Damage Assesment

Estimating the cost of repair of vehicles after an accident. If you are not convinced, visit Edward Minskoff. Under the phrase – compensation for damage may mean two kinds of compensation: The compensation for damage received. In other words: Costs necessary to recover the vehicle. Compensation for the lost value of the commodity (in this case the costs of transporting, storing the vehicle, loss of profits as a result of downtime, etc. expert is not measured). An amount equivalent to pre-damage value, minus the cost of its residues, suitable for use or sale. Or without deducting the value of residuals, if it is impossible to estimate. This kind of Compensation is paid if the costs, taking into account operational wear and tear, needed to restore the pre-damage properties of the vehicle exceed its pre-damage value.

When will all the same, we need Independent Motor-Car? Here are some examples: Your car was damaged in an accident and you need to assess damage after an accident. Do you think that the insurance company offers you a perpetrator of an accident pay less than the value of the damage you caused. You yourself are responsible for an accident and believe that assessment of damage, much too high and want to further evaluation. Your car was damaged as a result of natural disaster, fire, falling snow, building designs, actions of third parties, and you want to evaluate to determine damages. Why needed, namely, independent Motor-Car? For several reasons: For instance, You are involved in an accident and you have no policy Hull, while only perpetrator of an accident policy osago.

The insurance company probably will not stream to pay you for any damages in full. Often, the insurance company directs you to the estimates companies with whom it collaborates. These appraisers insurance companies send people often enough. Making an assessment in such a valuation of the company, you get yourself in an absurd situation: Your debtor himself defines the value of its debt. From this assessment faced in recent years, many car owners who fell into an accident. It remains to add that the cost of services for assessment of damages should not depend on the value of the car. She determined on the basis of labor costs for work which, by the way, should be faster and better. You accident free roads, motorists dear!