In order to realise what one sets out in the life it is essential to have great confidence in itself. Ralph Waldo Emerson, great American philosopher, declared: ” the confidence in itself is the first secret of xito”. Of a general way we can affirm that the people are what they want to be and that we have the control on our own lives and that the results will depend than we make or we stop do. We remember that we are what we thought that we are. Everything, absolutely everything, is generated first in our mind.

Nobody can be or get to be something that has not thought. If a person has thoughts of greatness and optimism, that person will be great and optimistic. If she has mediocre and pessimistic thoughts she will be mediocre and pessimistic. Our thoughts and our mental attitude are those that determine our destiny. For that reason, a great image of itself is of great importance to always project. When it is obtained confidence in itself can be arrived at unsuspected heights impelled by that enormous force that generates the self-confidence.

It can if one thinks that it can. Nathaniel Branden, PH.D., psychologist and psychotherapist, in its book The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (the six pillars of the self-esteem), defines the self-esteem like: Confidence in our ability to think, confidence in our ability to do against the basic challenges of the life; and? Confidence in our right to be successful and to be happy, to feel that we have value, that we deserve to satisfy our needs and desires, to obtain our values and of enjoying our efforts. The faith, the confidence in itself and the self-esteem are obtained by means of positive thoughts. The people who have positive thoughts are optimistic and they face the problems of the life hope and a favorable attitude to solve the problems. Nathaniel Branden expresa” ” the image that the person has of itself, or high or low, tends to be a generator of a prophecy that is fulfilled ” by itself;. With confidence in itself the person is conscious of her own abilities and is able to obtain what she sets out. An extraordinary example is the one that we see in the photo. He is the Norwegian Eskil Ronningsbakken, the most remarkable equilibrista of the world, with his pupilo Moses Wepukhuli, of Kenya. Both they demonstrate a great confidence to us in the dominion of its bodies and realise what they wish. By all means, you and I, will possibly make something similar never but we are conscious that the confidence is vital in the life we will be able to be successful and to obtain the happiness. With confidence in itself the responsibility by its own actions is accepted, has a sensible attitude, is flexible before the actions of other people, accepts the change like something normal in the life, is acted without considering the opinions of third parties. The confidence in itself is something that is acquired and that becomes a habit. With confidence in itself it is possible to be obtained what other people can think that it is impossible to realise. With confidence in itself one will be able to take the opportunities that to us the life presents/displays. The confidence in itself is indispensable to achieve the success and the happiness.