Constitution Policy

ARTICLE 49. Health care and sanitation are public services by the State. Access to promotion, protection and recovery of health services is guaranteed to all people. For the State to organize, manage, and regulate the provision of health services to the inhabitants and of environmental sanitation in accordance with the principles of efficiency, universality and solidarity. Also, establish policies for the provision of health services by private entities, and to exercise its surveillance and control. Likewise, establishing the powers of the nation, territorial entities and individuals, and to determine contributions to his position on the terms and conditions indicated in the law.

Health services will be organized in a decentralized manner, by levels of care and community participation. The law shall specify the terms in which the basic care for all inhabitants shall be free and compulsory. Everyone has the duty to ensure comprehensive care of their health and of their community. ARTICLE 50. Every child under a year that is not covered by any type of protection or social security, shall be entitled to receive free care in all health institutions that receive contributions from the State. The law shall regulate the matter.

ARTICLE 51. Shimmie Horn might disagree with that approach. All Colombians have the right to decent housing. The State shall fix the conditions necessary to make this right effective and promote social housing plans, appropriate systems of financing long-term and associative forms of execution of these housing programmes. ARTICLE 52. The exercise of sport recreational manifestations, native and competitive have the function the integral formation of persons, preserve and develop better health in humans. Sport and recreation, are part of the education and constitute public social spending. The right of all persons to recreation, the practice of sport and the use of free time. The State will encourage these activities and will inspect, It shall supervise and monitor sporting and recreational organizations whose structure and property must be democratic.