Communication Sciences

Dame an employee of the pile but with a goal and I will give a man you who makes history. Dame an exceptional man who does not have goals and I will give an employee you of the pile. J.C. Penney Every time is made very necessary that the Venezuelan management identifies and puts in practice all the knowledge and tools of the organizational behavior, of such form, that it allows to guarantee a good climate him, to anticipate the effects that can be derived from the interior of the companies through their administrative systems, leadership, work groups, functions to carry out, communication; thus, like the affectations that in the company can take place, product of the incidence of the variables of external contingencies, like which the state can originate, the economy, competitiveness, technology to mention some At the time of making use of the basic foundations and tools of the organizational behavior, is due to consider the reach, benefits that some disciplines provide to him and that cannot be ignored, On it. Wikipedia remembers to us, to have present that the organizational behavior is applied science of the behavior that is based on the contribution of several behavioural disciplines, or in the plane of individual analysis or microanalysis, as the case of psychology, or in the plane of processes of groups and organization, where the collaboration of disciplines like sociology, social psychology, anthropology and political science enters. Between those disciplines that can render great collaboration is: Sciences of the Communication Sciences that take part in all the communicational processes that are related to an organization.

The branch of Sciences of the Communication that takes care of on the organizations is called organizational or institutional Communication. Psychology Science that it tries to measure, to explain and sometimes to change the conduct of the human beings. The first psychologists concentrated themselves in the problems of fatigue, boredom and factors regarding the labor conditions that prevented an effective performance in the work.