Disability – Germany

Corporate pension partner CPP was nationwide as first company certified what happens when I can no longer work due to health reasons? The loss of labor, government services, existential risks: The topic of disability/disability is an important topic, but a few workers are familiar with the details. The corporate pension partner CPP GmbH now offers an educational campaign – as a recommended partner of social Association VdK Hamburg. First nationwide company, the employees of corporate pension partner CPP GmbH have permission, the term insurance consultants /-in disability (IHK) “to lead.” The experts explain professionals understand and may based on practical examples, what services are affected, what are the requirements to fulfill and what hurdles must be made to the performance. Human resources managers in enterprises have the possibility of their employees about the public services in the event of loss of labour Health inform to let. Employees can then better assess risks, consciously perceive them, and operate a corresponding provision. The CPP GmbH offers customised solutions to questions of operational interest in the field of disability in the context of a holistic approach.

Jungle disability: straight on the issue of disability is required expert knowledge. Because there are a number of new developments in this area of the legal services to health prevention. The changes and regulations are often unknown, but massively affect workers: for example, there are since 2001 for all people born in 1961 no disability protection about the statutory pension insurance. To get government benefits, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung since no longer asks the question whether an employee can still exert his profession, but only, if the physical capacity is sufficient, run at all any kind of employment to can. Also be temporarily granted pensions today, typically for three years. These and other details are based on the awareness campaign of corporate pension partner CCP GmbH.

She was designed specifically to meet the needs of workers in companies. About corporate pension Partner GmbH, the corporate pension Partner GmbH is an independent consulting firm specializing in occupational provision. The company is managed by its owners and operates independently. For the customers of the CPP GmbH, corporate retirement concepts are important instruments for designing more attractive working conditions. The corporate pension partner CPP GmbH designed attractive solutions and supports them in the long term. The company seat is Hamburg. Mario Pustan press contact: constantin PR Frauke Constantin Bergedorf way 34 21465 Wentorf bei Hamburg email: FON: 040-790 90 909