Communitarian Center

The Legion of the Good will promotes in this September month its 4 Folclrico Festival, this year the subject that comes being worked since the beginning of August is ‘ ‘ Good will in Verses of Cordel’ ‘ it all was pautado in the northeast culture and approaches subjects as: twine literature, xilogravuras, its beliefs, its customs between many other typical curiosidades of the people northeastern. To crown the project the Legion of the Good will if prepares for the opening of the great Festival that will be in the Theater of College UNIP of Araatuba, will be three days of activities being one of the opening and the others two days of open visitation to the public to the Communitarian Center of Social Assistance of the LBV, in the occasion the institution will be all decorated with the thematic northeastern, in each environment will have a child that she will be the instructor of ours visitors (a species of tourist guide), will go to also offer degustations of the culinria proceeding from the region. Opening day 27 of September in the Theater of College UNIP of Araatuba Visitation in the 08 LBV 28 and 29 of 16 ace hs..