Earth Sun

Why methane so scattered in the rocks, and the extraction coal mines literally "oozes" from all the time? A and is sometimes found even where no bacteria could not be srodu? But it seems that all of these questions you can try to give an answer. The essence of the explanation in the following. By hypothesis BM Kuzhevskogo 1, our sun is, so-called "neutron crown." That is, the Earth Sun fires neutrons, which have very low energy and even held up the earth's atmosphere. But let us imagine that once, perhaps billions of years ago, "Neutron crown" was much stronger than today. Then, fast neutrons, "proshivaya" bowels of the earth, and slowing down the carbon (of which at that time mainly consisted of the Earth), underwent beta decay. Or, in other words, turned into protons (and electrons and antineutrinos), which is known to be the nuclei of hydrogen atomamov. If we consider that the neutron radiation is penetrating to the species, it is probably understand how hydrogen could fall into the bowels of the earth and form a variety of hydrocarbons.

And, keep in mind that this "bombing" lasted millions or even tens of millions of years at least, since the Sun faster just could not calm down. Water well as a number of organic compounds resulting from the interaction of hydrocarbons with oxygen-containing compounds and oxides of various metals, because free oxygen was absent and was formed just out of the water and not vice versa. So, a little more about the water.