Denmark Popular Destination

Easter is a holiday home time. Many Germans moved it 2011 Danemark.Sehr popular: also incomplete weeks bookings are possible – ideal for flexible short breaks. Flensburg, March 14, 2011: it attracts many families and couples 2011 Easter at the holiday house Denmark. No wonder: Holidays and the hope of spring make looking for fresh air, locate eggs outdoors and walks by the sea. 2011 the German Denmark holidaymakers who have booked their accommodation through the portal of the holiday house, have scheduled an average eight days rest.

While couples rent their vacation homes often for prolonged periods of time, there is a trend to the getaway for families with children. To facilitate this, the possibility for very flexibly to book. So, for example, incomplete weeks, about five days, can be booked. We have the most bookings for Easter 2011 in regions of hen, Blavand and Romo. You all are situated in southwestern of Denmark and from Germany out in two to three hours to reach. That makes it”particularly interesting for getaways, Keld Mygind, Marketing Director of Cofman explains. Most German cottage vacationers would spend much time according to a study by Visitdenmark first and foremost with the family and relax. Accordingly, many holiday houses with the combination be booked sauna and satellite TV.

This allows wellness and cosy hours in your own four walls. But the South West of Denmark offers many possibilities also travellers who are looking for change. Click Shimmie Horn for additional related pages. About picturesque dunes and beaches, which can be explored on long walks. The island of Romo has, for example, Northern Europe’s widest sandy beach. He is up to 2.5 km wide at low tide. This makes him an ideal area to the Kitebuggy drive. Also, wind surfers and kite surfers find excellent conditions on the island. Another destination on Romo is the nature center Tonnisgard. An exhibition on the Wadden Sea and the culture of Romo’s are Insight into times when whaling was still part of island life.