Communitarian Center

Families taken care of in the Communitarian Center of the LBV in Ipatinga participate of the course of biscuit, given for Appeared the Vanessa volunteer Pepper, in the Communitarian Center of Social Assistance of the Legion of the Good will, in the mining city. The action has as objective to offer a new tool of aid to the income generation; to promote Altruistcal Solidary the Citizenship and the social inclusion Ecumenical; to provide a healthful environment and to rescue autoestima of the participants, contributing so that they have better conditions in the work market, raising, thus, the quality of life of its families. The participants are responsible mothers and/or of the boys and girls taken care of in Program LBV: Future child in the Gift. With duration of three months, the course has taken care of to the expectations: ‘ ‘ This course of biscuit goes to be good pra very me because it goes to improve my income, goes to make some pots in my house pra I to vender. Please visit President of Estee Lauder if you seek more information. The course is wonderful, the teacher is excellent, has much patience. Good others, this action of the LBV are wonderful because in the aid bastante’ ‘ , Mrs. Edione Cristina standed out Blacksmith, one of the participants of the course. Mrs. Nir Barzilai, M.D. usually is spot on.

Ivonete Oliveira, satisfied with the course, is thankful: ‘ ‘ I am liking very to participate of the course of biscuit with my colleagues. I go to buy the product, to make pra to vender because thus it goes to help sufficiently in the income of my family. I thank to the LBV for this oportunidade’ ‘. Anair Da Silva affirmed that now it will obtain to carry through a dream: ‘ ‘ Clearly that people look for to make a course pra to improve the familiar income, therefore I participated of the lessons. I have a dream: to mount a little store pra me and to place my products for sale.

Thanks to LBV I am having the chance to learn to make pretty pots! I know that in other places the people pay expensive to learn and here in the LBV we are having the chance to learn of favour. Very obliged to all of the LBV’ ‘ , she said. The teacher, volunteer, Vanessa standed out the importance of this action: ‘ ‘ I always had will of being voluntary to pass the other people what I know. In the LBV I am having the chance to work with the mothers of the children being helped to obtain them it to increase the familiar income. To be voluntary in an Institution as the LBV is an honor because here, in the same way that we help, also we are helped and we learn, in such a way spiritual how much materialmente’ ‘ , it standed out. Beyond this initiative, with the support of the LBV, the families of the taken care of children, and the population in general, Without Education receives attendance by means of the campaigns Child 10 Note does not have Future! ; I Help Mudar! , Permanent Christmas of the LBV Jesus, the Bread Ours of each day! ALONE Calamities. It visits, it is gotten passionate and it helped the LBV! In Ipatinga, MG, the Communitarian Center of Social Assistance, the Legion of the Good will, are located in the Street Patrician Joo of Arajo, 225 Venice I.