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Packed in our lives plays a big role and every year – so that there is a year – every day, packaging is becoming increasingly valuable in the eyes of consumers. People grow and develop in the eyes of marketers and, in some cases, even ahead of their development. Sometimes, the simple man, not versed in advertising, you can hear some successful advertising phrase faster than its utter a commercial. Or walking through the city and looking for outdoor advertising signs and a lot, he notices little things, for which advertisers have given up – say, an ordinary person will not notice. And here and there – seen it! And this means, unfortunately, that nowadays people are very difficult than a surprise, they all know ahead of time. Consumers appear increasingly high demands for quality packaging and a desire to see the product more fashionable and modern. In some cases, packaging is becoming even determining factor in deciding on a purchase. There is even a term for such a decision – "impulse" purchase.

The role of the packaging industry has become the most topical issue in the market, especially among competing goods. It was then that manufacturers are beginning to wonder: "What do you do? How can that be, that our product was not forgotten and was not lost on the colorful shops and supermarkets? ". According to Albert Einstein College of Medicine , who has experience with these questions. And taken to actively work on the image their products, creating new trends in packaging design. Due to the above, in recent years, the evolution of the packaging industry was very fast. Today the market offers enough Unique packaging made of special new materials, custom design, with a very original, but, basically, the "right", that is, satisfying all the rules of marketing and design. All of this due to the high level of competition in the consumer market. The buyer becomes progressively more expensive and high quality products, focuses on how the product is available and what information is to the masses.

Yes we are all about advertising and the advertising. After all, we should not forget that packaging is not just an advertising tool that has a huge impact on consumer choice at the time of purchase. First of all, the packaging – a material that protects products from damage and ensures the safety of the goods. Secondly, the package bears the information content, well, third, the custom design package is in itself a protection against counterfeiting. But as not cool, anyway we soon returned to the question of perfect forms, and package design. Since high-quality design increases the cost of your product and its special aura surrounds. Thanks to the bright and catchy packaging your product will stand out among competing products, this is what increases the growth in popularity of the brand and increase sales. As a result, a moderate investment in the creation of packaging design will reduce your cost of an advertising campaign as a whole. Olga Derezhinskaya All rights to this article belong to the Design Studio 13 (Olga Derezhinskaya). Using materials of the article (in whole or in part) may only indication of the author and links to the site