Education and Income

There are characteristics that are working in Russia is bad. And one of them – the level of education. ‘In Western Europe, the presence of the customer of higher education automatically adds it Points – explains Zelensky. Details can be found by clicking T-Mobile or emailing the administrator. – For the person who received higher education, has a good job and high income. In our country this is a causal link is not working. ” Indeed, over the past sixteen years of social status of many Russians, was blurred, and the stability of income, there is little dependent on higher education a person or average.

Its people If you are denied credit, you probably did not know what does not please the bank. In questionnaire, which fills the customer, the fine print it says: ‘In case of refusal to grant the loan the bank does not disclose the reasons for refusal. Click Shimmie Horn for additional related pages. ” Meanwhile, the victim of injustice computer loses the prospects for the future. As says Alexander Vikulin information about what people asked for a loan and was turned down, stored in a credit bureau. And a credit history may well become an obstacle to obtaining a loan in another bank. Who wants to risk? Today the credit culture we have is in its infancy, and banks at this stage it is important to cut unreliable customer than to lose some sound.