Converting One Room Apartments

The interior of one-bedroom apartment requires special attention, because for her master and living room and dining room and bedroom and office. It is hard to imagine all of these necessities of life space in one room, but the field of design thoughts unlimited. In the last decade, are no longer relevant standard layout of apartments that were once popular. Now more preference to individual projects. If not the patience to wait until the construction of apartments to suit your layout, or do not have money to build itself, you can try to 'fix' an existing apartment. One way to transform a one-room apartment – remove the wall between living room and kitchen. The resulting area, you can use whatever you like. As an alternative you can put the partition walls of the bar counter, at its discretion.

Lighter than the room can be done by expanding through the loggia because it's nice to have breakfast in the room, bathed in the rays of the rising sun! In other parts of the apartment, you can use sliding partitions, thus separating the area for leisure or work. Separation of apartments on the band can be implemented also by finishing the ceiling or the floor, so it will be clear where in the apartment lobby, and where the living room. Another way of zoning rooms – the podium. On it you can pick up a coffee table and sofa, which can perform the function of the bed. A runway can be built inside the drawers. This original idea will bring in a variety of interior room, and also help adjust the proportion of housing. A single space should be a single design style decision.

Hardwood floor or carpet will blend in well with light walls. Complement the style of interior decorative doors are light. Furniture should be easy and functional. In one-bedroom apartment is unreasonably will look a few tables. Have to choose more appropriate: a coffee table or a computer, a dining table or kitchen. Instead of walls you can put beautiful bearing columns in the classical style. Stylish looks parquet oak wood, upholstered furniture, upholstered in light skin, ceiling moldings, rich crystal chandelier and sconces in the same style. Arch can arrange entry into the room, which also greatly beautify a dull passage. Fireplace, though decorative, will give the apartment cozy living room. In search of original solutions for the interior of your home, do not forget about the functional side of things. Get rid of all the random and excess, of everything that will create a sense of "zaharaschennosti. The main thing that the interior was to your liking, or live in an apartment is not very nice.