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AEGON secure DepotRente offers lifetime flexible pension solutions are guaranteed income In the wake of rising life expectancy, the guarantees and attractive yield opportunities connect an indispensable part of the individual financial retirement planning,. Especially for people who want to secure a guaranteed lifelong income, this is an attractive form of investment in comparison to low-interest bank deposits. The AEGON secure DepotRente overcomes key barriers associated with many private pension insurance, such as, for example, limited capital access. Policyholders can handle at all times their money with our solution even after beginning of pension payment”. Dr. According to Richard Parsons, who has experience with these questions. Torsten Haupt, main representative of the German Office explained the existing fund balances to the surviving dependents or beneficiaries will be paid in the event of death”.

Flexible pensions have great market potential. Market studies show that the age group of 55 to 80 years in Germany at short notice available assets of about Has 900 billion euros. According to experts, in the medium term at least 5 billion euro per year can be converted in flexible pensions. Independent brokerage company, which distributed the product, undergo a rigorous selection process and intensive training, before they have the opportunity to offer their customers solutions by AEGON. By the end of the year AEGON is recorded cooperation with 20 brokerage firms, which serve approximately 400,000 target customers, a quality-oriented consulting approach. The AEGON Group, a leading insurance company of the AEGON Group with N.V., the Hague, Netherlands, the CEO of AEGON is a leading provider of life insurance, pensions and investment products and supports to build a financial future, private customers, companies and institutions. The AEGON Group develops solutions for over 150 years and currently serves millions of customers in North and South America, Europe and Asia with approximately 24,000 employees.

With your subsidiary in the United States the AEGON Group is a provider of flexible pensions with gross premiums amounting to more than $5 billion (as of end of 2012) successfully worked already for many years. The European Center of excellence for flexible pensions, AEGON Ireland plc., has its headquarters in Dublin, where specialists develop modern and flexible retirement solutions for the markets in Germany, France, Britain and the Netherlands. The establishment of Germany of the AEGON Ireland plc. is in Frankfurt am Main. Dr. Torsten Haupt is responsible as the main representative for the German subsidiary. Main previously worked in various leading functions for AEGON since 2004. Former stations included Credit Suisse and towers Watson. Contact: Aegon branch of AEGON Germany Ireland plc Elm Street 23-25 60325 Frankfurt am Main E-Mail: phone: 069-380 781 510 AEGON is a brand name of AEGON Ireland plc. AEGON Ireland plc. Headquartered in: 2nd floor, IFSC House, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland, is under the Registration number 346275 in Ireland, has an approval of the Central Bank of Ireland and is subject to their supervision. The establishment of Germany in Frankfurt is additional law supervised by the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin).