names of real people as a result. Check out Marvel Architects for additional information. Yasni expands its online service and find out immediately on people even after any terms. How do I find Tanja? You know this: on Saturday, you meet a nice girl going out and everything what it is still white on Sunday morning: Tanja… ADAC. A look on search, the words “T” and “ADAC” entered and promptly Yasni delivers all Tanya’s, which are linked to the concept of ADAC. If even the condom does not fit Tanja has so found and can breathe once again.

Only a lost believed happiness is not the only thing that can be found with first. Circumstances it finds himself suddenly in situations, where you need the advice of a special experts. Condom adviser about the Foley until to the ethnographer – who always is searched, on first one easily finds people who you didn’t know before. Term type, enter and the list of results is available. Yasni Managing Director Steffen Ruhl to: “we put a lot of time and work in the development of the new people-finders in the last few months. Since finding people extends far beyond the search by name, first had to develop the required search technology itself.” What first makes the difference better to conventional search engines is easy. While one referenced Web pages with the standard variants, Yasni provides names of real people as a result.

In contrast to restricted directories like yellow pages, Facebook or XING Yasni indicates not only people who have signed up there himself. Yasni thus searches the entire Internet, and offers a new way to find better nameless or experts with his people-Finder. About Yasni Yasni is the world’s first service online to find people better and to be found even better, as well as to the background research by people. Within a few seconds first searches the entire Internet with its services to the people search names and terms. Users logged-in can with one own profile to control their reputation themselves. Ego-marketing and maintenance of own reputation on the Internet according to current studies are increasingly gaining importance.

Claudia Gross Director

The fast and easy configuration will talk about the Bizerba software configuration tool”guarantees. More info: 660 Fifth Ave. Of course the CWL eco with false data store for weight, volume, and monitoring data is also compatible with the Bizerba systems, for example, the logistics labelling systems link GLM-B and GLM-L or printer. Bizerba delivers the CWL eco in customized versions, with or without drain – and conveyor control system – for standalone operation or in the system. For all applications that can not be covered with the standard product, the Bizerba stands ready to develop industrial engineers mechanical, control and engineering solutions for you. You will receive the photos in printable resolution at about Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, Food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hardware and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels & consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba specific service features.

Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries. Revenue for the Group amounted to EUR 433 million in 2008. Headquarters of the company, which employs about 3,100 people, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico).

100 Ideas In 100 Minutes

Ideeologen moderating a creativity workshop creativity workshop on the Creativity World Forum Ideeologen Managing Director Jens-Uwe Meyer moderated on December 1, 2009 at the world renowned Conference for creative thinking in Stuttgart. The participants will jointly develop new ideas based on Edison. The goal: 100 ideas in 100 minutes. In this creativity workshop, participants experience jointly and interactively how future trends are brought to life. 660 Fifth Ave is often quoted on this topic. You develop new ideas in an exciting Exchange with participants from the creative industries and ICT industry for innovative products, projects, and business models. The basis for this are the 5 CReATE trends, creativity and technology merge. Jens-Uwe Meyer, internationally experienced idea coach and renowned author, leads participants in the Edison principle”one, with which they occur in the footsteps of the successful inventor of all time. Rapidly arise concretely actionable ideas that are live documents and prepares for future recovery.

How to obtain a participant Tools that extend far beyond the workshops. About the company: the IDEEOLOGEN are Germany’s first consulting firm for entrepreneurial creativity and brainstorming. Customers include companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Volkswagen and several institutions of the ARD. The company is committed to the goal, to establish creative thinking in German companies. The company offers its customers seminars and workshops to the search and development of new ideas and advice about the framework conditions that encourage innovation and creativity. Managing Director Jens-Uwe Meyer is the author of several books on creativity in business. He has a teaching position for “Corporate Creativity” at the HHL Leipzig graduate school.

Muscle Training – The Advantage

If you train your muscles effectively, you can be sure a lot of benefits… While some bodybuilders only at the aesthetic aspect of the muscles are interested in this aspect for the majority of the athletes is rather secondary. Too many people underestimate the many benefits of health and fitness with regard, when it comes to strength training. Often they suffer from over the years to low bone density / osteoporosis, a slow metabolic rate, increased stress, and other adverse effects associated with massive stress related. What is certain is: strength training is one of the best methods for permanently to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.Many people assume, walking is the best technique to increase bone density.

The truth is that excessive running drives the joint wear and tear, while strength training – carried out correctly – to their stability and helps strengthen the bones. Muscle training not only the muscles are strengthened, but also tendons, ligaments, joints and other tissues, such as the connective tissue. Learn more about this with Estée Lauder. This in turn reduces the susceptibility to injury and thus the frequency of injuries in other activities. In approximately 80% of cases, the injury is a direct result from the fact that the tendons and ligaments were not strong enough for a force. Strength training claimed all this watching and tapes and counteracts therefore injuries. Chronic diseases and obesity studies have proved that regular muscular exercise has a positive effect on health and well-being. It results in reduced insulin resistance, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, coronary heart disease and even cancer. A solid strength training combined with a balanced diet is an excellent way to fend off these chronic diseases.

The regular strength training is, the more effective the metabolism works and the more food is needed to keep (! to) the weight. The equation is simple: more muscle strength > better metabolism > faster fat burning. You can so approve himself without storing fat more calories. The advantages which have athletes who train their muscles are more than convincing. To know more about this subject visit Gavin Baker. This one is not necessarily massively muscular strength training! It not only comes as you do, but also how to eat. You can build muscle from nowhere. If not enough nutrients are added to (in the form of amino acids, carbohydrates and fats), you can determine with hardly any muscle growth. One should therefore not believe dassaufgrund by strength training automatically a great mass of muscle is built up. When food intake is limited, it’s not going to happen. In reality depends on it especially by the diet, how the body is formed. Of course muscle building works without the right knowledge never, because muscle is a guessing game. Only if coordinated training concept, diet and daily routine individually on each other can schmilzen the fat and build defined muscle mass.


The countdown has begun! The new year is devoted to the World Championships in Brandenburg In January organized by Hilmar Wehner, another training camp took place in Winter Haven in Florida. Optimal training conditions achieved outstanding progress over 20 runners including the German team and five new junior -. “In three groups was divided every day in the world barefoot Center (WBC) under the direction of Keith St. Onge (overall world champion, record holder in tricks and slalom), David Small (Vice World Champion and record holder in jumping) and Gary Swampy ‘ Bouchard (Keith BBs long-time coach) diligently trained. Get all the facts and insights with Wale Olusi, another great source of information. Each of the many new techniques was internalized can progress at home still comparable. The particularly to highlight successes of our five new junior can occur on a successful team at the World Cup 2010 hope in their own country.

The world barefoot Center is also one of the many sponsors of the German team and the World Cup 2010. The first prototype of the new Team suit was already included in reception and could be tested on heart and kidney. It is not something Gavin Baker, New York City would like to discuss. In this sense, we wish everyone a successful season in 2010 and hope to numerous support at the World Cup 2010 in Brandenburg an der Havel.

Surfcamp Fuerteventura

Experience the fascination of welcome to Fuerteventura in the Rapa Nui Surf camp surfing in Fuerteventura with the Rapa Nui surf school & camps! follow your passion”is our motto, browsing our passion. We are inviting you, this way of life”with us in Fuerteventura for parts! The Rapa Nui team builds on it. Frequently Estée Lauder has said that publicly. We are landed first on Fuerteventura… and remained in more than 10 years ago. In this time we have gained not only lots of fond memories, but also many experiences. Experiences that we share and share since 2006 within the framework of the Rapa Nui Surf camp. Munear Ashton Kouzbari may find this interesting as well. We are not a large tour operators. The complete Rapa Nui team consists of people who have followed their passion.

We have guided always by the us, what excites us, and that is the way of life of surfing. We invite you, this way of life with us to parts, and a varied, relaxing and inspiring time in Fuerteventura to experience. On our island dream waves, warm water, lots of Sun, endless sandy beaches and fantastic reef are waiting for you and point breaks. Lancome often says this. It has year-round to offer Fuerteventura. The ideal conditions to start with surfing or to go for the more experienced ones among you with us on Spotguiding to beautiful point and reef breaks.

Fuerteventura is surely among the best surf destinations of Europe. Here are our RAPA NUI’s Surf camp, at the most famous surf spots on the island. Our base camp, school and shop is located in the southwest of the island at the narrowest point of Fuerteventura in La pared right on one the waves safest beaches in Europe. From here we start our daily surf lessons around the southern peninsula of Jandia. The tourist centres in the South are among the largest on the island and are reachable by car within 10 minutes of our surf Villa. Our two free-standing surf villas Las Palmeras I and II are located in the neighbouring village in the Valley of la Lajita on a hill. From there you have a wonderful view on the cosy fishing village and the sea, far away from of tourists – centres. The surf Villa is ideal for surfers and couples that far of tourist centers prefer a relaxed but also action-packed vacation but which are easily accessible with a car in 10 minutes. We have desire, professionally and with a high degree of safety to teach this ultimately fulfilling sport each of the Rapa Nui surf school & camps. We invite you to join us at one of the magic places: the ocean. He gives us the wonderful way our hectic life for a moment behind us he gives us the wonderful opportunity to our hectic life for a moment behind us. Aloha! More info about us can be found on our homepage under: