Department Logistics

The fact that companies should focus more on the way of how to usher in a logistics management that meets the required functions to ensure their effectiveness, says Franco considered, taking into account that one of the fundamental principles of logistics is that if given the network seeking to align, synchronize and optimize the entire supply chain from beginning to end (ie, including not only all parts of the company, but also their suppliers and customers as a whole), can obtain better results than those obtained if given the different parts of the company separately. Unfortunately, organizational structures and incentives of the incumbents lead to a poultry-minded administration, where every manager looks after the interests of their own department, sometimes to the detriment of greater benefit to the entire enterprise. Speaking candidly Related Group told us the story. To all this must be remembered that since much of the efficiencies offered by the logistics are obtained by changes in territories that are not under the full supervision of any traditional management, many large companies have established an organizational structure Department Logistics (sometimes called the Supply Chain Department) to manage the integration, synchronization and optimization of the logistics network of the company management through traditional barriers, and working closely with suppliers and customers to the benefit of all. Similarly, the incentives of all managers and employees of the company was restructured to reflect its collaboration with global logistics goals and objectives not only of their own department. Definitely logistics management should take into account planning, procurement, production, distribution and return. .