Education In The U.S.

In the U.S. there is no clear definition of the concept of 'higher education'. In principle, any training for the maintenance of carrying out further training after high school can be called 'college', 'school' 'Institute' or 'university'. Higher education – one of the most expensive things in the U.S In the ranking of higher education of the hundred best universities in the world, American universities occupy about 70-80 positions. After graduating education in the U.S., you'll find challenging work in any country in the world. and most American universities offer international students not only higher education but also courses in English.

More than two-thirds of foreign students in the United States use their own funds or help from their parents as the primary source of funding their education. Only about 20 percent of foreign students receiving considerable financial support from American colleges or universities. Russian students can enroll in universities the U.S. immediately after high school graduation. The basic requirement is good performance in school and excellent knowledge of English. Your chosen college or university program will send you all the information necessary to secure a student visa that allows study in the United States. You can start the visa application process only after action is taken in some specific institutions.