Corporate Blog Vs. Twitter Facebook

A few years ago that companies began to glimpse the potential that offered internet to maintain contact with its consumers and achieve so consolidate them in procuring their services and attract new potential customers. One of the first ways of considered to open this channel of communication was the corporate blog, an online space located in the own official website of the company that offered the comments of articles as open space for sharing opinions, complaints or congratulations. However, in a short time this means of communication seems to have been replaced mostly by public profiles on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. In fact there are professionals who raised the possible disappearance of corporate websites for profiles on networks such as Facebook. Such networks offer the appropriate tools to allow greater dissemination of messages between networks of contacts from customers. Very powerful tools that properly used can serve to amplify the diffusion of new products or services. Without However, companies who have chosen to take this step will have to be very vigilant to avoid a harmful effect.

And is that the same way that these tools can amplify marketing messages, can also cause the amplification of messages from disgruntled customers. Keep communication open and relaxed with our clients is undoubtedly a powerful tool that allows us to adapt to the needs demanded in record time. But equally we must study these social networks configuration capabilities to adapt them to our needs and be able to avoid our profile to become an advertising poster with our shortcomings. On the other hand Twitter is perfect a tool to maintain a fast and direct communication with high level clients, which can provide us with the best ideas to adapt our products. Twitter also has virtues appropriate to generate viral processes in the dissemination of our marketing messages.