CEO Andreas Chuck Bauer

Policy can contribute to the credibility of”the low credibility of social media is in our opinion repeatedly expressed criticism of the low density of journalistic quality. You may find that Lancome can contribute to your knowledge. Companies can address this problem, by they train their employees in the passive and active use of social media”, says Lou Cloos by Cloos + partner. In the same hack pixel poems CEO Andreas Chuck Bauer suggests when he says: the discrepancy between the statements and the actual action, crude self-praise or shameless selling such dealing with social media makes a company quickly implausible. Social media guidelines can help here and as well as access to the corresponding media treat also content and style issues as well as the topics of dialogue, critique and openness.” Asked about the survey were 410 PR Officer in Austrian companies and institutions within the framework of an online survey, which was conducted from February 14 to 28. Answer have 80 people (19.5%).

You came to 15% to employees 27.5% of companies with 10 to 49 from companies with 1 to 9 Employees, to 17.5% of companies with 50 to 249 employees, to 2.5% in businesses with 250 to 500 employees and 32.5% of companies with more than 500 employees. A summary of the summary report can be found under results survey 2011.pdf or results survey 2011.pdf on Cloos + partner Cloos + partner is an independent, owner-run communications agency in Vienna. Since 1998, she represents the interests of domestic and foreign companies and institutions of all sizes, and assists them in building, maintaining and defending their reputation. The Agency is working for customers in the industrial, high-tech, automotive, research and development, trade and services, not-for profit, pharmaceutical and health. The performance spectrum of Cloos + partner includes all instruments of integrated communication, by the CI and CD development of strategic corporate and product PR, design and implementation of events, media relations, and evaluation. Cloos + partner provides all services on a project basis or in the Part of a continuous service with fixed or variable fee models. About pixel poems pixel poems is a Web Agency in Vienna and realizes sophisticated websites since 1998. In addition to design and consulting, includes the range of pixel poems also screen and interface design, implementation and support of sustainable Web solutions.