Education Abroad

Education abroad I'm sure you thought about the prospects for passage of education abroad, and about why it is necessary. Perhaps you have even managed to set a country that would like to learn. But something stopped. May you think that studying abroad is expensive? In fact, in most European countries, higher education free of charge not only for citizens but also to foreigners, under certain conditions. And yet Still, most Ukrainian students go to study in other countries at their own expense. It is a pleasure rather expensive: according to the country – from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, and the average Ukrainian family can not afford to send their child to study abroad.

Despite this account of the Ukrainian students abroad are in thousands. Most students study for their own money. Free within interstate educational programs in America learns very few students. These are people who have passed a difficult selection and possessing extraordinary abilities. The best-known fund educational programs conducted Fulbright and organization of American Councils.

Most of the students from the Ukraine are going to study abroad in Russia, USA, UK, Canada, Poland and Hungary. Select a country is usually dependent on family income, place of residence in Ukraine from far-reaching plans. For example, residents of the western regions of preferred universities in Eastern Europe, since they are often initially owned by a Polish or Hungarian languages, have some connection with these countries and, in addition, education there is less than in Western countries, but the quality is practically the same. In countries like U.S. and Canada travel more affluent people, most of whom already do not intend to return home.