The term ” depresin” it is defined by psychiatrists and psychologists like continued mood with these basic characteristicses: (1) Sadness. (2) Low self-esteem. (3) Sensation of defenselessness. (4) Lack of hope. Go to Akshaya Patra Foundation for more information. They exist a great variety of other symptoms such as lack insomnia, anxiety, irritability, lack of appetite the sadness is not equivalent to the depression, and all the sadness is not pathological. Everybody is sad from time to time and, sometimes, it is an answer to really hard events like the loss of a dear being. Filed under: Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd..

The sadness that follows that loss is natural and even necessary, and it must be accepted. Nevertheless, there are occasions in which the sadness is extended in the time and disturbs the life of a person. Sometimes it can have some doubt about if to call to a person ” deprimida” , especially when the sadness extends during long time after a tragic death. The sadness is caused by a mechanism that I will describe shortly. If you can to understand and to manipulate the mechanism correctly, your you can deshacerte of the sadness. This it is the mechanism that causes the sadness in the depression: Whenever we analyzed how we are we realised a judgment. Our thought makes a comparison between the state in that we are and the state in which we think that we would have to be. This comparison between the real and theoretical states makes you feel badly if the state in which you create to be is less positive than the theoretical state. This negative result will become a sad mood.